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  • *FReak*

    Here you go, ill just put up some basic forms. You don't have to if you don't wanna.


    ×Colton Blake



    ×Tall and a quite buff



    ×Is werewolf form is simply brown with orange briwn eyes. He's pretty big and unpredictable when this form.

    //that's about it for this guy


    +Tevin Alexander



    +Tall and lean


    Tada, that's it! Took longer than i thought sorry cx

  • It's fine I wot do a form but I'll start))

    Sky was walking home from school, brown hair tucked in a neat bun as she listened to her music. She was new so was alone. That's how it happened and she had no problem with being the loner. She had to walk along the forest line to get home but she didn't mind. She knew that bears were sound but rumors of wolves were ridiculous..

  • Colton was out by himself, munching on an apple while a young wolf trotted at his side. He'd be lucky if anyone spotted him, the pup looked more like a dog, so hopefully it would pass that way if they ran into anyone. Colton took another cite from his apple and tossed the rubber ball off again.

    The pup darted after the object, shooting to a stop when it realized the ball had landed a few feet away from Sky. The little ball off fluff trotted out cautiously, not knowing any better. He shyly walked over and grabbed his ball, watching the girl.

    Colton, still being deep in the woods would soon notice the duo's disappearance.

  • Sky had felt movement near her and turned to see the wild dog. She offered a small smile and pulled one of her earphones out. "Hey boy"she cooed softly offering her hand out to it. Wanting to see if it will be friendly.

  • //you can just tell me whenever you want me to bring the vampire dude in. It doesn't have to be right now, im just saying for future posts cx

    The pup stopped when the human in front of him moved. His ears flattened and he dropped the ball, calling for Colton. Who just so happened to step out once called. "Dammit Bullet..." He muttered, walking over, he didn't seem to notice the girl just yet. The pup hopped over, happy to see him obviously. "I didn't want you to go this far... What is-" He was cut off when his eyes caught sight of the girl in front of him. "Oh, hey. Sorry, he gets curious."

  • I feel like when she walks home as it gets dark. Tevin can just try and flirt her over hehe//

    Sky watched and backed her hand away sensing he was timid. "No it's alright.."she said to the boy as she glanced at him. She Recognised him from school "he's cute..he's called bullet? That's a unique name"she commented glad that she hadn't been bitten or anything.

  • "Yea, he's a fast little runt. That's how he got the name." The little pup wondered over, finally giving Sky a sniff. Colton offered a kind smile. "You go to my school don't you?" He asked out of know where.

  • "Yea...its quite the place." He said with a sigh, flicking his brows. He stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Colton Blake." He confirmed, Turing back to the new girl. "And that must make you...?"

  • " valley.."she chuckled as she noticed it start to et dark. "I better head home..see you round"she did a small wave before walking again. Not wanting to stay in the dark in a new strange town.

  • "Ok, stay safe." Colton would've offered to walk her home but he could smell his pack coming to fetch him. He raced back into the woods once out of earshot.

    A tall, smirking man watched from afar. He could smell her blood, even now and there but feet apart. Little did she know he was right behind her, silent as ever and unseen. He could hear her little heart beats and it made his mouth water.

  • Sky clutched her bag as she focused on the noise blasting in her ears. She sighed as she fiddled with her pockets and found her house keys, her parents being on a work do tonight. She stood at her door and fiddled with the lock without noticing the man.

  • Tevin made himself viable and bent down by the girl, tugging an earned out of her ear. "That's not good for your hearing y'know?" He spoke quiet and soft, a teasing flirt if it wasn't obvious in his tone.

  • A grin formed, hearing her heart race. It rang in his ears beautifully. He just...he wanted all of it. "Oh nothing. I was just wondering why a little fawn like you would be out so late?" He narrowed his eyes A bit, focusing on her and trying to block out his cravings.

  • "Oh, im not stalking you..." He assured in a whisper. "I just spotted you and decided to follow you home. Its not safe for little fawns like you to be out this late." He moved rather close to her. "Its a dangerous world, with many, many...dangerous people."

  • "Well, well, little fawn." He faded from sight like before. "Good night." He whispered before falling silent completely. He was gone just like that.

  • It stayed with sky that night. She was relaxing in bed before she woke from a weird dream and saw that man from before in her room. She breathed heavily before turning the lamp on to find him gone. The girl walked to school the next day exhausted and anxious, she walked in and sat at the back.