blood and guts || ZOMBIE PAINTBALL

  • In the spirit of Halloween, Lucas had run out of ideas. Everyone in every clan had taken every idea he had... except for one! This was his own original idea and it was only documented inside his brain, so no one could ever possibly steal it. As excited as he was, he rushed off to set up. The Dane had filled balloons with crimson paint, dressed up various clanmates as zombies, and thrown his whole life into making this possible. This would be perfect. After all, who didn't like throwing paint filled water balloons at their clanmates with their consent? Lucas surely didn't.

    "Come one, come all! To this spoooky event~" the Great Dane enthused. Lucas then turned to the nearest clanmate with visual effects makeup all over them and threw a paint balloon in their face. "Those are basically the rules. Throw the balloon and abuse your clanmates for free... ta-da!"

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    Kili didn't feel like being abused, but abusing other people sounded fun. With a heavy sigh the adolescent would heave himself up from where he was lying down and approach the large dog. Spooky events were always fun because you got to... well, he didn't know what you got to do but to him spooky events were the best thing in the world- but then again, he hadn't yet experienced Christmas. With a sharp laugh he would pick up a green ball and lob it at Lucas, toppling over backwards and clutching his stomach as he giggled maniacally.

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  • Ara was unsure what to think of the situation, so she didn't think and simply observed. Her 'sight' flickered on and allowed her to regard the scene before her with a strange curiosity. There appeared to be Westeros-scented members shambling and groaning while others threw cold spheres at them - balloons, the lord had said. It was a most peculiar sight for one to watch when all one could see was the heat signatures of all around one. Any effort to turn members into the walking dead was lost on her, and the mock-gore could only be seen in slight variations of heat levels.

    The (coincidentally red) blindfold whispered against her face as Ara wondered if this had anything to do with the cub's pumpkin mess.

    /not against someone throwing a balloon at Ara btwwww


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