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  • *:・゚✦ DUCKPAW

    —— never knowin what love could be | tags & information *:・゚✦

    Fish. In riverclan, it was the basis of their life. Fish fed the clan, sustained them. The fish was always there, every season, so long as there was still water. So it was to no ones surprise that duckpaw was swimming in the river, her thick pelt drenched after a long afternoon of fishing. A small pile of said prey had formed on the riverbank, alongside the small pink flower she had un-tucked from beside her ear, worried the fragile thing might get washed away. The water was cold, but with her thick fur, she didnt really mind. She'd resurface from beneath the shallows, spluttering slightly as she emerged with a pebble in her jaws, its smooth black surface perfectly round. Duckpaw had always been a collector of sorts when it came to cool looking stones, and it was a hobby of hers to go diving down into the river to find them. Padding back onto the pebble filled shore, she'd shake the heavy water from her tabby fur, white paws sicking into a path of soft grass as she stretched out in the sun.



    Why fish for rocks when you could, well, fish for fish? She said as she saw Duckpaw bringing up rocks from the bottom of the river. The last time she was in the water she almost drowned and she wasn't about to go back. The pixie bob shook her short tail and sat down by Duckpaw under the sun.



     tags | kit of trad riverclan

  • don't you worry child — dovepaw — riverclan — tags

    "need a paw?" dovepaw quipped, his eerily similar pale tabby pelt shining in the cold autumn sun. his ears flicked, watching as his sister brought up trinket after trinket, a collection of things she would no doubt keep stuffed in her moss bed.

    dovepaw himself had no such interest in objects, and was much more invested in eating once he got back to camp.

    "i think i can hear the elders complaining about rumbly tummies."

    "heaven's got a plan for you."