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  • "Seemed like you did." Came Dean's response to what Sam had said, looking up at his brother and giving a shrug, "I was bein' nice and returning it to you."

    The man looked over to Chara when he heard her mutter something, not really catching most of what she but he had thought he heard her say something about side effects. Dean frowned deeply at that. He was pretty sure he hadn't experienced any side effects.

    When Alexis spoke up and told everyone to focus, Dean quickly gave her his full attention, nodding his head in agreement. They had to figure all this out. Colonel wasn't very useful so far but as least they knew more than before. But it still wasn't much to go on. Hearing Alexis's sigh of defeat, Dean gave her a small smile, trying to reassure her that they'd get something eventually.

    As Chara spoke up again, this time Dean actually being able to hear her, the man's brows raised and the frown on his lips deepened. What the hell was she talking about? Colonel snickered, causing Dean to toss him a glare. "What are you laughing at?" HE grumbled.

    His eyes snapped back onto Alexis when she chimed in, taking in her apologetic smile as his frown softened. Though he still didn't believe what the girls were telling him about the side effects. He was fine.

    "What? I'm not showing any signs of being a dog," He responded as he gave Alexis a confused frown, "I only grabbed that wrapper out of the trash because-"

    Colonel cut Dean off with a big bark as he jumped up and made his way over towards the window, pushing the curtains out of the way in order to look out. Dean, on impulse, followed after the dog. He hopped off of the bed and rushed to the window, opening the curtains and his gaze landed on the mailman who had just pulled into the motel parking lot.

    "Hey! Hey! Hey!" Dean began to basically yell, his hands smacking the glass of the window in order to get the mailman's attention. When the mailman turned and spared him a glance, Dean pointed at him, "Yeah! You! You!

    He didn't know what the hell he was doing but he wasn't really able to stop himself, too caught up with the damn mailman that almost seemed to be mocking him and Colonel. When the mailman turned away and ignored him, it just made Dean and Colonel act out even more. "Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, you! You! You! You!" He literally barked out, letting out a growl like noise at the end.

  • Sam stared at his brother a moment before giving Chara and Alexis a WTF look before returning his attention to the man and dog going berserk in the window at the poor mailman. He had to admit, it was a pretty funny sight to see. He'd never seen Dean act in such a way. Dog like? This should definitely prove interesting.

    Chara tried holding in her laughter as Dean yelled at the mailman, and, did he actually just bark and growl? That did it for the woman, and she barked out a laugh that continued. Tears ran down her face as she rolled on her side on the floor, her laughter now silent as she clutched her sides, letting out a noise every so often to breathe through her uncontrollable laughs.

    She wasn't sure why it was this funny, but it was. To see Dean Winchester, the most serious person she probably knew and her older half brother who was nothing but business, acting like a dog barking at someone out the window with a dog just made her lose it.

    Alexis, shaking her head at her best friend, pulled herself gingerly from the bed, careful not to stretch the stitches or jostle them too much. She felt better finally being on her own feet again, even if she'd only been in bed for a day.

    She didn't feel helpless anymore, at least, as she slowly made her way to the window and to the Winchester and Colonel.

    Setting her hand on his shoulder and a hand in Colonel's fur, she tried getting his attention and coaxing him away from the window, "Dean, come on. Leave the mailman alone. Come back over here with me, ok? Don't worry, this should ware off once the link between the two of you goes away."

    While Dean was distracted, Sam took this opportunity to throw away the wrapper-AGAIN. This time, he buried it underneath everything else in the small trash can in their room.

  • Chara's hysterical laughter did nothing to stop Dean's weird dog-like behavior. If anything, it made him get a bit louder, as if the mailman couldn't hear him over his half sister's laughing fit. He continued to pound on the glass and shout after the mailman as he continued to walk away, Colonel still barking along beside him, though he wasn't making as much of a scene as Dean was. Dogs barking was normal. Dean barking, however, was not.

    The hand on his shoulder was enough to pull him out of his weird act. He had startled a little bit at the touch, not really expecting it and turned his head and met Alexis's gaze as she spoke to him. His brows furrowed at first at her words, feeling a bit confused and still kind of refusing the whole side effects thing, until he realized that the girls were totally right. He was experiencing dog-like side effects. And to put it simply, it was damn embarrassing. The man cleared his throat and stepped back a bit, letting the curtains fall close. Hopefully no one else saw his bizarre behavior. Besides the three in the room. He tossed a slight glare over to Chara, not all that happy about being laughed at.

    Colonel had stopped barking as well once Alexis had come over, sitting down beside the two of them and panting, looking up at Dean and watching him, as if he were waiting for Dean to act out again.

    Though beside his embarrassment and the whole dog behavior, he felt a slight pang of worry for Alexis. He knew she was feeling better, a lot better compared to the other night, but he was sure she was still in slight pain. He put a hand out, resting it on her side, as if to stable her if she needed any help. "....How long is this link gonna last?" He then asked, glancing between Alexis and the other two, "How long am I gonna have the urge to...."

    "Sniff butts?" Colonel suddenly spoke up, followed by laughter. This caused Dean's eyes to widen and he quickly shook his head.

    "Whoa, hang on. I do not have the urge to sniff butts." He was once again using that defensive tone, tossing a glare down at the dog. "I may be experiencing some weird shit but that is something I don't ever plan on doing, Fido."

  • Sam rubbed his forehead when Dean suddenly said he wasn't going to sniff butts in a defensive tone. For his brother's sake, he hoped this wouldn't last long. He wasn't sure how much more of Chara's laugh he could take.

    He had to hand it to his half sister, though, she did try and get herself together. Even if the last comment had her trying to disguise her laugh as cough-not so convincingly of course.

    Dean's touch and worried look when he saw her warmed Alexis' heart. She knew that look wasn't for himself, but for her because she'd gotten out of bed to get his attention. Her lips twitched as she tried not to smile like a an idiot.

    His question gave her something else to think about, keeping her from embarrassing herself in front of everyone.

    She gave a glance to Chara, to see if she had any form of answer to Dean's question, but Chara stayed silent, only shrugging when she saw Alexis look at her.

    "Um, not really sure. If we consider how much of that stuff you drank and the power behind the spell, I'd say maybe a week, maybe two at most? Hell, it could even be for a few days-even a month. My guess is a week or two, but to be honest it's kind of just a gamble. There's a lot of uncertainty in this type of situation, especially with the fact you two are different species. It will go away though, that's the important part. Until then, well, you'll have the instincts of Colonel here. Which, I mean, isn't the worst thing in the world." She grinned, stepping closer to the Winchester to whisper suggegthestively to him, "If you happen to want your belly rubbed, I'll be happy to oblige."

    She hoped to lighten the mood of the situation, she knew this wouldn't exactly be fun for him, but she knew it would be memorable for all of them, she just wanted it to be at least somewhat of a good experience for Dean. Even if he didn't particularly like dogs.

    Sam clapped his hands together to the attention of everyone else, "Ok, well, we'll deal with the whole 'dog-like instincts' and whatnot. But we should really get back to trying to find the monster so we can kill it, since no one's sure how long the link between the two will last. We should use it while we can. Uh, should we go back to the pound and see if that sparks anything? Will Dean only be able to talk to Colonel or are other animals a go as well?"

    This time, Chara and Alexis shared a calculating look, trying to figure out how it would work.

    After a moment, Chara finally spoke, "Well, that's another uncertainty. I mean, we don't really know how animals work like that-if they can speak to each other or not. If they can, then either Dean will be able to talk to them as well, or Colonel can and relay to Dean."

    "Again, it's really a toss up. It's not like we've done this before-not with animals, anyway." Alexis added.

  • Dean's glare directed itself onto Chara when he heard her laugh that she poorly tried to cover up. He didn't really appreciate being laughed at, especially in the weird situation he found himself in. It's not like he could help it though. But at least the potion and the side effects weren't deadly or anything (that he knew of), and he was sure he could handle them if he just held back on those weird dog like urges he was feeling the need to do.

    Dean settled his attention back onto Alexis when she began to answer his question, his hand still resting against her side as he listened to what she was explaining. A week or two didn't sound too bad but he seriously hoped it wouldn't last that long, wishing that it'll only last a few days at most. His brows raised and his eyes widened when Alexis mentioned that the spell could possibly even last a whole month. That was definitely something he did not want. Forcing himself to stay silent and not to go onto a rant about the potion and the link, he nodded his head at what else the woman had to say, feeling rather reassured by her last comment and her grin. As the woman stepped closer and whispered to him, Dean's other hand instinctively reached out and rested on her other side, a coy smile growing on his lips. If it was anyone else making a joke like that, he probably wouldn't have been too happy. "Really now?" He whispered back and raising a brow, "I think I might take you up on that offer, sweetheart." Now that was something he could really get behind.

    Sam interrupted their little moment and Dean huffed softly, turning to look at his little brother, though he wrapped an arm around Alexis' waist. Sam did have a good point. They should probably get a move on with their current case, especially since none of them knew how long the link thing was going to last. The last question Sam said made Dean rather curious as well. He didn't think about that, only thinking that he'd be able to have contact with Colonel. He listened to Chara and Alexis as they both responded. The man briefly wondered if he could ask Colonel if he knew anything about that, though he doubted that the dog would. Either way, the dog was plopping down beside Chara and laying his head on his paws, listening to what everyone had to say.

    "I don't think a trip back to the pound wouldn't hurt." Dean spoke up, "We can test out the link stuff on other pooches and see if we can find anything that the coppers or you two skipped over." He then looked back down at Alexis and gave her side a gentle squeeze before speaking softly to her, "You feel okay enough to come with?" He really didn't want to leave her behind but her health needed to be put first.

  • ((SORRY!!!!!!! I was away on a girls' weekend and didn't even bring my laptop! I'm back now though!!))

    Alexis let out a small giggle at Dean's comment. It felt nice to flirt, even if it was supposed to be a serious situation.

    When Dean asked if she felt well enough to go to the shelter, she grinned, nodding furiously, "Absolutely!"

    "Not!" Chara added as soon as Alexis had replied, scowling at her best friend, "You're still healing from your injuries and will be pulling at your stitches-that you've already had to redo. Don't think I didn't notice. You've already torn at least a couple-and that's while you were in bed! You shouldn't even be up right now!" she argued. She knew Alexis loved going to any place with animals, but she had to put her foot down. She was afraid her friend would tear her wound open-again.

    Alexis couldn't help but roll her eyes, "I'm fine-really. Yes, they tore open. But it was an accident; a good one. I was just laughing too much. I swear, I won't do anything to strain the injury or myself. We can even wrap my entire upper half to make sure they stay in place if you want. Either way, I'm going with you guys. I am not being left behind and there is no way Dean's staying behind to look after me again. We're all going."

    Chara again scowled at the other woman, not liking her tone or how stubborn she was being, "I'll stay here with you."

    "Not an option. The boys need at least one of us with them."

    "Then Sam can stay with you."

    "Sam's the one that was with you in the first place when you guys interviewed everyone. How's it gonna look if you show up with Dean but with Sam nowhere in sight? Pretty suspicious if you ask me."

    Chewing the inside of her cheeks, she glared at the stubborn half-witch. Although she didn't like it, she knew Alexis was right-from a logical standpoint. Heaving a sigh of defeat, Chara gave in, "Fine! But no lifting anything or bending! And you stay by us no matter what. You do not wander off by yourself-or get jumped on by big dogs!"

    Chuckling, Alexis easily agreed to her best friend's demanding terms, wrapping her own arm around Dean's waist, loving being able to just lean into him and get a whiff of his natural smell. Gosh did she really have strong feelings for this man.

    Clapping his hands together and standing, Sam once again got everyone's attention, "Alright, let's get going while we still have some daylight left."