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    —— he/she pronouns vary! | bio-tags ・゚✦

    All disagreements cast aside, huh? Prisms' pelt is tinged yellow in fear of meeting all these new medics. She has a habit of getting .... snappy when nervous. Disagreements probably wouldn't be too far off the mark. They would all know so much more than her and be far more knowledgable in anything. Only recently had she changed from a Greenguard to a Little Coat, under the training of Frightfur. Pitch black eyes cast around for her mentor, champagne bandana fluttering in the light breeze the night offers.


    —— he/she pronouns vary! ・゚✦


  • life is hell, but so is dying!

    frightfur / colouredclan & whitecoat / genderfluid + female body / tags 

    *:・゚✦ Frightfur sniffed unhappily at the starry sky overhead. Huh, he’d rather been sleeping than had to have come all the way out here in the middle of no man’s land to the meeting of the medics. However, he was an official twice medic of Colouredclan and the only current Whitecoat of Colouredclan—it was expected he be in attendance. The bionic serval caught sight of a yellow-tinted Prism upon arriving and he trotted over to his new Littlecoat,”Heya, Prism! Lookin’ a bit yellow tonight. Think any other medics will even bother showing their mugs?” 

    He couldn’t name off the top of his head who the medics were of any clan, not even Colouredclan’s own allies so he had no idea who he was be expecting.

  • a gathering... funnily enough, ryuu had never been to any of these things. so when he heard that gatherings like this existed, he was a little taken aback. he had jumped at the thought of being to interact with people like him— people who wanted to help and heal their friends and save lives and, well, be significant. well, at least that was his reason for being a medic. it was also the only thing he could do right since he couldn't fight to save his own life (though he was currently working on fixing that).

    the petite coydog would come sauntering into the meeting area, eyes of robin egg's blue quickly spotting frightfur and prism. he made an attempt to smile but honestly, he was so freaking nervous. he was usually anxious but... this was just a whole new level of anxiety for the cartelian surgeon. ryuu would step a little closer, tail wagging lowly behind him as he chirped his soft-toned greeting. "he-hello... i'm ryusaki. ni-nice to meet other medics outside of the, uhm, c-cartel." he wasn't sure if it was the same for the others though. he might get some looks, but the boy had learned to ignore such disdainful looks.



    ryūsaki ikurusaba // japanese ghoul // cartelian surgeon // tags // penned by yakan