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  • (everything relevant is under the line)

    Cassiel's plan was flawed. Angeldust's plan was flawed. Everything about this debacle that Cas had found themselves in was flawed, stupid, dumb, idiotic and bound to end in a fiery mess of emotion - and if they could ever understand it - regret.

    But Cas couldn't stop.

    Couldn't stop the urge to slip that piece of information there, suggest that raid here, lie. It was like an itch that could not be satiated if Cas did not feed the chaotic instinct that begged for attention, always there at the back of their mind and constantly on the look out for the next way to cause someone misery. It festered for so long because Cas found amusement from it, it awoke something primal in the Somali and made them feel good. Powerful. It assured the feline of their longing need to be intelligent, to be completely unlike their heritage and actually be something other than a mindless machine. It wasn't like studying either, it didn't fill that same hole. To study a newly discovered plant was satisfying a need to know everything while to set fire to an entire clan's village and have them still depend on your assistance was thrilling. Cas lived for the thrill of it all.

    Even still, while everything Cas had achived in the past two months had been something the Somali felt pride, it was flawed. They were beginning to deeply connect with people, which was foreign and frightening. Some dangerous and some not, those in Bloodclan Cas despited - at the mere mention, the mere thought of Bucky vile began to bubble up at the back of the feline's throat. How Cas wished Levi had ripped out Bucky's. The Maine Coon had dared to attack them and threaten their life in the comfort of their own home, and Cas couldn't tell a soul. Bucky had tried to hurt Levi as well and that wasn't something Cas was going to let slide.

    Why Cas had these emotions reserved for the bobtail solely was a mystery. There was no scientific study that the feline could reference, no biological reason that they could formulate, no logical and rational reason Cas felt this way. To crave his attention twenty-four-seven, want to be there to hear every intimate detail of his life, feel giddy when Levi asked whether they were okay. Was it even mutual? Was this what all friends experienced? Or was Cas some kind of obsessive creep? If Levi knew how Cas felt around him Cas feared he would be disgusted to his core and never want to see Cas ever again. Cas was not quite sure how friends were meant to feel around each other, because they'd never had anyone as close to them as Levi was.

    Cas had to resist their temptations to persue a deeper relationship with anyone, it would only create unnecessary tension and pain later on. Cas had to distance themselves from Levi and Sunclan.

    The main camp's pyramids reminded Cassiel too much of their birthclan, which was detrimental when the feline was trying so desperately to distance themselves from the familiar clan. The Blood Nile was unlike anything Cas had ever seen before though, and it sources intrigued the feline immensely drawing the Somali into its presence. A gentle flow of the stream filled Cas' ears and provided a calming background noise for the feline to focus solely on their task. A dozen bones lay beside the river in front of the Somali, the aforementioned carefully analysing each bone and assigning them to a specific pile when they were satisfied with the assessment. It was rather peaceful.

    (is it obvious its 4am?)

    i got you wrapped on my finger

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  • Cassiel. Cas. Barbara knew them, right? Yeah, yeah, they had been around a while back. Where had they gone? She had no idea, but she didn't really care - people came and went all the time, and as long as they weren't doing anything too shady, she didn't give a fuck. They were all shady fuckers around here, anyway, so it wasn't something one should concern themselves with too much. The petite cream tabby had been on her way down the Blood Nile, which cut through the entirety of Bloodclan's desert, as a quick and easy path to the border, when she spotted Cas with their piles of bones, a slightly quizzical expression crossing fair features as Barb moved closer. "Hey," she greeted slowly, looking the larger feline over for a quick moment before quirking a brow at them. "I know you. Where've you been?" Again, she didn't really care, but there was always the possibility that it was actually going to be something interesting.




    barbara fawkes  / queen of the sanguine ruins / cream tabby /  cobblepot

  • coming and going- indeed, that's all creatures seemed to be doing within recent days. one after the other, ever precise in category as those who once lingered upon crimsons stained sands with ease where stale scents now remained of echoing memories. hypokrisis, quite frankly, missed so many who had long disappeared. he longed for today's childlike earnest nature, missing days where he'd had to cox the other through gritted teeth not to fight in ruthless battles when injured. he wished for trevor's harsh advice on days like these when the one he loved most made him feel as if he were worth absolute nothing. he wanted to share a cigarette and hear to other call him "stupid" with half-meant glare whilst radiating silent understanding.

    it made him very sentimental, thinking of those long gone.

    the creature of heaven and hell approaches after barbara, star dipped gaze looking to the apparent cassiel with intrigue lining darling features mixed in with an inheret exhaustion he simply couldn't shake. "It's funny isn't it," hypokrisis' tone is a temptation, a honey dipped promise that could bring gods quivering to their knees, "How something so grotesque can be so peaceful." he's speaking of the blood nile, noticing the other's obvious soothing from it's wake. of course, the blood didn't bother hypokrisis personally- no, he'd grown numb to that.

  • Bucky honestly was not expecting to run across Angel- or Cassiel- at the bank of the Blood Nile. The last time Bucky ran across them, he was Ximen's loyal pawn. He tested their loyalty for Ximen, ambushing them and reminding them to never betray BloodClan. But after that instance, Bucky never saw them again. A whole two months, and just now Bucky has run across them, much to his surprise. He honestly thought they left, that Bucky scared the life out of them and that they just wanted to get out of here before something else happens. Silently padding in after Hypokrisis, the assassin would look over at Cassiel and his little bone collection, which looked like he was analyzing. "Why were you gone for so long?" He would ask, still feeling a bit of suspicion of Cassiel, not wanting a traitor on their hands.

    congratulations. you have survived the war
    now live with the trauma.

    Buckingham "Bucky" Barnes | Sanguine Ruins Warlord | Maine Coon | Tags | Played by Sky;;

  • ・゚ ✦ ° TAGS - After neglecting their duties in Bloodclan for so long there was a slight surprise at the sight of the familiar faces, this familiarity both comforting and haunting. These were the faces that had sheltered the estranged Sunclanner, and Cas couldn't even bring themselves to feel one ounce of guilt. Was it worth anything anyways? Guilt didn't bring back the dead.

    Barbra was one familiar face that perhaps Cassiel shouldn't be so shocked at seeing, because of course the leader would still be around. She was as social as ever, but finally letting up on her flirtatious nature. Had she mellowed out? Cas doubted this, but entertained the thought anyways. Still as nosy as ever. Cas felt annoyance prick at them at Barbra's queries as to where the Somali had gone - frankly it was none of her business. Everyone had a voice though, everyone had a right to question despite how Cas felt, and the Somali just had to grin and bear it. So annoying. "Here and there to be honest, these specimens are well-travelled. As am I." Gesturing to their 'specimens', Angeldust bit the inside of their cheek for a moment. Barbra had a pretty good memory to even slightly remember the absent feline. "I joined a while ago, but I'm afraid I'm not very social. Solitude is a comfort." Cassiel emphasised their point with an awkward grin.

    Turning their head to Hypokrisis, Cas frowned slightly at the sight of the Bloodclanner. The priest hadn't the foggiest of who Cas was, yet Cas knew exactly who Hypo was. That one kid - the one that the high position team back in Sunclan had a fit over. The meeting was as clear as if it happened yesterday, ideas of how Hypokrisis' relationship would affect Sunclan's allies. It was odd how the enemy had influenced the very basis of Sunclan's politics. When the hellhound spoke of Cas' bone collection a mildly surprised expression made its way onto Cassiel's face. "I think of the task being almost like a puzzle, a puzzle with a rewarding story at the end." Did puzzles calm Cas? Actually they did. Math, science, it was all a puzzle with the answer just out of reach so it would tempt you and draw you into its spiral of knowledge. "Species, age, cause of death - it's amazing what left behind can tell. Is this something you too enjoy?" A cock of their head accompanied the words.

    At the sight of Bucky, all the polite smiles turned to total contempt. Wasn't there anything else better for Bucky to go do? Get beat up again? Cas silently prayed for the day they'd never have to see the former Arcanium ever again. His suspicious words did not serve to ease Cas' mind either, Cassiel hardening their gaze on the Maine Coon as Cas struggled to resist the urge to just get up and leave. "Frankly I'm not sure why that concerns you Bucky." Curt, Cas bit the inside of their cheek to restrain the anger threatening to overflow. "Did you miss me?" A chuckle was audible from the feline, clearly amused with themselves.

    i got you wrapped on my finger

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  • hypokrisis.

    indeed, the name was drenched within utmost controversy due to that damn man with foolish mind and drunken tongue spewing out slurred words to whatever clan was willing to listen. it was due to this not so long, when strangers sauntered upon crimson stained borders, hypokrisis was hesitant to allow his title to slip through parsley lips. hesitant for recognition in the other's eyes, hesitant to solely be known as the pretty little priest boy being manipulated by a monster with wine eyes.

    and he never did decide which he loathed more- those who looked upon him with pity or the beings who thought it was his fault who glared with hatred.

    because he was so much more than that, goddamnit. hypokrisis was the priest in which had stepped up to heal his clan mates by his lonesome at six moons and had been the sole medic but for perhaps a moon and was once again alone in the position. hypokrisis was the starry eyed creature which had stopped jackdaw when he'd been half-enraged with grief from going on a suicide mission. hypokrisis was the creature that saved bucky's life by fending off a sunclanner despite the odds.

    it was for that that hypokrisis hated ximen. the traitorous once-warlord who'd gone upon all borders willing to listen with drunken intent and slurred words slipping like venom past thin lips. once, the delicate creature of doll-like beauty had stuttered upon the word, unable to admit such loathing to himself let alone aloud within the thin dessert air for the aforementioned had indeed cared for his clan in a demented form of being and also barely capable of speaking syllables of the accursed name without finding panic within heart and breathing becoming scarce. but now, after heaven and hell had balanced and ruined mind had become threaded together to form a perfect disaster rather than livid chaos within cracking bone and paper skin; the words came easy with firmness upon lovely features as they crossed parsley lips.

    he was tired of those with big egos and small minds.

    and its not like any of that mattered anymore, regardless.

    within an instant, hypokrisis notices the frown which creeps upon cassiel's features- but it does not deter him. for what kind of creature was the priest if he found sorrow within heart at another gazing his direction with soiled expression polluting their features? after all, he welcomed it rather than the opposite approach- it a tame form of disconetnet. however, within moment's cas' features are alight with something akin to being awestruck as hypokrisis' genuine nature couldn't hide the gentle smile which begins to curve his own lips of parsley.

    "A puzzle?," hypokrisis echo the words with intrigue within sickly-sweet voice, but it is lined in an odd weariness. "No, I've never done anything like that before but it defiantly sounds interesting- how long have you been doing this?," he inquired, ever curious. "I've never been very good at puzzles, I'm afraid," he admits with an exhausted smile- his whole life was a puzzle, and he had yet to even figure that out. the priest then looks to the bones more so closely, ethereal gaze focusing upon the marrow and ivory with a thoughtful frown upon patin lips. "I wish we could figure out who they were," hypokrisis wonder ever dreamily. it seemed cas and he were different in this way, one was caught within the facts while the other wished for the story. it was in that way they made for a nice duo.

  • Bucky couldn't help it but feel put off guard by Cassiel's comment. Bucky had only been curious, perhaps a little suspicious as well- he couldn't help it but still feel it in his chest. He isn't even associated with Ximen anymore, he cut his ties with that traitor awhile ago. Perhaps that suspicion is still there because the thought of Cassiel being a SunClanner has been programmed into his mind. Once that thought comes up, it cannot leave no matter what he can do. "I was just wondering," The Warlord would comment with a small frown, his expression turning into that stoic, emotionless face. Something else was up, was it their voice? Why has he heard it before, he hasn't actually spoken with Cassiel. Right now, he couldn't think of the name, but he has heard that before. Did he miss them? The simple answer to that question was no. Considering he barely knew them, the only time they interacted with them when he was the Soldier. He didn't even think of Cassiel for the two months after his disappearance, and probably wouldn't have thought of him if Cassiel didn't suddenly show up now. He didn't bother to give an answer, deciding it was not needed.

    congratulations. you have survived the war
    now live with the trauma.

    Buckingham "Bucky" Barnes | Sanguine Ruins Warlord | Maine Coon | Tags | Played by Sky;;