they'll steal your dreams away --open, blizzardclan ambassador

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    london reynolds / blizzardclan & paladin / female [] / tags

    *:・゚✦ It had been a while since she'd last been here, so London figured she'd come for a visit again. With a rather halfhearted smile, the clouded leopard would make her way over to the desert, thoughts occupying her mind. She wasn't paying all too attention to her surroundings, but she'd made sure to stay focused enough that she didn't trip again. Carrying a gift basket with her, she would gently place it down once she made it to the corpses that marked BloodClan's border. For the first time the sight seemed to send a trickle of fear down her spine, and images of Illya filled her mind. London would squeeze her eyes shut and shake her head, trying to clear the memory from her brain, but to little avail. She could still see the blood that had been sprayed around the forest as the wolfdog ended his like with a gun to his head. They could have been friends, she had always wanted to get to know him better, but she never got the chance. Now he was gone forever, now London could never see him again. It took her a while before she realized that oh so familiar feeling of liquid building up at her eyes and threatening to spill. The clouded leopard would wipe her face , prohibiting her glassy eyes from spilling any tears. "BlizzardClan Ambassador." she would call.

    we were planning adventures

    like the guys in cartoons

    blizzardclan paladin ☁ played by array

  • Bucky was slowly getting used to seeing London waiting at their borders. Bucky has seen her at the border a couple of times, the majority of them with her job as their Ambassador from BlizzardClan. It was actually a good sign that she has shown up so often lately- it proved that she took her job seriously and did it well. The BloodClan Warlord had been silently padding through the territory, when his nostrils picked up her now familiar scent. He wasn't very far from the border, he wouldn't mind heading over to meet with the BlizzardClanner, it would be good for the relations between the two clans. Changing the direction of to where he was going, the assassin made his way over to where London was waiting. As he padded into the scene, he came to realize he was the first one to arrive, which was a little surprising. Usually, he was used to seeing Hypokrisis being the first one greeting her. Glancing over at the basket for a moment, Bucky would focus his attention back onto London. "Hello," He began to speak up with a flick of his ear, "Thank you for the gifts."

    For a moment, he didn't say anything after. But he had planned to speak up again, he wasn't just going to thank her for the gift basket. Now, that would be rude if left it at that. "How is BlizzardClan currently? Well, I hope?" The assassin asked, with a swish of his bushy tail, waiting for an answer.

    congratulations. you have survived the war
    now live with the trauma.

    Buckingham "Bucky" Barnes | Sanguine Ruins Warlord | Maine Coon | Tags | Played by Sky;;

  • Barb supposed death could be a sensitive topic for some, but she couldn’t care less. Perhaps living in Bloodclan for nearly all her life had hardened her, desensitised her to such things, but it was far more likely to be something deeper - gruesome scenes of murder and torture had never really fazed the femme, even in her childhood. People like London, though, she could see being upset by such things - polite, gentle kind -, she was all one was expected to be as a good, innocent little girl.

    Striding over after Bucky, Barbara offered the younger molly a vague smile. She had nothing against the kid, really, aside from the fact that she seemed to have a stick up her ass (though maybe that was just her being polite?), and Blizzardclan was a useful ally, one Barb wasn’t too keen on angering, so she always wanted to be her kindest - even if that wasn’t much at all - to them. “Hey again, kid,” she greeted. “Thanks for the gifts.” She stopped herself from adding “and shit”, though it was close, and simply took a seat, as Bucky had already asked the question expected in such situations.





    barbara fawkes  / queen of the sanguine ruins / cream tabby /  cobblepot

  • BlizzardClan ambassador? Jonah appeared, approaching after Barbara with his ears pricked in curiosity. He took a seat on Bucky's other side, tail wagging as he observed London. He didn't think he had ever met the BlizzardClanner before, and if he did it must've been when he had first joined, and didn't remember much about her. He had grown a lot since then, and much had changed. He smiled up at the clouded leopard, glad to see a new visitor, and was happy that she had brought them gifts. The boy really loved gifts. "Hey, I'm Jonah!" He'd greet, using the same words as he typically did in his introduction to new people, his voice rather cheery and enthusiastic. Despite all the bad things happening in the clan, somehow Jonah always found a reason to remain happy. He was never sad for too long, fortunately. "Thanks a bunch for the gifts!"


    sanguine ruins // second tier (shp) // tags // art dump // penned by kicksie

  • death- it was an odd subject in the lovely priest's case. for there were two drastically separate circumstances in which the being of doll's parts and god's ambrosia could take to seeing a lifeless corpse upon crimson stained sands. he was, quite frankly, numb to looking upon rotting bodies or ripped flesh due to his home and trade of aiding others upon sidelines of war as they wailed tunes of agony and clanmate's blood stained ivory skin a fierce crimson. but gore and death were two different circumstances, as hypokrisis would by lying through pretty teeth if he denied that tears hadn't once fallen like stardust from ethereal gaze for those he couldn't save and that his heart still didn't wrench even now though he had dry eyes looking to the lifeless form of a warrior once speaking gibberish in gritted whispers. but if any of those close to him were to die- barbara, trevor, jonah, bucky, malkyn, fourth- he would be killed by his own devastation.

    the creature of heaven and hell came after jonah, two who stood with grand irony between them as the younger never allowed tragedy to cause a dampened smile and gentle, weary upturn of parsley lips were all the priest knew how to conjure. "Thank you for the gifts," hypokrisis echos, but he notices the way this girl's eyes looked, he knew the expression well- it was one a being wore when they were on the brink of shattering. so instead of offering the usual "how's miss lottie?" he begins with another statement. "Would you like some water or something to eat after the journey?," hypokrisis tone, sickly-sweet in indulgence, is oddly knowing as he attempted to soothe the other in some two-bit from of way.