• And yet another week had passed, this one dragging by a bit slower than usual. That... wasn't good. Bloodclan had just been crawling their way back up, but were struck with a sudden bout of inactivity, as well as the sudden attack from Sunclan, and now they were kind of struggling. Barbara couldn't fucking have that, and she would make it known, which was exactly what she had planned as small paws carried her up toward her usual sitting place her features donning neither of her usual expressions - pissed off or a mischievous brightness. Instead, she looked oddly calm, her lips pressed into a thin, neutral line as she took a seat and looked over the camp. "Bloodclan," she began, tone cold and even, "gather around for another meeting." She waited for a few of her clanmates to gravitate toward her, icy gaze flickering over each of the faces, some she knew and some not as well, though all of them familiar, until she spoke again.

    "Our activity has been going downhill. I don't know if it's me, or my high positions, or a lack of interest in general, but we're not going to last at this rate, and we've got to fucking do something about it." Her expression was set as she watched those below her, gauging their reactions before she continued briskly, "I want to see more from you, all of you, though most specifically high positions - that means more captures and tortures, more events, more contribution in general." The last time she had asked her clanmates for this, some little shit had started screaming at her, claimed that she was doing nothing, but in the end, that had blown up in his face - for the sake of the others, she hoped they would not lash out as he had. "That said, I've decided not to alliance with Darkclan. On a similar note, though, I've agreed to a trial alliance with Stormclan, so I'm gonna need an ambassador for that." The tabby fell silent, allowing the information to sink in before she would continue on to the rest of her announcements.




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  • Lottie quietly limped up at the call from Barbara; she was new, by all regards, and knew that attending meetings were important for keeping up with the ongoings of the Clan, especially when you had no idea what to expect from a decision that had been spur of the moment. Quietly settling herself down, minding her injured shoulder, she quietly let her gaze drop to the floor as she listened to Barbara's words ring over the clearing. The ideas of more captures and tortures made Lottie uneasy, beyond her moral code in all regards, but she grit her teeth and stayed firm. It had been her choice, after all, to join BloodClan, and they weren't exactly a Pro-Clan either- this would be a new fact of life for her, though she wasn't sure, after her own tortures and manipulations, that it would ever be something that she was okay with. More contribution, on the other hand, would also be a difficulty, but she was trying her best to do such, and move past what had happened to her in the Exiles, though such a fact seemed all but impossible. Waiting in silence, quietly acknowledging of what had been said, she simply waited for the rest of the announcements.



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  • yuu would make his appearance shortly after barbara's call for the weekly meeting. he felt it too... this week had gone by a little slower but he honestly couldn't tell the difference. he was juggling responsibilities in two separate clans, so maybe he was just doing so much he didn't really notice the slowness of the week? hm, he didn't know. he would settle himself near the front once more, claiming his usual seat and tilted his head back to gaze up at the bloodclan queen with a neutral expression placed upon his features. the announcements, calling out that of activity and wanting the members of the community to begin contributing more, was becoming more and more frequent than yuu would have liked. he agreed though. nothing much has happened... apart from him killing mercy, but that was unimportant at the time. they weren't going to pursue that alliance with darkclan after all. ah, oh well. what a shame. they had seemed interesting to the direhound, but he guessed it wasn't meant to be true. he would await in silence for more announcements, his ears flicking forward in anticipation.

    / retro to capture



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  • hypokrisis wasn't a pasifist. that was perhaps the largest misconception those who came across the delicate creature forged from ivory and gold who's curving lips were capable of re-writing history. for that's how he seemed, was it not? one who's touch was ever gentle, with heart lined in tarnished gold and indulgent tone sickeningly sweet. but it was within the gaze of star dipped nature, of the galaxies which were tattered within broken mind, one could find it- the darkness lingering. however, hypokrisis didn't torturue or capture unless there was a reason for it and so on that statement he wouldn't be able to act on barabra's wishes. however, in her other words hypokrisis nodded in earnest towards his friend- he'd have to get that test of courage together soon.

  • Meeting day already? The weeks just seemed to fly by faster and faster as Jonah grew older. Barbara didn't seem to happy about their activity as of recent, unfortunately, and the boy couldn't help but pin back his ears. He knew that he just couldn't and wouldn't want to do captures and tortures, but he could always try to host more events. Nodding his head, Jonah would mutter, "understood," as he glanced down at his paws. The news about DarkClan wasn't the best either, but at least there was a chance that they might still gain an ally in StormClan. That was good, right?


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  • The maine coon was the next one to pad in, shortly entering after his little brother Jonah. The Warlord sat himself near his brother, his ears pricking up when Barbara began to say the first announcements. With no doubt, Buckingham certainly noticed a dip in activity. He's been around all week, the clan just didn't seem as alive as it's been in past weeks. That concerned him, he would like to see BloodClan jump back up to what it used to be. Buckingham wasn't a fan of captures or tortures, which he assumed was bad news considering he's a Warlord of Sabotage. He just wasn't a fan of them for what happened to him, but he guesses he has to get out of his comfort zone at some point. Maybe he will capture some enemies in the future, but there will be no tortures from him. He can barely watch them without thinking of his own. He believed he contributed well this past week, he got information about Eden from SunClan, and delivered it to Barbara. He can continue to spy more, and perhaps commit some more assassinations in SunClan- something he hasn't done in a few weeks actually. He would give her a firm nod of understanding, wrapping his bushy tail around his paws.

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  • The child wandered up, this would be their very first meeting! It was exciting. Sure they'd been to other meetings before, but not in BloodClan, not in their new clan. Huff was ecstatic, their eyes lighting up at the thought of one. While they didn't expect any mention of themself, they just adored the general content in meetings, it was always interesting, and they always learned something new. Not to mention they were able to hear about the goings on around, like parties! Huff's tail twitched at the thought, a party would be cool. Huff had never been to one, having been too young in the past.



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    To say Arimm was unnerved in Bloodclan would be a large understatement. He had only just fallen from the sky a few days ago, and now he was a part of a clan of weathered souls in a baking desert. Sometimes Bloodclan felt harsh, but the druid just guessed that these were normal customs and rules, and that in time, he would soon feel that this was all natural. Another one of these habitual actions were meetings, where Barbara would announce the weekly news for all to hear. Like Huff, he was a little ansy arriving at his first meeting, and he feared that he may mess up and embarass himself at any time, even though he knew he wouldn't... right?




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  • The crowd was thinner than usual, far thinner than Barb would have liked, but she didn’t let it deter her, her lips forming a thin line at this realization before she lifted her chin slightly and continued on, her tail giving an absent, dismissive flick. Refocusing on her announcements, she continued, “Yuu is demoted to Third Tier.” He had been active and contributing once before, and she had faith he could pick it up again, but for the time being, she couldn’t have him in her ranks, not when he was inactive. “Mesquite is also demoted.” Barbara had to admit, she was disappointed - the femme had been active, promising, and had taken quick initiative, but she had disappeared for almost a solid week now. Of course, it was easy to make it up to Second Tier, so if Mes so wished, it wouldn’t take long at all to climb her way back up to her previous position.

    Moving onto more positive announcements, the queen squared her shoulders, bold blue gaze sweeping over the small gathering of Bloodclanners. “Bucky and Hypo both receive shoutouts - keep up the good work, you two,” she spoke, her tongue gliding over her lips as she paused for a moment, her last announcement bubbling up in her mind. Perhaps she didn’t like the canine she was about to mention much, but he was active and useful, no matter how annoying he may be. “Jonah,” Barb began, “I want you to step up to Third Tier.” It wasn’t a very big step up, but hopefully the kid would be able to handle it - he was just a kid, after all. That was all, right? “Unless anyone has anything to say, that’s it - meeting dismissed.” With that said, the tabby got to her paws, pausing for a few seconds in case any of her clanmates spoke up.





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  • Two demotions. that was never good, but at least Yuu was still a high position... just not as high. It was understandable though, so Jonah would nod his head, then continued to listen to the rest of the announcements. Bucky and Hypo received shoutouts - as usual - which they always certainly deserved. For a moment, the boy had thought that might've been it for this meeting, but to his own surprise he heard his own name being said. Wait... what? He had been promoted? The first time he had gotten promoted, to second tier, he was shocked by excited nevertheless. But now he was a third tier? Whoa. The boy's features brightened up, and he grinned happily as his tail began to wag. "Oh wow, thank you! I'll do my best!" He'd shout out, his heart pounding in his chest as he hadn't expected that coming. It felt good to be able to do good enough within his clan to be recognized for it. All Jonah wanted was to help out and keep everyone happy, after all.


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  • Solveig was new, and was still learning the faces in the Clan, much less what their rankings meant and the politics that revolved around BloodClan. BlizzardClan, she new, was a possible ally of theirs; from what she could gather in her observations, Barbara was respected, and the faces around the camp were more or less friendly with one another, a sort of odd and strange family. Still, despite being a little late to this... meeting of theirs, timid to join the crowds, but eventually deciding to do so for the sake of learning about this place she would call home for a time, Solveig would have drifted softly across the sandy area towards where Barbara had called. Lingering towards the back of the crowd, for the lateness had dictated her to do so, rather than being rude, a pair of Violet eyes would lift with a small tilt upwards of her chin to meet Barbara from where she stood and spoke, listening quietly to the words that rang out across the clearing- promotions, demotions, minor pieces of news in general. Even little Jonah, she would find she was beginning to have quite the soft spot for, had been raised in ranking. Her smile tugged higher on one side as she watched his glee and excitement at the news. It was something to congratulate indeed, though it was all Solveig would do to bow her head in acknowledgement.