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  • "I'd say we'd last two days before we go insane, by boredom or the team..." Cobalt grumbled, briefly getting up to close the door for the sake of privacy. He could already see Sceptile with his 'scheming' face on, and he shot the Grass Type an icy glare before the door shut. The rest of the team was already going to be a headache for the whole duration of the storm; he only had so much sanity to spare.

    "Ugh, can't I just spend one whole day without something going wrong? Just one free day alone with Chara; is that too much to ask?" It was comical to hear Cobalt be so grumpy as he laid back down next to Chara, a familiar frown on his face as he stared at the ceiling.

  • Chara's lips twitched as she held back a giggle from seeing Cobalt's obviously annoyed expression as he returned to her side on the bed. Everyone roamed about the suite, finding things to occupy themselves with as the oncoming storm could be heard from outside their window.

    The thunder practically shook the walls right before the pounding rain assaulted the outside of the boat.

    "Woah, that didn't take long. Must be moving faster than we thought. I wonder if we should see if there's anything we can help with... What do you think?" she asked the Lucario.

  • Ice-Blue eyes turned to Chara as Cobalt shifted to face her. "If anything, we'd probably be in the way. We aren't exactly the most experienced when it comes to sea travel..." He brought up, raising a good point. Neither were the most comfortable in the water; Chara not being able to swim, and Cobalt not being much better (then again, Cobalt isn't much when his two legs weren't on anything considered solid).

    Meanwhile in Norway the rest of the suite, it was pandemonium. Everyone was in some state of clamor as the ship unsteadily shifted with the waves... Well, except Duskull, who gave absolutely zero shits about anything.

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    Alola really deserved its popularity with vacationers; the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island chain brimmed with all sorts of Water Pokémon, and beachgoers frolicked with their Pokémon on the soft-sanded beaches. Tall palmtrees dotted the island landscape, and the merry Alolan sun beated a relentless, but welcoming heat to the atmosphere.

    Cobalt all but collapsed on the smooth boardwalk Chara's ship had docked with. Thank Arceus they were finally here; another day at sea and the Lucario would've completely lost it with the rest of the team. They were all currently waiting right in front of the Hano Grand Resort, with the massive central building towering well above everyone's heads. Apparently Chara's managers had arranged her stay in one of the Top-Floor Suites; that thought alone could boggle a mind. The Resort was renowned for being top-of-the-class in virtually every category, luxurious to the extreme even in the most common rooms. Of course, it was a nightmare just getting a room, with a simple room having to be booked months in advance, and don't even get started on the costs of staying a night...

    And Chara was going to be staying in the equivalence to a penthouse all to herself... Sweet Arceus, the pricetag must've been ludicrous; only a celebrity or a millionaire could afford that brand of luxury...

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    Chara whistled at the resort they would be staying at. It certainly was first class, and the set up her manager had arranged for her had to be ridiculously expensive. Her best guess was that everyone in her employ was expecting her to win this thing, they were going all out with, well, everything here. She had VIP access the luxury spa for both her and her Pokemon, whatever they wanted.

    Her manager had also set up quite a few interviews the day before the tournament begins, along with promotional advertising for things Chara usually used in such events like certain berries, potions, food and drink, etc.

    To be honest, it was a bit annoying having to jump back into the spotlight after being away from it for so long. Don't get her wrong, she loves her fans and everyone's support, but all of the interviews and talk shows and advertisements could get a bit much for the young star. It was exhausting, keeping up with such appearances when there was constantly a camera in her face.

    Even so, she was thankful to be here and have this opportunity with her team and to have the support and devotion from her fans.

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    "... Should we go inside while we can?" Cobalt asked wearily after lifting his head from the ground, still fatigued from the monotony of the boat ride they had just suffered. He could already see some intrepid reporters interviewing a few unlucky trainers nearby; it would only be a matter of time until they noticed Chara and her Lucario. That was one of the last things he wanted, especially after suffering at the hands of Chara's eccentric team. Off to the side, he could see a few familiar faces; Gym Leader Elesa was having a bit of a photoshoot near the beach, and Champion Diantha of all people was being surrounded by excited press and fans alike. Chara had more than her fair share of meetings with the two, having battled and chatted with the Unovan model several times before, and even having acted side-by-side with the well beloved Diantha on the big screen a few years back! With some good luck, they might even meet the other Champions like Steven, or Cynthia and her infamous Garchomp. At least it was comforting to know that Chara wouldn't be totally alone in Alola.

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    Chara nodded quickly to Cobalt's question. She saw a few familiar faces of other famous trainers, some that she actually knew and would like to talk to again, but everyone was being interviewed or taking photos. Her later arrival in Alola saved her from the press, every camera was already occupied on other participants and hopeful trainers entering the Tournament.

    "Yeah, let's go check in before we get sucked into all of the craziness. I'm cool with holding off from the press until my interview on that talk show this evening."

    Hurrying inside the hotel lobby, dragging Cobalt along, she sighed in relief to see that it wasn't nearly as busy inside as it was outside.

    It didn't take long to get checked in and get her room number and key before heading to the elevator, "Phew. Almost forgot all the hustle and bustle of the celeb life on our little journey. Kinda feels weird being back, you know?"

  • "Yeah; I don't think I've adjusted..." Cobalt grumbled, taking a moment to have a deep sigh. They survived the initial trip through the Resort lobby, which was blessedly empty save the occasional trainer and news reporter (that itself was far from new). And they were alone in the elevator... but it had its own problem...

    Just how many buttons were there?! It was mindbending how many there, but at least the two didnt have to sift through them to look for their floor. After all, looking for the top floor's button shouldn't be difficult. "Do we really have to do the interview later tonight? Your managers rarely give us breaks..."

  • Chara sighed, hitting the button to the floor their room was on, "Unfortunately so. Tournament starts tomorrow, everyone wants to know the contestants' final thoughts and feelings going into it. I've been out of the spotlight for a while now, tonight will be my first appearance. Barely anyone knows we're even competing this year. You can stay here at the hotel and relax if you'd like while I go to the interview. I have to be subjected to the media and press but you don't have to be outside of doing what you do-being the best."

  • "Very funny Chara; you know I swore to stick by your side, and here's no different." Cobalt muttered. Sure, their complete absence from the media over the last several weeks wasn't meant to happen (not that Yveltal would've cared what day it was when it almost killed Cobalt), but they wanted those weeks to train in secret. Even if it was only the day before the tourney, Cobalt wanted to squeeze that little extra practice in for security. The last time Trainer and Partner ever squared off against another Champion was when Sinnoh Champion Cynthia happened to be staying in Undella Town several summers ago, and that battle very nearly shut down Chara's winning streak. Everyone had only gotten stronger since, and here Cobalt was, having been put through the wringer just to compensate for his weeks absent.

    With a ping indicating top floor, the elevator doors opened to an expansive hallway to the left and right, with a few doors, maybe four to six, generously spaced out (Arceus the rooms must be huge). The amount of expensive paintings and furniture just in the hallway was probably worth more than Chara's entire house, but then again, this was reserved for the wealthiest of individuals...

  • Chara glanced at Cobalt as they stepped out of the elevator and into the hallway. Her manager sure had outdone himself with putting her up in this place. It was quite... Extravagant. And they hadn't even seen the room yet!

    As they walked down the hall, counting the numbers on the doors looking for theirs, Chara reached out for the Lucario's paw, "You're worried, aren't you? About the Tournament? You're afraid that either you haven't trained enough for it or that that whole incident before will set you back-maybe both. Am I right?"

  • Cobalt sighed a long and deep sigh as Chara took ahold oh his paw, giving her hand a gentle squeeze in quiet appreciation. "... I know how much you dreamed of winning this tournament Chara; you've always had that ambition ever since you became the Unovan Champion all those years back..." Cobalt looked down as they reached their room, his eyes finding great interest in the floor as his telepathy quieted to a whisper.

    "I don't want to be the reason you came home with a broken heart..."

    By Arceus, the room was much larger on the inside than it seemed!

    With the price tag going several figures long, there was no expense that hadn't been spared in what Chara and Cobalt could call a penthouse. The tiled floor had that feel of freshly-fired porcelain that felt buttery smooth to walk on, and the bright orange carpet that tastefully covered the center of each room had the feel of handmade perfection. All of the furniture, from the massive couches that could seat an entire family to the more mundane cabinets and dressers, were all carved out of a wonderfully deep mahogany wood that had been buffed and polished to a mirror-shine. Silver fittings and knobs had been carefully added to each and every door, dresser, and bathroom. The table had signs it had been created as one whole piece, and under the maroon lining of the couches was down so soft you could sink in it. Hell, the television mounted on one of the walls almost took up the entire wall!

    And that was just the main room; the kitchen was also a masterpiece. It was brimming with the things you'd find in a mansion, and half of the things in there were probably only used by the finest chefs in the world...

    As if that wasn't enough, Cobalt spied a staircase off to the side. There was a second floor to their place, and it was all dedicated to the grand bedroom Chara would have the pleasure of sleeping in. The bed alone was big, not "I can roll around and still not fall off" big, but "I can literally fit a Snorlax here and still have plenty of room" big. It was a bed fit for a Goddess, and don't even get started on the bathroom (everything was HUGE)... or the small pool they had outside on their private balcony.