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  • after the meeting, stag refrained from going into the stonetellers cave. it wasn't his cave, it wouldn't be. the tribe didn't belong there anymore, and neither did he. instead, the male departed from the cave full of waking bodies, into the dimly lit, silent world outside. then, he turned to the fem, who was almost his friend. the only one he had.

    "i'm freaking out, sky." he confessed, voice heavy, conflicted. "why would they put me in charge? i'm not cut out for this shit. i don't know what i'm doing. i had this dream - everyone, every last person in this tribe, they were dead because we stayed here. i-i don't know if that means leaving is the better option, but we can't stay. i don't know if we'll find food or safety or friends - i don't know anything." he spoke in a hushed tone, quick and panicked. this, all of this, was so... unexpected. what was he supposed to do anymore? he wasn't me. stoneteller - he wasn't even liked by most people. he could play strong and confident for now, but not forever. he'd crack.

  • //Me going into the threads today: THERE'S SO MANY YES

    Sky had followed Stag in silence. While the black she-cat was always one to speak her mind, she knew that at this moment her biting tone was not needed. She was very clear about her opinions on leaving. Sky had seen her Tribe die once, and wasn't about to watch it die again. It was bittersweet, but she trusted Stag. And, all things considered, that was saying something.

    She takes a seat and wraps her tail around snowy paws as her friend freaks out. Sky held her tongue until he deflates into a panicked state. She knew she had to pick her words carefully. For who was she to decide the will of their ancestors?

    "Moons ago, when the coyotes were at their worst and the Sharptooths were always outside the caves, I saw our Tribe die around us. In skin and bones, in disease. We held strong in our home, and we died because of it. So many good cats, foolishly good cats, were gone. Wasted. Our ancestors made Autumn our Stoneteller in hopes she would be able to keep us here, perhaps decide where to move. But ultimately, they hoped she would help us. Now, Autumn was a close friend. A great cat, good heart. But to take a Tribe away from tradition? It was a hard decision, as you know," Sky begins in a rambling tone. She knew Stag knew this. But she felt it important to say anyway. "Now. Here comes this head-strong, womanizer caveguard. Who will force us to move. To survive. Autumn did her best, but you will lead us away from dying a second time."

    Sky takes a breath, deciding how to help. She can't. It was something Stag had to do on his own. "I think the Clans will not be welcoming. The territories will not want us. It will be hard. But it's either we struggle and survive, or we stay and die. We can figure out friends and prey when we get there. We must leave. It'll be uncertain, but you're more of a lackwit than I thought if that stops you."

    Minnownose (Deputy of SkyClan)
    Cloudspots (Trad. SkyClan)
    Sky with No Moon (Stoneteller of TORW)

    Mintflower (Trad. ThunderClan)

    Elkkit (Trad. RC-Tribe)

    @ me to plot or for injuries/deaths/etc.

  • he sighed. sky was right; it seemed she was always right. he was a meathead, too quick to decide the wrong things, too afraid to make the right decisions. he was afraid of screwing up, but he needed to stop fearing the wrong decision and make the right one.

    if they were anyone other than the two they were, perhaps in another life, he'd hug her. but he was stag, she was sky, and he only nodded.

    "i know. we need to go. we've got allies in bloodclan for the time being, they claim to be willing to give us territory. i don't trust them anymore than i trust a bear, but they're our best option for now. i'm sure we can find better allies eventually, hopefully we don't fuck up before then.

    "sky, i'm scared shitless right now. i'm fine with ruining my own life, but i can't do it to anyone else."