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  • ((Totally fine!))

    Alexis tried grabbing some food for herself, but quickly ran into a problem and frowned. She couldn't very well eat while lying flat on her back, and she couldn't really bend her elbows due to the makeshift IVs stuck in her veins.

    Chara had already figured this problem would occur, and gathered up all the pillows they had before gently lifting Alexis' upper half enough so that she was at least at an angle, but not bending her stomach at all.

    She shoved pillows underneath her back to keep her properly propped up, and got some mashed potatoes from the bag along with a fork and offered a forkful of the stuff to Alexis, who, in turn, glared at it.

    Chara rolled her eyes at her best friend, "You're gonna have to deal for the time being. No one here thinks you're a child or anything, but you need to recover. And to do that, you need to eat. But you also need those fluids, so this is the best we can do right now, ok? Just bare with it for the time being. I'm sure by tomorrow you'll at least be able to feed yourself."

    Heaving a sigh and giving in-mostly due to the fact that she was starving-Alexis opened her mouth for Chara to feed her.

    The taste of the salty, buttery fluff had her moaning.

    It felt like forever since she'd actually eaten, and even though she would have liked to devour a delicious, juicy burger, the mashed potatoes hit the spot without making her feel sick.

    Sam smiled at his brother, "Thanks, I asked some random local where I could get the best food in town-and pies-and the chick told me I had to try this place." Taking a bite of his own burger and chewing slowly to savor the taste, he nodded approvingly before swallowing, "She definitely wasn't lying."

  • Dean had given a chuckle, a smile still on his lips as he ate. He had watched as Chara helped out Alexis, watching the injured woman closely for a moment before looking away and continuing to eat. He wanted to offer to help out but decided it was best to let Chara do it for now.

    He wondered if Chara was still upset about him letting this happen to Alexis. She didn't really seem like she was though. She seemed a lot more worried about making sure that Alexis was okay. And besides, if Chara was truly mad, she could've been more rough about stitching up his face.

    Finishing up his burger and fries, Dean got to work on his pie, letting out another content and appreciative noise as he nodded his head. He should go thank the woman who suggested the food joint to Sam, cause this was some of the best pie he's had in a while now.

    "At least there's somethin' good about this town." He spoke up with another mouthful, sinking down a bit more in his seat as he continued to eat his pie, his eyes flickering up to Alexis and giving her a grin. "You're definitely gonna like it."

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  • "Mm!" Alexis mumbled through a mouthful of mashed potatoes before swallowing and pointing at the pies, "Cogsworth! Bring me a bite of each pie!" She demanded.

    Chara quickly went to the arm Alexis had suddenly lifted, checking to make sure the needle in her arm hadn't been disturbed by the girl's foolish move. She made a disapproving noise in the back of her throat as she deemed it ok and sat back down, scowling at her best friend.

    "You need to be more careful. One wrong move and you could rip out those IVs-which you desperately need right now." A pause, then what Alexis had said sank in, and her scowl deepened, "And I'm not your servant you baffoon!"

    Alexis gasped, her jaw dropping as she stared wide-eyed at Chara, "How dare you call me a primate! That's so insulting Chara!"

    Chara rolled her eyes, "That's a baboon. Idjit."

    A smile tugged on her lips, Alexis had been pulling the same joke most of their lives. The whole 'baffoon' and 'baboon' thing. It had gotten annoying to Chara because she would hear it every time and it was predictable. However, now, Chara was thrilled to be able to do it again. To think that she would never hear Alexis say the same line she's said a thousand times before...

    It was something she didn't want to think about. She realized that she would miss such a simple thing as the stupid short banter. And she was glad she got to hear it again.

    Sam couldn't help but to chuckle at the two and the simple corny joke. He was glad to be here, with everyone safe and sound finally. He had his brother back, and his half sister had her best friend back-who, he had to admit, was growing on him.

    It seemed like Dean had finally found something to be happy about, and he had a good guess that it had to do with Alexis.

    This was his little family. Even after the craziness and near death situations just today had brought, here they were, eating dinner, content with just each other's company.

  • Dean watched the ladies as he ate, his eyes flickering between the two with an amused smirk on his face. Who needs a TV when you got perfect entertainment right in front of you? Chara's and Alexis's bantering seemed to liven things up more from what had happened earlier, making things seem more normal and not like they just woke up from a Djinn produced dream and got attacked by something. Dean was grateful for it to be honest.

    He chuckled at the joke the girls had cracked, his smile softening at what Chara had said at the end. It made him wonder how well Chara and Alexis would've gotten along with Bobby. Dean was a hundred percent sure the old coot would've loved them as his own once he truly got to know them.

    Dean glanced over at his brother when he heard him chuckle too, the smile still on his lips. Again, Dean was very grateful for this. Right now, nothing seemed to be rushed and they had time to settle down for a bit and relax before they started to dig into another case involving that weird feline yet reptilian like monster. Dean's family was safe and sound and having a good time. It was something Dean would cherish and would hope it would continue to stay this way.

    Looking back at the girls again, Dean's eyes landed and stayed on Alexis, a fond expression on his face. Alexis was gonna be a bit of a handful in the next two days, knowing that she wasn't gonna be able to stay still for that long. Hell, she already almost pulled out the IV. But he'd keep an eye on her, would help her out whenever she needed. A lively Alexis is way better than a half dead one, whom he had been practically holding back in the dream world.

    Dean sighed contently, the smile on his lips turning smaller and more relaxed. He still needed to talk to Alexis about what had all happened in the dream world, about their relationship there and how it would effect their real one. He didn't know when they'd get a chance to talk privetley though was the problem. Chara was gonna be watching her best friend like a hawk for the next few days, possibly even weeks. But maybe Dean could get some talking in at night? Speaking of which....

    "What are the sleepin' arrangements?" Dean suddenly asked as he moved his feet off the bed and moved to stand, tossing his empty plate into the trash and leaning against the counter for a moment, first glancing at Sam before looking over towards Chara and Alexis. "We all piling ourselves into this room?" He added. He knew that they weren't gonna be moving Alexis from her current spot of course, but he wanted to figure out what they wanted to do. Dean would prefer to share a room. It would make him feel better to be honest. Sharing the room would mean that he could keep an eye on the three altogether, especially Alexis. He almost lost her to a Djinn, then to the wounds... He wasn't planning on losing her again, not if he could help it.

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  • At Dean's question, Alexis looked to Chara, who in turn looked at her. They usually didn't sleep in the same room with others, but this was a special circumstance.

    Dean and Sam were Chara's brothers, and Chara knew that Alexis and Dean had a thing going and that he would most likely want to keep an eye on Alexis just as she would.

    Alexis felt as though she had already put everyone through hell the past few days, and knew that she wouldn't be moving out of the bed she now lay in, so left the decision up to the others to figure out. Although, she did put in her opinion.

    "I don't mind us all sharing a room."

    Chara nodded in agreement, she had been thinking the same thing. Especially if that monster decided to come back and try to finish the job.

    She looked around the room to see how the sleeping arrangements could be sorted out, two could take the other bed, but it was out of the question for anyone to share Alexis' bed, she didn't want to risk anything messing up the IVs.

    She knew more than likely someone had a sleeping bag, or hell they could just ask for more pillows and make a bed.

    "Ok, two can take the bed and another can take the floor or the chairs... I'm thinking the boys can take the bed since they're both bigger than me, and with some pillows and a blanket, I can make a makeshift bed on those chairs. I don't want to risk anything happening to Alexis's IVs, so her sharing her bed is out of the question. Plus, if the monster decides to come back, all three of us will be closer to the door than Alexis, standing between it and her."

    Alexis couldn't help but to roll her eyes at her best friend, "Really? I know I'm down for the count at the moment, but you don't have to rearrange crap to make it seem like your main priority to protecting me like a child."

    Chara grinned, "But that is our main priority at the moment. And you're acting like a child anyways, so treating you like one isn't hard."

  • Dean's brows popped up at Chara's words and he let out a snicker before covering it up with a slight cough, rubbing a hand over his mouth.

    "I wouldn't say that we're treating you like a child but you are our main priority right now, Alexis.We're trying to watch out for you." Dean spoke up as he glanced back at the bedridden woman, a smile on his lips but a serious look in his eyes. "That thing was bold enough to get in here once, so I wouldn't doubt that it'd try again if it wanted to. Having you farther from the door is gonna make all of us feel better. The thing almost killed you the first time because you were close to the door, we're not letting that happen again." He just wanted what was best for her. They all did.

    As for the bed situation, Dean wouldn't mind sharing with Sam but they were both big dudes and fitting on a motel bed together wasn't gonna be too comfortable. So Dean wouldn't really mind sleeping on the floor, besides he felt as if he wasn't gonna sleep much tonight anyways. He wanted to keep an eye on everyone.

    Looking back at Chara for a moment and then glancing at Sam, Dean spoke up. "I can sleep on the floor. You two can figure out who gets the other bed or if you wanna share n' whatnot." He told them with a shrug before pushing from the counter and going to the fridge. Chara was probably gonna end up sleeping in the chairs anyway but Dean was still giving her an option. His siblings deserved a rest and a good one at that after all the crazy shit that had been happening.

    Grabbing a beer from the fridge, glad that he dumped the contents of his cooler into the fridge when they first got here, Dean looked up at the others. "You guys want anything?" He asked, raising his brows and giving a smile.

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  • "No, thanks." Chara declined politely, rubbing her hand over her belly, "That food was delicious! I'm so stuffed... I'll probably slip into a food coma any minute... That being said..." she flopped onto what she declared 'her side' of the bed and got comfy on top of the covers, "I think I'll catch some Zs. Sam, you can have the other side."

    Alexis chuckled at her friend, "Shouldn't you get into some PJs first?"

    Chara's eyes reopened to glare at nothing in particular as she realized Alexis was right. With a groan, she got back up, grabbed her bag, and headed into the bathroom.

    Alexis shook her head before smiling at Dean, "She can be a bit of a ditz at times. Hey, be a dear and turn on the TV please." She looked over at Sam, "Unless you're going to bed, too. I don't want to keep you awake or anything, once Chara falls asleep she's out like a light."

    Sam waved it off, gathering his things as well, "It's been a long day and that food did the trick in putting me over the edge. I'll fall asleep no problem, watch what you want."

    Chara came out a second later, all dressed for bed. Like before, she flopped onto 'her side' which was closest to Alexis, mumbled a "Goodnight" and promptly fell asleep.

    Sam simply shook his head and headed into the bathroom himself, leaving Alexis and Dean with a fast asleep Chara.

    "Told ya." Alexis said, nodding to her best friend, "Out like a light."

  • Dean looked at the now fast asleep Chara for a moment before looking over at Alexis, raising his brows and giving an amused expression before letting out a chuckle at her words. He had closed the fridge and went towards the tv, grabbing the remote and turning the tv on. He turned it to some channel that was playing movies and then turned the volume down a bit.

    He walked back over towards Alexis and plopped down in the seat next to the bed with the beer still in his hand. He set the remote besides Alexis's hand so she could change it to something she wanted to watch. "Need help layin' back down?" Dean then asked as he looked at the woman with a questioning look. He didn't want her to harm herself by moving around on her own. Dean was gonna do whatever he could to help her, even if it was small simple things. He wanted to make up for the things he did wrong during the Djinn case.

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  • ((No need to apologize! Lol can't always have long posts ^.^))

    Alexis shoo her head, giving him a small smile, "Nah, not yet, at least. I'm not exactly tired just yet."

    Grabbing the remote Dean had kindly set within her reach, she browsed through the channels until she found a certain cartoon show she knew they both would like. She began to sing along as the theme played.

    "Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? We need some help from you now. Come on Scooby Doo, I see you pretending you've got a sliver. But you're not fooling me, cause I can see the way you shake and shiver. You know we've got a mystery to solve so Scooby Doo be ready for your act. Don't hold back!"

    Sam exited the bathroom just then and shook his head at the girl in bed, singing along to the Scooby Doo theme song while bobbing her head to the rhythm, "I should've known. Why wouldn't you guys be watching this cartoon?"

    "Exactly!" Alexis exclaimed, "It's awesome, so there's no reason not to watch it!"

    Sam simply shook his head, yet again, and walked over to his side of the bed and slid in under the covers, "Night you too. You shouldn't stay up too late, Alexis. Sleep helps with the healing process."

    "Yeah yeah, thanks mom."

  • "Alright. Just let me know when you are." Dean replied with a nod, returning the woman's small smile.

    He settled back into his seat, getting comfortable and sipping on his beer. He watched as Alexis skimmed through the tv channels, a tiny smile appearing on his lips when he saw what she had picked.

    Dean's eyes landed on Alexis as she began to sing along to the main theme, his smile widening as he listened to her. Another good reason to love Alexis, she appreciated the classics.

    Turning his attention to Sam as the younger male spoke, Dean rasied his brows. "You can never go wrong with Scooby Doo. It's a damn masterpiece." He piped up after Alexis, the smile still on his lips.

    Dean had chuckled softly at Alexis's reply to Sam. He said a quick goodnight and turned his attention back towards the tv, letting the room go quiet for a bit.

    When he was sure that Sam was asleep, Dean looked at Alexis. He watched her for a moment, thinking about what he should say. "....You doin' okay?" He started out, voice soft., "And I'm not just askin' about the stitches." He rubbed a hand on his pants and looked at his beer before looking up at her again, "I know coming back from something like that ain't exactly easy."

    ( ^^

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  • Alexis glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, the corners of her lips twitching as she tried not to smile. She knew he must feel a bit guilty and at fault for her little trip in the dream world because of the Djinn. She knew no one else blamed him-well, maybe Chara at first for fear of her best friend-but everything was fine now. Even so, though, she knew that if she were in his position, she would feel like it was her fault.

    She shrugged, "Yeah, I'm doing ok. At first it was a bit weird, going from that world back here. But... This is what's real. And this is what I'm used to. Well, minus the holes in my stomach, of course. In that dream world... It was a nice little vacation from Hunting, but it helped me realize that what I thought I wanted for me and Chara, I actually don't. I love what we all do. It's not easy, it's hard in many many ways, and it's stressful as hell. Not to mention any day could be the last for any or even all of us. But... It's worth it. We save lives. It's who we are. And I prefer it over what I had in that fake life. Having you and Chara and Sam... That's all I need in life to be happy."

    She took a pause looked at him, watching his expression as she voiced her own question, "How are you doing? Must've been pretty weird, maybe even a bit difficult, being there. You made a whole drive with the other Sam to find me, and seeing your fake double must've been quite odd as well."

  • Dean nodded his head as Alexis's spoke, watching her closely to show that he was indeed listening. He gave a hint of a smile as she continued, silently agreeing with what she was saying. He said some similar stuff to Sam when this had happened to him. But Dean was happy to have Alexis back, so damn happy.

    When Alexis had asked him, Dean's brows had furrowed a bit, seeming like he hadn't expected her to ask. He then shrugged his shoulders and took a drink of his warm beer. "Dream me wasn't too bad, at least compared to the others I've met." Dean replied as he gave a little smirk. He let out a small chuckle before it faded, along with his smirk, as he continued to think about what had happened while he was there.

    Dean's eyes dropped down to his beer, trying to decide on what he should say. Should he bring up how he felt about his parents being alive? How Sam was getting into college? "....I'm fine though, nothing I haven't dealt with before." He then said, looking up at Alexis again as his free hand stretched the back of his neck. "But uh, I gotta ask.... What was goin' on between you and fake me?" Dean's voice was still soft and low. He hoped he wasn't messing things up by asking, wondering if he should have just kept quiet about it.

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  • A little surprised squeak left Alexis' throat, she hadn't expected him to ask the question. But she should have, though. She knew that it was a possibility that he would have noticed.

    However, she was unsure of how to respond. How could she explain without admitting her feelings, right here and now?

    Well, she really couldn't. It was something that would happen eventually, and she needed to clear the air a bit to continue things. She'd liked how she and dream Dean were, and wanted that with the real Dean, this Dean.

    But for that to happen, she would need to tell him the truth.

    Taking a deep breath, she stared down at her lap, a bit nervous, "Um, well... Dream world Dean and Alexis were, uh, together. So, when I hopped over there, he thought I was his... Girlfriend... Well, actually, fiance cause he had proposed..."

    She couldn't help the nervous laugh that bubbled up in her throat. Talking about her feelings wasn't exactly something she was used to...

  • Dean could tell how nervous Alexis had become the second the question had left his mouth and it honestly worried him a bit. He rarely ever saw Alexis act nervous. But he didn't blame her, not one bit, because he was feeling nervous too.

    He flirts with girls all the time, used to have one night stands like nobody's business, and he was known as an all around ladies man. But things have changed through out the years as he got older, as he grew more mature and experienced things no one else should. It wasn't every day he fell in love with someone. With Lisa, he felt as if he just kinda fell into place with her, especially with what he had promised Sam. He loved Lisa, of course he did, but with Alexis, it felt different. He felt like this could last, like he had more freedom and he was doing things that made him feel normal with his loved ones, his true family.

    Dean nodded his head at what Alexis had said, watching her as he picked the label off of the beer bottle bit by bit with his thumb nail. He gave a little, unsure smile at her nervous laughter. "Yeah, I figured that much out..." He responded, trying to think of where to go with this. Jesus, he felt like a total child. A child who was trying to figure out if his crush liked him back. "When I showed up there, Chara thought you refused my- uh, dream me's proposal. And Sam brought it up too."

    The man looked away again, silently cursing himself. He didn't usually act like this and it frustrated him. He should be acting all confident, not like a kid. But he couldn't help it. He loved Alexis, he truly did. And he was scared of being rejected, scared about ruining their relationship, and he was scared of not being enough for her. Hell, he knew she could do a lot better than him.

    Dean suddenly sighed and sat up a bit more, glancing at Alexis for a moment before staring at the bed, eyes tracing the ugly pattern on the motel blanket. "Look, I just.... I probably shouldn't have brought that up so sudden like that. It's weird and you uh, probably would've preferred if I kept my mouth shut, " He wish he had at the moment, "But Alexis, Djinns feed off of your dreams and wishes.... And maybe you and dream me being together was unintentional, but I uh... I hope it wasn't."

    Dean looked up and at Alexis again, watching her with an vulnerable and nervous expression, opening himself up for her. Right now, he didn't have to put on his whole 'bad, macho man' facade, nor his 'awesome and super cool, protective big brother' one.

    Right now, it was just him and Alexis. He didn't have anything to hide and he would finally be able or confess how he felt about her. He just hoped she returned his feelings.

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  • It took Alexis a second to register exactly what Dean was hinting at, but once she did, she became a bit flustered. If it weren't for the current lack of blood, she was sure she would be blushing like she never had before.

    She thanked her loss of blood that she wasn't able to blush and give herself away like that, talk about embarrassing.

    Looking down to her lap, she twiddled-yes, twiddled-her thumbs nervously.

    "It, um, wasn't... It-it was a dream world, y'know, so, uh, I-I mean, I just kinda went with everything... Uh... But... When, um, when you-he, uh, yeah."

    Mentally, she cursed herself. She was never one to get nervous like this. Guys fawned over her, she was confident and she knew it. However, in that moment, she wasn't the confident Half-Witch Hunter she usually was.

    Perhaps that was because nothing in the past really mattered as much as right now. She'd never been 'real' with anyone other than Chara, about, well, anything.

    But with Dean, and in this moment, everything about it was real. And Dean... He looked so open and vulnerable as he showed rather than told her how he felt.

    That one expression spoke volumes words couldn't dare describe. And honestly, she wasn't sure how to respond exactly other than telling him the truth.

    That was the thing, though. Alexis couldn't put the words she needed together, and fumbled through her own thoughts trying to find the right thing to say.

    Finally, she took a breath and said the most simplest thing that she hoped would also tell him how she felt.

    "It wasn't unintentional."

    She wasn't sure how things would go from here, but it felt like a weight had been lifted from her as she finally got it out there.

    Whatever the future may bring, she knew that no matter what, or in what way, she would always have Chara and Dean and Sam.

    She just hoped that, maybe one day, she could really be a part of their family.

  • Dean had grown a bit more worried when Alexis had stumbled over her words and twiddled her thumbs, both things being something that he never seen or heard her do. It made him a bit uneasy, not really knowing what exactly was causing her to act like this. Well, he knew it had to do with what he had said of course. So maybe she returned his feelings like he hoped? Or maybe she was just super embarrassed and didn't know how to react towards his lame attempt of trying to tell her how he felt.

    His eyes moved away from the woman's face and went back to staring at the ugly blanket, wiping his free hand on his pants while the other gripped his beer as he grew tense. For a moment he was thinking about trying to change the subject and maybe using being tired as an excuse to drop this conversation in slight fear that he would be rejected but he knew that would be bad of him.

    When Alexis took a deep breath, Dean's eyes were right back on her face, ready for whatever she was going to say to him. If she didn't return his feelings, then so be it. He just hoped that it wouldn't effect their relationship in a bad way. But as soon as those few words left Alexis's mouth, Dean's eyes widened a bit as he muttered out a surprised, "What?"

    Not even a second after though, Dean quickly cleared his throat and adverted his eyes, a smile replacing the slightly surprised look. The relief he felt was almost the exact same he felt when he had found Alexis back in the dream world and his body seemed to relax. The reason why he had been surprised was because he was already preparing with the worst possible scenarios that he actually began to believe that she wasn't going to return his feelings but now that she finally replied, Dean felt a lot better. Alexis returned his feelings for her. She loved him.

    That thought alone had Dean's smile turning bigger and he returned his gaze to her face. "I mean... It wasn't? You actually would want to, you know... be with me?" Dean spoke up again, still feeling rather embarrassed for acting like a damn kid. But he couldn't really help it. It's been a long ass time since he declared his love for someone, and this wasn't just a casual hook up. This was Alexis, someone who he wanted to have in his life for as long as he possibly could, someone who he could trust and someone who he loved. He was going to be genuine about his feelings towards her, especially if he was hoping that their relationship would turn into something more.

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  • Alexis let out a small chuckle as she picked at the sheets on the bed. She thought she heard a bit of happiness in his voice as he asked that, and she smiled at him.

    "Well, yeah. I mean... It was my dream world. Perfect for me and everything I wanted. You and me... Well, you're a great guy Dean. And, we have a lot in common. You've protected Sam your whole life like I've protected Chara, you always put everyone else before yourself. You always do what you think is right, no matter the consequences. You take time to enjoy the little things because those are the things that matter. Your number one priority in any situation is those you care about. Those are all great qualities to have. And, well, with me and Chara around, you can have someone look out for you for a change... Because, I know you look after Sam, and I look after Chara. But now you and Sam will help look after her, so... I can look after you. Because, uh, erm... Well..."

    The nervousness was bubbling up inside of her again as she tried forcing the words from her lips, but again, they came out stuttering and slow.

    "Because, uh, I-I really, um, care about you... You know, uh, I-um, I guess y-you could even say that I, uh, kinda, sorta, maybe even... Have strong feelings, I mean-"

    Internally, she cursed herself. Why was it so hard to say that word? She'd said it Chara plenty of times before. Of course, she was the only person she'd ever said it to, aside from her mother before she died.

    Still, she thought it would be easier to tell him how she felt than this. This, even to her, was a bit ridiculous. She couldn't recall ever stuttering or fidgeting this much since the first time she, well, did anything with a guy.

    Swallowing and taking a deep breath, she repeated the words over and over in her mind. Squeezing her eyes shut, she finally forced the words through her lips.

    "I want us to be together because I love you."

  • Dean had listened intently to all of what Alexis had said, feeling rather grateful for what she said about him. It was also nice to hear that she was willing to look after him too. It wasn't every day he heard that. Dean had made it his role in life to protect his family, to look after Sam and to keep him safe from whatever was out there and as time went on and he grew closer to other people, he made it his goal to protect them too. His protectiveness of his family wasn't gonna go anytime soon, or at all really. He was always gonna look after them, whether they like it or not. Dean would do anything for his family.

    Now learning that Alexis wanted to look after him in return, it made him feel.... Well, it made him feel important. And loved.

    Listening to Alexis as she tried to explain her reasoning for wanting to look after him, Dean watched her with a fond expression, a hint of a smile on his lips. He was still nervous about this, the nagging thoughts were always gonna be there no matter what. Something could always go wrong and Dean had to be ready for it.

    When Alexis had squeezed her eyes shut, Dean continued to watch her. He let a moment of worry flash across his face before she finally spoke up.

    Dean didn't know exactly how he was feeling. He was happy, very damn happy. Surprised, maybe? A little bit scared.... A lot scared. But the happiness took over for the most part. He was happy that the woman he loved, loved him back. She just admitted it out loud and Dean was pretty damn sure he's gonna be thinking about this moment for the rest of his life.

    Moving closer to the bed, Dean watched Alexis, his eyes flickering down to her hand. He hesitated a moment before he reached out and gently gripped it in his own, squeezing her smaller hand gently as he thought of what to say.

    Telling someone "I love you" is hard for Dean. He tells Sam in his own special way, they both do. Hell, Dean always has a way of showing his love but he never says those three words out loud, not with true feelings behind it anyways. He was pretty sure the last time he did was when he was a toddler and it was directed towards his mom. Letting out his feelings is hard for him, he prefers to keep his feelings to himself and deal with them on his own. But he was trying to be more open for Alexis, letting her know that he felt the same for her. He had noticed that she was having a hard time saying it as well and Dean understood completely.

    Finally, Dean spoke up after a minute of silence, his voice almost a whisper, "....I want that too." Dean started to say, his tone genuine as he looked up from their hands and let his gaze fall onto Alexis's face. ".... God, I want that more than anything, Alexis."

    Dean fell silent again, hesitating once more before he finally spoke again. His voice was softer and lower. This was just for the both of them to hear. He didn't allow himself to be this vulnerable, not liking to feel that way what so ever. Being vulnerable was a gateway to a life time of hurt. But he knew that Alexis wouldn't hurt him.

    ".... I love you too."

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  • Happiness, Joy. Elation. Love.

    All of these feelings filled Alexis all at once as Dean confessed his feelings to her as well. She couldn't speak for a moment as she really let it sink in.

    She had heard the Dean in her dream world say those three little words more than once, but to hear the real Dean, the one that wasn't made up from her fantasy, but the one she was truly in love with, say it back to her... She couldn't describe that exact feeling.

    Dean loved her, too. And he wanted to be with her like she wanted to be with him. That was something Alexis never had before.

    A relationship. A real, romantic relationship. That would definitely be something new to her.

    Her lips twitched as she tried to keep herself from smiling and giggling in joy. She squeezed his hand in return, loving the feeling of actually holding his hand. She could feel the rough callouses on his palm and fingers, and she loved it.

    Her hands weren't exactly soft, either, and she saw it as yet another thing they had in common.

    Thinking that, she let out a small giggle this time, not being able to hold it in.

    She smiled at him, feeling as though she couldn't be any happier than she was in this moment. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that she was bedridden from possibly life threatening wounds, she would think she was still in the dream world.

    "That's... That's great. You have no idea how happy that makes me, Dean."

    For once, she could have someone. A partner, not only as a Hunter, but as more. Of course she'd always had Chara, but this was different. Obviously.

    She knew what her best friend would say when she found out in the morning. She say "Eww gross." but she knew that she would be happy for her. And of course she wanted this happiness for Chara one day as well.

    But right now, she was the one who was looking at the man she loved, now knowing that he loved he in return. And that he wanted to be with her as well.

  • When Alexis squeezed his hand, Dean's lips grew into a small smile, especially when he noticed that the woman was fighting off one of her own. His smile grew when Alexis had suddenly let out a giggle, ducking his head down for a moment before he looked at her again and caught her smile. It made him feel more at ease about telling her that he loved her, made him feel more confident and bold about this whole situation. He didn't regret telling her that and he never will. He loved her just as much as she loved him and he was so grateful for that.

    "It makes me happy too." Dean responded, a warm expression on his features, the smile still on his lips. He wasn't lying. This was probably the happiest he's been in a while. Sure there was little moments here and there but this was big.

    Dean never really thought someone could love him this much, especially a hunter who just so happens to be half witch. With all the crazy stuff that happened to him and Sam, hunters and the supernatural alike spread stories about them either it be true or false. And even though Alexis knew about some of that stuff, she was still willing to be with him. Dean hoped that wouldn't change.

    Ducking his head down again, Dean's smile softened and he let his eyes slip close for a moment, allowing himself to truly enjoy this. Alexis loves him. They love each other. He's sitting here, holding Alexis's hand and they just declared their love for each other. After everything that happened the last few hours, or the last few days in general, Dean was glad that he finally told Alexis how he felt. He could've easily lost her twice in the last few hours.

    Dean opened his eyes again and gazed at their hands, gently stroking his thumb over Alexis's knuckles. ".... Things have been better with you around." Dean spoke up softly as his gaze moved back to meet Alexis', giving her a softer smile. Before, things were the same between him and Sam, and Dean didn't have much to actually complain about but now things seemed more lively with Alexis and Chara around.

    "You just, you always make me smile, make me laugh. When we first met, I couldn't help but not flirt and make a move on you. You're freakin' gorgeous, Alexis. But as we truly got to know each other, I knew that I didn't want a one time thing with you, I wanted somethin' more. I-I was nervous as hell about that so I pushed all that done and settled with the playful flirting because I didn't wanna risk losing our friendship," Dean rambled on and his smile grew a tad bit bashful before he cleared his throat and the bashful expression was gone as soon as it appeared, "What i'm trying to get at is that you put me in a better place and that you make me happy. I can actually see myself with you in the future... That usually doesn't happen, not to me."

    If i don't respond to our rp, please don't take it personally! It's often because I have a low muse for the certain rp or im taking a break from the site! I will try to respond as much as I can though! <3

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