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  • Chara rolled back over in bed, into Cobalt's previously occupied spot, still warm from his body heat.

    Espeon grimaced as Cobalt answered the door and demanded to know what was happening, "It's Sceptile... He started a fight on deck with one of the crew members' Scizor. We need either you or Chara to break it up!"

  • Cobalt forced down a long sigh as he looked back at Chara, whom was still so blissfully asleep. He couldn't bring himself to wake her himself, so going to deal with Sceptile was the only valid option in his mind. If anything, he can resolve it with force if push came to shove.

    "Alright, lead me to where they are... Best we solve the problem now while Sceptile's still someplace we know." He muttered, closing the door behind him after a quick peek down the hall. It wasn't the first time Chara's Pokémon caused trouble while she was absent (hell, even Cobalt was guilty of it sometimes), and half of the time it came to her to resolve everything. Not this time though...

  • Nodding in understanding, Espeon bounded down the hall, glancing back to make sure she hadn't lost the Lucario following her.

    She was just happy to have someone who could fix the problem, finally. She and her other teammates had tried handling the issue themselves when it first started up, but to no avail seeing as Sceptile only listened to Chara and usually Cobalt.

    "He's so immature." Espeon commented, "The Scizor was simply doing his part helping his master when Sceptile spotted him and... I don't know, thought he looked tough, I guess? He just said he wanted to fight him."

  • "I'm not surprised; Sceptile always was a troublemaker ever since he was caught as a Treecko. I don't trust him to stay out of trouble, especially given his tendencies to pick fights." Cobalt groaned back, following Espeon closely as she guided the both of them to the scene of action. He could already hear the muffled thuds of a Pokémon battle in full swing through the walls and deck. Well that was going to be fun stopping Sceptile...

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    Espeon led Cobalt onto the deck where the rest of their teammates stood on the side, watching the fight-if you could call it that-going on in the middle.

    Sceptile lunged at the Scizor nonstop with attack after attack, not letting up. He was getting quite agitated that the bug and steel type Pokemon wouldn't fight him back, he simply continued dodging and protecting himself from the onslaught of attacks.

    "Why won't you fight back?!" Sceptile raged.

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    With a deep, drawn out sigh, Cobalt put his paw up to his face. This couldnt even be called a proper battle; harassment seemed like a better word to coin the one-sided affair. The rest of Chara's team, not for lack of having tried, stood to the sidelines watching, basically leaving it up to Cobalt to resolve everything.

    Because of course that was the case, when would it be not?

    No other Pokémon likely had the audacity to step into the makeshift ring as boldly or as nonchalantly as the Lucario, quickly moving behind Sceptile before snapping an arm forward. He quickly found his mark and roughly pulled, yanking the Grass type backward...

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    Sceptile was completely caught off guard as something grabbed him from behind and yanked him backwards. The Grass type lost his footing and fell right on his butt. Totally taken aback, he looked up, blinking in slight shock and confusion to see none other than the familiar face of a Lucario staring down at him, his expression looked disapproving and Sceptile smiled sheepishly up at Cobalt, rubbing the back of his head. He had counted on both Cobalt and Chara sleeping in their room during this time, and hadn't expected to get caught while he was trying to battle. He knew, however, that he would be in trouble with Chara should Cobalt tell her about this. Or someone else who had taken witness to the incident.

    The Scizor visibly relaxed as he noticed the Sceptile that had been attacking him fall on his butt due to the interference of a suddenly appearing Lucario. Scizor bowed to the Lucario, grateful that he had stopped the other Pokemon, "Thank you very much, kind sir. I greatly appreciate your assistance."

  • "Please, it was the least I could do. Allow me to apologize for this buffoon's actions." Cobalt returned to the Scizor, turning to Sceptile with a very cross expression written on his face. He was not happy about it all, since the Lucario was supposed to be blissfully sleeping with Chara. He had half a mind to tell Chara, but...

    "Sceptile, I'm going to either tell Chara about this whole mess or throw you overboard myself; you have the next ten seconds to convince me otherwise."

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    Sceptile scratched his head, unsure of what to say, he began to ramble on instead, bumbling around for a decent excuse for his actions, "Well, you see... The Scizor looked like he would put up one heck of a fight, and I thought I could use the extra training-since we're going to the World Championship and all-and I thought it would help pass some time and entertain everyone in the meantime. Including Scizor. I thought he would like the challenge. Honest. If you tell Chara about this, she'll want to keep an eye on everyone-especially me-during the rest of the trip and you won't get to have any alone time with her!"

    He knew that he had just said whatever came to mind, but he hoped that last bit about Chara would deter the Lucario from letting on that anything had occurred here today.

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    Cobalt's unamused expression held as he glared Sceptile down. "Do I need to remind you of what happened in Pastoria City's Great Marsh?" He deadpanned, already grinding his teeth at the old memory.

    Two years back, Chara was touring the Sinnoh Region for promotional work on some movie she was starring in (something involving a robot? He couldn't remember). They were visiting Pastoria City and had stopped to see the Great Marsh that hid rare Pokémon like Kangaskhan or Drapion. Unfortunately, Sceptile had decided to see if there were any strong Pokémon in the Marsh and began haphazardly battling all the Pokémon there.

    Yeah, turned out the Great Marsh was a protected Pokémon sanctuary; battling and catching Pokémon there was prohibited. Chara and her gang learned this when unamused Rangers found and detained Sceptile.

    "... I'm dealing with you after I tell Chara about this..."

  • Sceptile smiled sheepishly, but a look of shame crossed his features as well at the memory of the trouble he'd caused with such behavior he was just exhibiting.

    He wasn't quite sure why he was that way, he just loved to battle and found it most fun when he battled the strongest he could find.

    He grimaced at the thought of Chara finding out he'd once again caused trouble, "She'll likely ground me for the rest of the trip after this one..."

  • "If this happens again, being grounded will be the least of your worries." Cobalt sharply said to the Grass Type, turning to Espeon for a word. "If he causes trouble again, you know where to find me."

    With that being said, Cobalt spun on his paws to return to Chara, practically beelining it to the door with due haste. He just wanted to cuddle with the girl he so dearly loved; could he not have just today for that? As he approached the door to their room though, he couldn't help but hear some weird sounds from inside... Huh, Chara must be awake and doing something; maybe she was watching tv?

    So Cobalt opened the door, and...

  • Chara laid on her stomach on the bed, messing with a remote, pointing it at the TV.

    The room had a few different electronic devices that came with remotes, Chara hadn't expected there to be such tech on the ship, but here she was, trying to figure out which remote she needed.

    She pressed a button on the one she currently held and the ceiling fan suddenly began to spin rapidly.

    She made a sound of surprise as she quickly tried turning it off.

    Hearing the room door open, she glanced up to see Cobalt had returned. She gave him a smile, "Hey! Uh, any idea what remote goes to what?"

  • "... Huh?" Cobalt said as he closed the door behind him. "What do you mean 'what remote goes to what,' shouldn't it be straightforward?" He asked, not having seen just how many remotes there were. He curiously came over to see what exactly his Trainer was dealing with, scuttling into bed next to Chara as she fiddled with one remote. He wasn't going to be of much use thanks to his paws; they weren't meant to press the tiny buttons dotting the small device. "I don't understand the need for so many remotes, why not just the one for the television?"

  • Chara shrugged in defeat as she threw the remote she held down into the bed, "Heck if I know! One opened the blinds on the window, one turned something on in the little makeshift kitchen, I swear I think another flushed the darn toilet!"

    She was exaggerating, of course, but she was a bit frustrated that she couldn't even with the TV.

  • "I swear I think another flushed the darn toilet!"

    Cobalt scratched his head at the confusing mess of technology in front of him and Chara, unable to make out what did what exactly. See, this was just one of the many things Cobalt couldn't understand about humans: why did they tend to make things so unnecessarily complicated? Like really? A remote for a toilet?

    "... Wait, is there actually a remote for the toilet?"

  • Chara threw her hands up before gesturing to all of the remotes lying about on the bed and the end table in exasperation, "How should I know? Look at them all! I can't even figure out which one is simply for the TV for crying out loud!"

    Giving a huff, she flopped onto her back on the bed and closed her eyes, "I give up."

  • Cobalt sighed as Chara gave up on the admittedly absurd situation, joining her side on the bed as he spoke up. "Come on, we don't need TV anyways; I can think of a few things we can do that'd be more fun." He said, wrapping his arms around his Trainer and pulling her into a warm and fluffy embrace. He could easily let her fall asleep to the rhythm of his heartbeat (made much easier with his lack of a chest spike), or let the warmth of his fur calm her down...

    Which is why he snuck his paws down to her sides before feverishly tickling them.