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  • *:・゚✦ he'd made the necessary preperations, now he just needed to invite the thunderlands over. the ambassador padded toward the border, stopping at the edge and allowing a bright grin to sling itself across his maw. man, hopefully they'd accept otherwise all his hard work was for nothing. "hello? the name's khaol coratio, i'm here to invite the thunderlands to an event on behalf of sunclan," should he wait? nah, he was sure someone would hear him. "in the spirit of strengthening our alliance, sunclan has decided to invite the thunderlands to a candy making event! there will be refreshments and games in case anyone's not interested in making candy!"

    // ill take you to the candyshop — MAKING LOLLIPOPS /W THUNDERLANDS, O




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  • The deputy approached and offered a solemn nod towards Khaol in greeting. "Brilliant. I'm sure we'll attend," he enthused. Speaking of which, he needed to throw an ally event out in a few and make sure it was set up correctly. They needed to stay on schedule with their plans. Skipping a week for an event would be unacceptable, even if it was a small thing.

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  • ★ — Candy? As crazy as it sounded, Rose Quartz wasn’t entirely sure she knew what candy was. The first synonym to pop into her head was ‘sugar’, so she assumed candy was just a type of sugar, and they would be making food out of candy. That made sense, right? Of course. She wouldn’t even ask - not only would that be embarrassing, but it would be easy to test her theory just by going.

    Sweet,” the spirit attempted to joke, trying to mimic Sunny’s style of pun. Sweet, because it was a sweet activity, and sweet, because candy was sugar. “And thank you! How’s it going in SunClan?” She probably wasn’t funny - better just to move onto other topics. Some casual conversation would do.

  • Ah, candy. Unlike some people he knew, Harry didn't have much of a sweet tooth, and tended to avoid things with sugar in them. So that itself caused the canine to hesitate in his response, but like Khaol had suggested, you weren't exactly required to make candy if you attended the event. There would be food, which was always a plus, and while he tended to avoid games like he did with candy, Harry had to admit that the whole thing sounded rather nice. He needed a break from the chickens anyway. Picking feathers out of his fur and mouth was beginning to grow tiring. "Yeah, I'll try to be there."

  • 「 as deep as a bite, as dark as the night — as sweet as a song, as right as a wrong 」

    Making candy? She had only ever found candy and never really put in thought about how it was made. Kate wondered if it was very interesting and maybe she would go just to take notes about it. Since it would be cool to know how to make our own candy for future events but also for just herself. Plus it would be a good chance to visit her old home and maybe see some old friends. And if not maybe she would meet some interesting friends. Of course she may be too busy to go but she would try to attend. ""




    — kate | the thunderlands | district guardian of caelum | witch | roleplayed by decayingdelusion —


  • *:・゚✦ a grin is casually thrown towards the deputy, good, if they hadn't decided to go he would've worked on all that preperation for nothing. not to mention that he would've let down suga, he didn't like the idea of that. "i look forward to seeing you all there," his smile only seems to expand before it relaxes a litte. a tenseness that he hadn't realised was there seeping from the panther's shoulders, his tail flicking briefly as his cranium tipped towards rose. a laugh, if only a quiet one, floated past his lips at her pun. it was only a subtle one, but one he could bring himself to appreciate nontheless. "anything for our valued allies!" he throws her wink, a playful one though it's quickly followed by a small shake of his head at his own behaviour. "sunclan's well, we recently held a raid on bloodclan that was succesful, the sun has also returned! it's great! how's the thunderlands?" it's hard to brush over how genuinely happy khaol is as he mentions their success. he was proud of sunclan, and he was also proud of himself, what could he say? briefly, he throws the two others a warm smile and nod of greeting, he was certainly hoping to see them there.

    // rushed, sorry!




    tags - penned by regius