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  • Luna's neck was starting to get a cramp, the alluring feline halted to relax her jaw and drop her prey to the forest floor. She ran her tongue along her maw and raised her head with a heavy sigh. Her ears remained perked as her icy blues ran around the forestry until she found a large tree nearby. She wrapped her fangs around the back of the dead hare and dragged it over to the base of the tree. It was a little bit risky, but she didn't think she could continue dragging the dead weight around, and digging a hole for something that large was a pain. She left her catch at the base of the tree and padded a few tail lengths off, nose twitching as smelt the air. "Those two again." She smelt Moonpaw and Blackpaw around these parts a lot. She's never bother to say hello, but she supposed today would be as good a day as any. Her paws padded where her nose led them after the pair's scent.

    Echo flattened her dark ears firmly against her head as she heard the name 'Fat Cat' again coming from the same tom. "I am not fat, I'm pregnant." She meowed with an edge. "My name is Echo." She hoped with a name the brat would stop with the insults. She was never one who cared much for her figure or what others thought about her, but being called fat when she wasn't was really getting on her nerves. The feline failed to hear what the toms were discussing, she tensed a little when they both suddenly began climbing the tree, far better then she had she hated to admit. She took a cautious step backwards when bigger of the two toms jumped to her branch. The black feline was well muscled and she could practically see the branch dipping under the additional weight. She wrinkled her nose when he told her to come closer to him, but didn't complain about it at least not now as she carefully padded in Bruce's direction.

    Bluebell ears perked as she slipped through a brush and was freed on the other side. Her sky blue eyes turned to take in her twin as the she-cat made her way through a few heartbeats later. Bluebell carried on and Bitterpaw followed, nose scrunching as the scents grew stronger. Bluebell stopped suddenly causing her blind twin to bump into her back leg. The annoyed hiss was ignored at Bluebell widen her eyes slightly to take in brown furred tom, she spotted the small black kit behind him and pinned one ear back in a nervous habit. "Um....hello." Bluebell called with a gentle smile placed on her lovely face. Now that she found the location of the scents she wasn't exactly certain what to do, she's never been good with strangers and Bitterpaw was even worse. "I'm Bluebell and this is my sister Bitterpaw." She waved her tail in Bitterpaw's direction as she padding around Bluebell's frame with a frown.

    Mute let out a soft whimper that went unheard as her Papa picked her up. She hated being carried she could walk, she suspected that her papa knew that and hoped he let her down as soon as they were out of the back of her twolegs home. She faintly wondered if they'd worry about her. The small upwalkers often played with her even though she didn't make a peep, they fed her and cared for her even through mama wasn't around anymore. She'd miss her upwalkers, they were nice ones. Mute's stomach did a nervous flip as her Papa cleared the tall wall that kept her from wandering in one powerful leap. Once they were safely on the other side and she was set on the ground she remain there for a few seconds, fighting the urge to puke. The nausea slowly receded while she processed the question from her Papa. She got to her tiny paws and took in the sights around her having never been outside of her upwalkers' den before. There were so many of them around, she unconciously backed up as a car passed her, bumping into her papa's paw. She glanced up at him and then returned to looking around her, fur bristled and eyes round like saucers. She would walk and keep closer to Papa, that didn't mean she liked him she would keep her anger with him burning with an eternal flame, but was familiar in a whole new world beyond her upwalkers den.

    There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!

    -Irish Proverb

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    Moonpaw smelled it first. A cat, female, about her age, recently hunted. She flicked her tail in the direction of the smell to notify her sister just before the gray tabby appeared. Her sister glance at the cat before telling her "I smelled her earlier." Moonpaw's green eyes scanned the she-cat, hiding her back legs, or lack of them, behind her tail. "Hi, what's your name? I'm Moonpaw." And her sister piped up "I'm Blackpaw!"

    Stevens, having finished his squirrel, lifted himself up from the moss pile he fell in, and moved closer to the open before sitting back down to clean his fur of moss and find any scrapes form the fall. His thick fawn-colored fur tended to harbor a lot of dirt, one of the downfalls of having a such poofy fur.

  • Luna, tensing the lean muscles under her thick pelt, relaxed as two cats showed themselves. A pair of black and white she-cats, they looked around her age and thankfully were kind and not hostile. The loner took a seat and wrapped her bushy tail around her paws as allowed a delightful smile to grace her face. "Hello, Moonpaw and Blackpaw, I'm Luna." She greeted them. Her eyes flickered toward Moonpaw's lack of back legs, although didn't linger too long. Her time on her own has given her an opportunity to meet a great number of cats and keep an open mind. "I've smelt you two around here before and figured I'd say hello." She explained. "Your names, Moonpaw and Blackpaw, those are names from those big groups of cats right?" She inquired, she's heard of clans and cats banding together to become some sort of unit but she knew little to nothing about them.

    There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!

    -Irish Proverb

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    Moonpaw glanced at her sister, unsure if she was ready to spill their life story to this cat, but instead told the gray-blue cat to sit down. "Blackpaw here smelt you too. I don't generally leave the den..." She flicked her tail uncomfortably. This was not how she'd generally react, but the cat hadn't cringed away yet. "And yes, we're from Alderclan. We left, of course." She felt the cat, Luna, deserved to know a bit.

    Blackpaw had let her sister talk until now, but she felt the need to say something. "Our clan was full of obnoxious stuck-up snobs, and we were glad to leave! They had no respect!" She thought a bit. She didn't have such negative opinions of all the cats in the clan. "I mean, they weren't that bad. I got some very good hunting training from Featherfrost."

    Stevens is grooming

  • Oak narrowed his eyes as Bluebell and Bitterpaw came into view. Oak listened in silence as Bluebell began to speak and introduced herself and the other cat. "Greetings," Oak meowed in return, giving them a sharp nod. "My name is Oak, and this is my little brother, Alpine." He brushed his tail gently against the nervous Alpine as he peeped out from behind his brother.

  • Sure, Mangle and Lion can meet up. I'm sorry for my shitty muse, I've got a lot on my plate right now.)

    Mangle was close enough to pounce on the robin, but it seemed to rather suddenly become aware of his presence. He spat angrily as it took flight and quickly became too far away for him to chase. His tail flicked angrily, and he was just about to try looking for something else when he picked up the smell of another cat. Mangle stood at attention and fluffed up his thick tail, trying to identify where the cat was coming from.


    Bitty nodded and made up her mind, quietly slipping out a window and into the world outside. She happily ambled around the backyard for few minutes before squeezing under the fence in the back.

    The crashing tide can hide a guilty girl

    With jealous hearts that start with

    gloss and curls

    I took my baby's breath beneath the chandelier

    of stars and atmosphere

    And watch her disappear...


    Fight for your clan, Watch the skies, and Run with the wind

    Join the Clan of the Falls

  • Luna raised her ears as she listened to each she-cat tell her a small part about their lives. Her head tipped to the side as Blackpaw gave a reason for their departure of from their former clans. She heard a lot of things about clans, some good, but mostly bad. There were apparently a lot of rules that one had to follow, Luna wasn't bad with rules but she wasn't good with them either. "I've lived most my life here." She waved her tail around the forestry. "It's not much but it homes to a lot of us. Hopefully you two are having a better here then your clan." She purred pleasantly. "Oh! The reason I came over is because I recently caught a hare that's a little to big to eat alone. I was wondering if you'd like to share?"

    Bluebell smiled brighter at the sight of adorable kitten peeking out from behind Oak, Bitterpaw kept her frown on her maw leaving the talking to her sister. "You two live around here right?" Bluebell wanted to know if the kit had a mother, but refrained from asking in fear of being rude. Oak seemed to be doing a pretty good job of caring for his brother. "You wouldn't happen to know where any herbs are? Or maybe someone who knows where to find herbs?" Bluebell had the basics of herb knowledge down and she was getting worried about Bitterpaw's wounds.

    There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!

    -Irish Proverb

  • Moonpaw shook her head, stating "I just ate. But my sister has a stomach the size of a badger, and I'm sure she would love to join you." Her sister glared angrily at her, but reluctantly nodded. "Yes, I would like that very much, actually." Moonpaw stifled a chuckle, but not very well, and her sister's glare intensified. Moonpaw didn't know how anyone could stay in one place their entire life, but she wasn't the type to ask questions. She flicked her tail as she watched her sister get up to leave for the second time today, something Moonpaw was not upset about.

  • Oak nodded when Bluebell questioned if they lived nearby. At the question of herbal knowledge, he sighed. "Yes, I do," Oak meowed. "Her name is Fox, and her temper can really support her name at times. But she's the best healer around, knows practically everything." Oak meowed. "Do you need to see her?" Oak asked, his eyes flicking towards the wounded Bitterpaw.

  • Cloudheart

    The massive maine coon weaved his bulky frame around the trees as his paws led him in an aimless direction. He's lived around these part for last year or so give or take a few months. He still wasn't completely familiar with the territory. He jerked his head up and listened, catching the sound of voices not to far from him. His nose caught the linger scent of blood in the air, stale and old, he followed his nose first which lead him to a decent sized hare underneath a tree. The former clan cat blinked his eyes as he tried to figure out why someone would leave their kill out in the open like this. He could feel his belly growling in hungry, having ignored hunting in favor of catching potential clanmates. He ignored his stomach and dipped his head to pick the hare up, maybe it belonged to one of voices?

    Bruce & Damian

    The bulky tom watched as queen inched her way over to him and his frown deepened. Echo he believed he heard her call herself, was far to trust. She knew little to nothing about him or his son, not even their names, and still she placed enough faith in them that they'd bring her down. He could push her off the side or worse. He sighed heavily underneath his breath while rising to stand at his full height, he bent down to grab the she-cat by the scruff and life her up as gently as he could. She was small but not exactly light. He bunched up his muscles while glancing down at his son who sat waiting in case he dropped her or lost his footing. With careful precision and time, Bruce managed to carry the she-cat down without any flaws. He set her on the ground once he was stable.


    The tom watched with a glint of amusement in his snake like eyes as his daughter took in the sights around her. She's never been over the fence so he gave her a second to take everything. As a passing car spooked her he let out a little chuckle. Viper's never wanted kit, they were too much of a hassle and he feared he might do more damage then good, but he -dare he say- happy that the kit was now in his life. He wasn't sure about this parenting thing, he was sure he already messed up considering his kit never said a word, but he'd work his way through it. "Come on." He called to her, walking down the sidewalk. "If you don't catch up I'll leave you behind."


    The young kit yawned again as he walked around in what he figured was a circle. He felt like he had passed all this stuff earlier. He was getting really hungry now it almost hurt. His mother had promised to catch him something to eat once they crossed that path, now he had no one? He had himself, but unfortunately he learned many skills from his mother,however, hunting wasn't one of them. Lion stopped himself as he noticed a tom not to far ahead of him. He took to hiding behind a tree truck to observe the cat, and grew greatly disappointed when he failed to catch that bird....whoever taught the bag of bones how to hunt needed to do it again. Lion was ready to be on his way to find someone who could actually feed him, although, stopped when he noticed Mangle's shifted in posture. He doubted the furball would hurt someone as cute as him still it was better to be cautious... he'd have to try acting like a kit here he supposed. He wondered if he should bring on the fake tears. Lion dashed the idea away as he stepped out from behind the tree trunk to face Mangle. "Who are you?" He asked innocently.

  • Fox got to her paws with a sigh and padded towards the river that cut through the forest at its' center. Might as well catch a fish instead. She thought, padding up to the river. Fox sat down, her eyes narrowed as she watched the water slip by. Pricking her ears, she saw a fish swimming closer and closer. Raising her paw, Fox lashed out towards the flowing water, hooking her claws around the creature's body. Pulling it out in a arc of water, it landed on the ground by the river. Lunging forward, Fox sunk her teeth into the fish, killing it quickly before it could escape.

  • Luna grinned as she watched the little interaction going on between the two sisters. There were days where she wondered what her life would of been like if she had any siblings or family left. But the past was the past and she would rather she lived in the present and look forward to the future. Besides, now she had at least somewhat companions in Moonpaw and Blackpaw so she assumed she wouldn't be all that lonely. "That's alright.' She meowed to Blackpaw as she rose. "You can wait here with your sister. I'll go get the hare and we can eat it here if you it's not too much of a bother." She probably shouldn't of been considering Moonpaw's age and health, but she was concerned about leaving the she-cat here on her own. Besides, she had fun chatting with the pair and would like to learn more about them if it was possible.

    Echo flinched as she felt the teeth in her neck as the tom picked up her. She felt like a kit again just a little bit. As her paws no longer had any hold on anything she tensed a little in fear at the thought of being dropped. Thankfully, the tom put her fears away as he climbed down without her plunging to the ground. She let out a long sigh of relief when her feet touched the solid land and gave a gentle shake of her pelt. She gave Bruce a big smile as she strectched out her limbs. "Thanks! You have no idea how happy I am right now." She purred while glancing over at Damian. "So who are you guys anyway? Do you live around here?"

    Bitterpaw's sightless eyes shifted between the two voices as her sister and Oak chatted, she had no clue where Alpine was considering she couldn't spot him. She could not help but scowl while casting a rather ugly look in what she presumed was Oak's direction. She had deep scratches on her flank, a bite on her front leg, and had recently got a cut across her face after running into a tree. Why in the name of Starclan would he asked a stupid question like if they needed to meet this Fox? Mousebrained furball. Noticing Bitterpaw's mild agitation as her tail lashed, Bluebell quickly spoke up in fear that her sister would cause another fight. "If you wouldn't mind taking us to meet her, please. I'd be forever grateful." She told Oak with a warm smile.

    Mute continued taking in her surroundings with slightly puffed up fur. It was so big she felt like she could easily get lost if she wasn't careful. Her head snapped to the side when her Papa suddenly began walking off down the sidewalk. Her eyes went wider as she hopped to her feet, almost opening her maw to tell him to wait and slow down but caught herself at the last second. Her much shorter and smaller legs worked furiously to catch up the taller and bigger cat until she was jogging underneath him. She looked up at the towering tom and finally noticed how much bigger her papa was compared to her. She wondered if she'd be as big as him when she grew up, her mind quickly began distracted when a bug flew pass them and distracted her.

    There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!

    -Irish Proverb

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  • Oak's light amber eyes narrowed as Bitterpaw scowled and glared at him, noting how she seemed ready to snap at them as her tail lashed. The tom glanced back at Bluebell as she began to speak before Bitterpaw could lash out at them."Alright! We'll probably find her by the river. She loves to swim and fish." Oak meowed, arching his back in a stretch. But if that cat continues acting the way she is, I can imagine yelling, not healing... The tom thought, casting another glance at Bitterpaw. "Follow me," Oak meowed, turning away and padding towards the nearby river.

  • //Ahh, sorry, I'm a grammar Nazi, but shouldn't of is not correct, it's shouldn't have, or shouldn't've.//

    Blackpaw nodded and sat back down next to her sister, lightly stomping the tail that trailed behind the dark gray molly. She ate a lot compared to her sister, sure, but Blackpaw was sure that was entirely her sister. She wondered what it was like to have no family at all. She only had her sister since she opened her eyes, and she meant the world to Blackpaw.

    Moonpaw jumped at the sudden tension on her tail, growling softly at her sister.

    She really liked Luna, but knew that the two cats would never leave her alone. It was just in their natures. Her sister hated to leave her alone, and from the looks of it, so would Luna. Wait, had the sisters invited her to be with them? Blackpaw probably did. Or would.

    //Low muse. :'(//

  • Luna's paws led her the through the territory, taking her to the place she left her prey. Her ears perked and her tail stiffened as she smelt something odd in the air. The alluring feline picked up her pace as she spots the white form fox-lengths in front of her. It was hard to keep her fur laying flat when she noted that he had her hare in his maw. "Hey! That mine, Thief." She growled, unsheathing her claws. She hated it when the prey she took time and energy to catch was stolen. Then again the part of the blame lied with her considering she had left it out in the open. Still, it wasn't right to steal. The blue-eyed she-cat shot a seething glare in the white coon's direction.

    Bluebell gave a thankful nod of her head as she got up to trail after Oak. She turned her head to look over her shoulder at her twin who wasn't moving a muscle. "Bitterpaw." She called gently, drawing the blind feline from her pitiful thoughts and back into reality. "Come on," She beckoned with an unseen twitch of her tail. With great reluctance Bitterpaw rose to her paws and trailed several tail lengths behind the pair. Her head was lower to the ground then normal and her tail dragged as if dead on the ground.

    There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!

    -Irish Proverb

  • Blackpaw stopped, hearing Luna's voice. She didn't hear the words over her own voice, but there was no mistaking the tone. She glanced at Moonpaw, wondering if her sister'd heard it too, and when the gray she-cat nodded, Blackpaw was on her paws and ready to help. Moonpaw shook her gray head and pulled her back down, reminding her that Luna had survived here longer and was most likely fine. This did not make Blackpaw more comfortable, however, and she kept her ears pricked for any sign of more trouble.

    Stevens finished his grooming, thirsty, and headed towards the nearest water source he'd found in all his 7 moons of being here, a small river, and bent low to drink. Satisfied, and having nothing better to do, he lingered, and scanned the river for fish. Seeing none, he returned to grooming his fur.

  • Oak pricked his ears as the river came into view. The dark ginger pelt of Fox padded in silence along it and he waved his tail to get the she-cat's attention. He relaxed slightly when it seemed the usually harsh she-cat was in a good move. Fox approached the four cats in a relaxed manner, her tail waving gently from side to side. "Greetings, Fox." Oak meowed, dipping his head respectfully towards the older healer. "Good morning," the she-cat meowed, giving him a nod in return and waving her tail in a friendly hello towards Alpine. Fox glanced over at Oak's followers, Bluebell and Bitterpaw, her sharp green eyes narrowing at the sight of Bitterpaw's wounds. "What happened to you?" She asked with a tip of her head.

  • Cloudheart

    The tom wrinkled his nose as picked up the dead hare, a somewhat sweet scent lingered on it. He backed up a few paw steps when he heard the rustling sound. He dropped the hare as a rather attractive she-cat showed up. The maine coon parted his maw for a greeting, however, noticed the way she held herself and tensed a little. The words that left her maw weren't exactly what he was expecting. Even the pretties of roses had thorns didn't they? Cloudheart couldn't help but let out a low hiss as he was accused of being Thief. He had been accused of being a murder not all that long ago, and now he was being told he was something he was not again he couldn't help but be a little mad. He knew it was not a good idea to met anger with anger, but he really hated being accused. "I am not a thief." He snarled, drawing himself to his full height.

    Bruce & Damian

    Damian jumped out of the tree a little upset with the fact that he hadn't not been needed at all. As the midnight pelted she-cat meowed on happily he turned to look at his father who was watching the she-cat with an unseen emotion in his eyes. As she finally got to the part of asking their name. He stepped up beside his father. "I'm Damian and that's my father." He waved his tail in the direction of the bigger version of himself.

    "Bruce." The tom meowed in a low tone. "Why were you in that tree?" He wondered, looking at the round queen. Where was her mate? He didn't find a lot of pregnant she-cats without their partner very much. He didn't bother asking about something as personal as that to Echo.


    The tom glanced over his shoulder every now and then to make sure his kit was keeping up with him. He paused all together when he suddenly lost sight of her, nearly stumbling over his own paws until he noticed that she was right there, padding close by just underneath him. He gave a light sigh of relieve before carrying on his way.