plot w/ the hot mess, cougarstar —

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  • heyo, this is cougarstar for those of you who don't now her. she's been in the trad game for over a year now and has been riverclan leader, bloodclan deputy, a thunderclan warrior, and was assumed dead until now. she is residing within bloodclan.

    open to pretty much anything —

    adopting children

    killing/maiming your character



    interaction threads

    whatever really, just hmu

  • i can't decide if i want cougar to teach sin the ways of being a Bad Girl(tm) or beat the crap out of her because she made a bad joke or something. Decisions, decisions.


  • stag boi would totally wanna hit that

    i think he's got a thing for girls on the oppisite ends of the spectrum tbh. really good girls or really bad girls - fuck the normal, well balanced ones.

    idk what you'd be up for? he'd flirt shamelessly with her tbh, relationships aren't really his thing though. a litter if you want? idk how into this ass hat she'd be tho + theres tiger boi

  • i'm wheezing lmao stag is the boy,,

    cougs is trash so maybe a litter(?) but she's also flirting on the side w/ tiger so if he ever found out (which he would) stag would be wrECKED. i'll think about the litter or else they could just have a one time thing?

    sinny bab, i'll make a thread for them tomorrow and we'll see what happens :,^)

  • omg yes that would be the cutest, cougs is super protective if she learns to love n' is very mama bear style

    she just has to get her warrior name and accepted fully into thunderclan b/c she's a guest at this point

    sorry guys, i'm trash w/ privates lmao but they're fun so i'll get them up whenever i have the muse and motivation