ѕecтor 19 (an ѕcp:ғ-ιnѕpιred roleplay. open тo all. roleplay)

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  • Dakota

    She walked into the cell, a little shy of the male. When the door shut behind her, she took a quick look around the room. It was quite simplistic. There was a bed, chains on the walls and a radio. Losing interest in this room's design, Dakota crossed her arms and turned to the subject. "So what are you? The Wolf? Gentleman? Stitcher?" She asked, remembering the Administrator's words. She certainly hoped he wasn't the stitcher, the name didn't sound too pleasing.

  • "You hardly think someone called the stitched would be able to stick their heads out the room without being shot?" The male replied curtly, his words emitting a dry humour that was almost non existant. "I'm Ronin, the wolf" he stated, grey eyes flickering towards his new roommate instead of the wall where the chains were set. He wouldn't have to use them for a while, which he was glad for. He should still have a few weeks before they would start coming to play.

    Phillip blinked at her as she said her full name, and his mind went blank, how was he meant to say that? He almost missed her nickname she gave him to use, which he was thankful for. It saved him struggling to say her name and embarrassing himself. "Zenzi, huh?" He said quietly, nodding as he noted it to memory. Finally he looked up once more, then scanned the room. A si gle thought occured to him, where were they meant to sleep? She didnt seem to have much in the way of furniture, let alone a second bed.

  • Dakota

    Dakota walked over to the radio and began fiddling with it, wondering if it actually works. "So...what does that mean? You don't look like a wolf to me." She said, eyeing Ronin from head to toe. To her, he seemed like a normal man. "I'm guessing you can shapeshift into a wolf or something?"

  • Ronin chuckled at her question, his eyes bland as ever before he answered, "well of course. I do have the name the wolf after all" he told her quickly, frowning as she began fiddling with his radio, his only form of entertainment over the years.

  • Dakota

    Noticing Ronin's frown, she took her hand away from the radio and looked at it. "Does this work?" She asked, pointing at the radio. Dakota hoped that this radio did work because it would be sad to know that this subject was contained with nothing to have fun with.

  • Ronin dipped his head at her question, eyes locked on the radio, "it does, but there are only two channels that reach in here. Sadly I don't care much for classical, but the commentary helps keep me sane" he told her quickly, standing up restlessly. It was bad enough that he had been locked in a cell for the last few years, but with the girl inside his room, he couldn't do his daily exercise, which made him all the more uneasy. "What made you sign up for this?" He finally asked. He had chosen to lock himself in here, as it had been better for the people around him, but he failed to see why someone would want to be in here.