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  • Gengar quickly began glancing around as his opponent disappeared, uncertain of where the Gougeist could have gone. He remained alert and ready to attack at any sign of the other Pokemon.

    Chara cursed in her head as she ran through a mental list of Gengar's moveset that she could use in this situation. In a split second, she didn't even think it all of the way through before calling, "Gengar, dodge and use Imprison!"

    The Ghost Type was confused at first, unsure of where, exactly, he should dodge to/away from. Acting more than thinking, he jumped up as high as he could go as he did everything his Trainer commanded.

  • (must. Fight. Low. Muse.)

    The 'spur of the moment's decision paid off in spades for Chara and Gengar, as a surprise portal phased into existence behind Gengar. Gourgeist rushed out only to miss the other Ghost Type by a hair, which left it perfectly vulnerable as Gengar created a swirling forcefield to contain Diantha's Pokémon.

    "Oh no you don't! Retaliate with Seed Bomb Gourgeist!" The Pumpkin Ghost twisted and turned around in its stasis-like imprisonment, facing Gengar from below before spitting out (literally) a torrent of hard-shelled seeds at speeds similar to cannonballs. Their type disadvantage helped mitigate further harm to Gengar, but it threw him off-kilter long enough for Gourgeist to escape from his Imprison.

    (Imprison: If the opposing Pokémon knows any move also known by the user, they are prevented from using it...

    Which only means Phantom Force at the moment)


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