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  • It wasn't often that she brought someone up to her personal living space. Shadowclan lived in treehouses up high in a dark and gloomy canopy of jungle leaves and trees. But the female had decided to brighten up her space with bright fairy lights that she had strung up around the roof of her tree house and along the ceiling of the inside. They were glowing an orange color that illuminated the place with ease and she led Saint inside of her home. There were orange and red throw pillows laid about along with a few blankets and that was where she slept at. In the middle of the circular room there was a black bear rug, yes it was a real bear she had skinned and now the unfortunate creature was for the dirt of the paws of others. "Sit where you like. I don't mind." Her eyes gazed up to her shelves before she started to lift her paw up and move jars around before grabbing a certain one with her maw and placing it down in front of her. "Is there anything you want to tell me about yourself?" Uncapping the jar she started to lay out bundles of herbs before her, things she would need to make sure things went well before she moved back to the shelf and grabbed a few bandages as well as a bottle of water and some cloth.


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    one claw ripped out of her front left paw, four long scratches along her back, all pretty equal distance, and then a gash on her left side haunch and just some minor scratches in random places.

    As she was led up to the treehouse, Saint was overtaken with awe. Perhaps it was the blood loss getting to her - though she wasn't losing that much - but she really enjoyed the feel of the home. Everything seemed warm and inviting, even the bear on the floor. As she gazed at the soft fur that belonged to the bear, she realized just how tired she was. Just lying down and curling up in the bear's fur seemed like a nice, comfortable dream.

    As Sek told her to sit wherever, Saint gave a small jump of surprise. Once again, lost in her reverie. "Well, if you really don't mind, I'm going to take up that offer and sit on this here bear," she replied with a smirk before plopping down on the soft rug. Moments later her violet eyes gazed across the room, admiring the lights once more. Her eyes then traveled to the other feline in the room, curious as to what she was going to do with her wounds.

    It seemed like small talk was to be initiated. To her question, Saint wanted to reply that she wanted to know quite a lot about this stranger and her group, but seeing as she was the one getting a little doctor's visit, she decided she should be answering questions first.

    "This isn't a 'have you been flossing' or 'have you been sexually active' kinda question that medics usually ask, is it?" the lioness asked with a crooked smile, meaning to bring humor into their conversation. "I've been avoiding those since I was first asked them," she added with a chuckle.



  • Cute, she was a funny one and she was glad for that in a way. Some knew how to make a medical visit relaxing and easy going while others just made it down right awkward and frankly she could do without all of that. Shifting she clamped her jaws over the top of the bottle and tore it off before spilling some on one of the cloths. She was prepping to clean off the scratches on her back to get a look at the damage. "Well, I'm always up for a good story rather it's about flossing or sexual activity. But neither you have to discuss with me. Personally I find those questions to be highly boring." A small smirk pulled along her muzzle before she moved toward the lioness then, the hybrid canine shifting to get to her back so she can see the wounds there first. The smaller things could wait but these couldn't and so she began to clean them off with light movements of her paws as she hummed lightly, partly as a way to distract from any possible pain. "So where did you come from?" Her voice lifted up again as she finished her cleaning and moved toward her herbs after she had also placed another water soaked cloth on the bleeding wound of her gash on her haunch. Grabbing up some marigold and tormentil she began to chew it up in a thick paste that she spread over the four scratches, fixing them on with catchweed so that they would rub off too easily. "I was born here, not raised but I found my way back eventually." She licked the taste of herbs from her mouth before she went to check on the gash again, gently clean it off when the bleeding had stopped and surveying it to make sure there was no infection. Didn't appear like it so that was good.

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  • If she had to endure another awkward visit, Saint would have perhaps got up and left. She was all for making things welcoming and comfortable, but if someone didn't sink into that mindset after a minute or two, Saint would soon feel just as uneasy and make an exit. Luckily enough, Sek wasn't one of those awkward ones. The lioness watched her do her thing before listening to her response.

    "Aren't they?! Seems like everyone's talking about who they've slept with or their health. Well, maybe not the latter, but there's so many other things to talk about," she replied, smirking as well. Her eyes followed her as the feline went to her back and began to do her magic. Saint felt the pain, she'd be lying if she said she didn't, and she winced only slightly. The lioness knew she was to keep still if she wanted to get healed, though, so she forced her body to stay exactly where it was.

    "Where did I come from?" she echoed, loosing a breath as Sek padded away to get more herbs. "I don't know if you would know the name; I came from a pretty small town. Lots of people and violence, but still small." The lioness answered, watching her chew the medicine in her mouth.

    "Nice. Where did you travel to when you left here?" Saint inquired, very interested in why she left and why she came back. Her head turned to watch the female observe her gash, and her eyes flickered back and forth to see if there was any worry in Sek's face.



  • Where did she travel to? That question had her halting for a moment as she felt her muscles tense up just slightly. She couldn't tell her where she had been because she had been trapped in a box. A place of agony and misery that most couldn't even begin to understand. But she careless smiled to throw off the unwanted emotions that had started to pour in her. "Ah, it's a bit complicated, hon. I don't think it'll make for a good story anyway." She waved her forked tail a bit as she moved away and started to gather up more marigold. Easily she chewed it into a paste and spread it over the gash before then placing a bandage, wrapping it around the haunch to secure it. After that she moved toward the front and lifted up her paw, inspecting the torn out claw. It had already stopped bleeding on it's own so she merely chewed up some dock and marigold to spread over it before bandaging up her paw completely. "Take some of these raspberry leaves." She murmured soft as she pushed them over to her before settling down. "They will help with any of the pain that you might be feeling right now."

    Though she was curious about the fact that Saint had come from a little town full of violence but a lot of people. Seemed strange that there would be a lot of people and so much violence wouldn't have put the numbers down. But she didn't question it as she gazed at the lioness with her fiery hues. "So do you have any idea who attacked you?"