technicolor soul [p]


    — CLEO —

    full name;; cleo alondra lipowski

    age;; twenty-two

    birth date;; september fourth

    sexuality;; heterosexual

    favorite flower;; plumeria

    favorite drink;; hot chocolate with caramel creamer

    favorite food;; pumpkin spice cookies

    favorite disney movie;; pocahontas

    favorite superhero;; she adores superheroes, and choosing between them would be like asking cleo which arm she'd like to give up first.

    favorite animal;; hyacinth macaw

    hobbies;; photography, writing, art

    current job;; barista at your local starbucks (basicc af)

    student?;; yes

    major;; creative writing

    dream job;; a successful author or a journalist for a newspaper

    faceclaim;; dua lipa

    modifications;; n/a

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    FULL NAME daniel james park


    his mother calls him danny, and his friends occasionally call him park

    AGE 23

    DATE OF BIRTH june 24th

    PLACE OF BIRTH salem, oregon

    GENDER cis male

    SEXUALITY bisexual

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS single, currently in search of his soulmate


    • currently attends school and is a culinary major
    • he works part time at his friends parents' bakery
    • wanted to be a dentist when he was younger, but after getting braces he decided he hated the idea
    • is always singing in the shower, it's probably some cheesy love song
    • can sing extremely well but goes mute whenever others want to hear
    • he's 6'2 but still tries to cram himself in small spaces during hide and seek
    • has the goofiest laugh you will probably ever hear
    • seems like he has his life together but really spends his mornings watching cartoons and drinking juice boxes
    • secretly loves the idea of getting his nails painted, he thinks all the designs are so pretty
    • wears glasses but is embarrassed to wear them in front of people

  • hmm, i think it would be favorable for us to start right when they're about to meet? i just think it would be easier for us to write this way instead of starting ages before they even meet, but that's just my opinion! i was thinking maybe they could meet at a cafe or at the local starbucks? that's what their known common ground is as of now, so it's most likely where they would meet anyways; but if you have any other ideas feel free to go with that!


    ((i don't mind starting! i apologize if this isn't the best, i'm not all that great at starters! and also i apologize if the fancy looks weird or anything, i'm currently stuck on the mobile version of the site for a bit so i'm unsure how anything actually looks. but enough of my excuses, if you need me to edit anything or write more please let me know and i'll be happy to do so!))

    for someone who spent so much of his time around baked goods and the strong scent of coffee, you'd think that the last place that daniel would be spending his free time at would be the local starbucks. but something about the place just drew him to it, maybe it was the fact that they had free wifi and the connection in his dorm sucked beyond belief, or maybe it was the sugary sweet scent of hazelnut and caramel. either way, daniel found himself sitting by himself in a booth, studying the menu in search of a drink that he hadn't yet tried. he didn't view himself as a regular customer, but he came often enough since he enrolled that he had tried nearly everything that he knew he would like; he was all for one trying new things but these days he didn't have money to waste on something he could potentially think tastes like garbage. deciding to play it safe, he got up and made his way towards the counter, deciding to just order his favorite; a caramel macchiato.

    he should have expected to go with his usual though instead of have wasted so much time staring at the menu like he was trying to memorize it; these days everything was the same for him. he woke up at the same time, made the same baked goods at work, did the same assignments in class; his life felt like one day stuck on repeat. but the one thing that had been constantly been changing was the number of his friends who had met their soulmates, at the start of the week his childhood best friend met his soulmate, and then before he knew it there were at least ten new couples that had seemingly came out of nowhere. sure he was beyond happy for them, and it was expected to happen sooner or later because school was one of the most usual places that people met the one they were made to be with. but the fact that he was still alone, in a world that was black and white at the cause of his loneliness, it just sucked.

    as he reached the counter he let out a soft sigh, getting ready to recite the order but something had made him pause. or actually, something had made all the words he had ever learned leave his brain and made him go silent with his jaw hanging open and eyes blown wide. it wasn't the same loneliness that black had offered and it wasn't the chilly feeling that came with white, it was dark and warm and it was... brown. the color that his mother told him that tree trunks and his first puppy was, the color of hot chocolate and the cinnamon muffins he made every morning at work. brown was the color of the eyes staring back at him. he could see colors, he had just met his soulmate.



    cis female | heterosexual | twenty-two

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    Cleo took a breath, the scent of coffee beans and other coffee related things filling her nose. She actually enjoyed working at Starbucks, and not just because of the smells and tastes. Everyday, she got to see people just like her: students, writers, dreamers, and those who had not yet met their soulmates. It reminded her of the fact that, in this lonely abyss of black and white, she was not alone. She was not the only one who couldn't see the stunning colors described to her. She was not the only one standing on the brink of insanity because of midterms. She also was most certainly not the only one looking for her soulmate. Oh, how she wanted to find him. She could spend hours at a time wondering what he would be like, but never come to a conclusion which felt right in her mind.

    "Lipowski," a deep voice called. It was Jacob, a friend she'd made a couple of months ago. "You wanna hit the bar with me and Ally after classes?"

    Ah, Ally. Jacob met her toward the middle of September. All he could do from that point forward was describe how blonde her hair was and how her eyes reminded him of the sea.

    "Sorry, bud," Cleo responded, tilting her head in his direction with a smile upon her face. "Studying.

    "Always are," Jacob commented, rolling his eyes.

    Cleo rolled hers back before taking the order of a customer who'd just popped in. She scribbled the name 'Joanna' onto the venti Starbucks cup. She then handed it off to her co-worker so that she could take care of the next person. She smiled up at him and stared into his dark brown eyes.

    Wait a minute, dark brown? Her mouth dropped open and she stood, gaping like a fish. She took in the light brown tone of his hair and the colors of the clothes he was wearing. Then, she allowed her eyes to drift around the room. The keys on the register were pink, orange, and green. The walls around her were a soothing warm brown which paired nicely with the shades on the stools. She looked at Jacob and marveled at his blonde hair and green eyes.

    Her eyes refocused on the stunning young man in front of her.

    "Um, hi," she greeted breathlessly, thought it came out as more of a question.

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    "hi." daniel blurred out automatically, too busy processing the situation to actually have a half decent conversation. he stared at her for a few more moments, moving past the brown eyes that stared back at him and took into account all the other colors that seemed to jump out at him. the green of the logo on all the cups surrounding them, the pink of her lips, the tan of his own skin. "i'm so sorry, i'm not usually like this! zoning out i mean." he laughed awkwardly, blinking himself back into reality. "um..." he glanced up once more at the menu before looking at her. "would it be too much to not order a drink, and to ask you when you'd be free to talk?" he wiped his hands on the sides of his jacket nervously, flashing her a hopeful smile. he hoped he didn't come off as some type of weirdo, they were soulmates after all and the last thing he wanted to do was to make his soulmate uncomfortable. "oh! i'm daniel by the way, and you're cleo. i can tell by your nametag." he nodded towards the plastic slip with her name on it that was pinned to her uniform, mentally facepalming at himself. why couldn't he just let her introduce herself like any other normal person would?