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  • Now that was something out of the ordinary... well, as out-of-the-ordinary as Cobalt's and Chara's lives could allow. A young Trainer, probably no older than sixteen, was standing there making bold claims to the overly-eager newswriters gathered around. (You can decide the gender) It was a complete contrast to the more nervous and ordinary Trainers the press had managed to swallow up, and it was interesting. "I'll give the Trainer props for confidence..." He sighed, turning to Chara for her opinion. Something egged him that they were going to meet that Trainer face-to-face in the near future...

  • She gave a nod, "Yes, she's quite bold to say such a thing on live television like that." The arrogance in the female Trainer's voice and posture irked Chara for some reason.

    She had a glance at the girl, with long blonde hair and shining blue eyes, she was quite pretty. Could possibly be a model. However, Chara noticed certain things about the girl that seemed... Off for a Trainer heading to the World Tournament.

    For instance, the girl seemed to be wearing makeup as though for a photo shoot, and she wore a white dress with clear three-inch high heels.

    It was the total opposite of her own outfit that she had chosen for their travels.

    "Something's not right about her, Cobalt." She mumbled, "She seems too... Perfect. Like she was ready for a photo opp and interview..."

    "Would you mind showing us the Pokemon you believe could defeat Cobalt in battle?" An interviewer asked.

    "Of course!" Reaching into her matching white clutch purse, she retrieved three PokeBalls before tossing them into the air, "Meet Blaziken, Gliscor, and Infernape! Half of my team and surely one of them will be able to beat that Lucario with no problem!" She laughed.

    "Hm. She at least knows a Lucario's weaknesses. If strong enough, those three could pose as a bit of a challenge for you-" Before she could finish her sentence, her phone began to ring. Looking at the screen told her it was her manager, and she sighed before answering, already guessing at what the call was going to be about.

    "Chara!" Her manager said loudly through the speaker, "Are you seeing this?! There's some... Girl on air from Lumiose City claiming she can beat you with ease!"

    "Yes, I know. Cobalt and I are watching her right now. In person."

    "You're in Lumiose?!"


    "And the press isn't swamping you instead of that girl?!"

    Chara rolled her eyes at her manager's foolishness, "We're wearing disguises. Trying to lay low until Alola."

    "Of course, of course. But, you know..."

    "Spit it out."

    "What if Charaphenelia Heartsworn just happened to make an appearance in Lumiose on her way to Alola and show up the girl who says she can defeat her?"

    "You're speaking to me in second person, really? Are you hearing this, Cobalt?"

  • Cobalt just gave Chara a resigned sigh as he clearly overheard everything. "I'm not the Trainer here Chara; your decision. I'll follow you, no matter what choice you make." He said, deciding to remain neutral for now. He couldn't help but quietly analyse the team that other girl had sent out. Two Pokémon with the exact same typing and nearly identical movesets? He wouldn't be surprised if her team was entirely dedicated to just taking him down...

    And that was a weakness Chara could easily exploit.

  • Chara sighed in annoyance, "I don't know... I like laying low..."

    "Chara, you haven't done an interview or made a public appearance since you started this journey. Confirm the rumors that you'll be at the Tournament, send this kid home crying, and then make it to Alola to prove that no one in the World can best you!" Her manager encouraged.

    "Ugh. I still don't know... If we blow our cover now then we'll most likely be followed from here to Alola. Cobalt, what do you think?"

  • Cobalt shook his head, plain and simple. "I'd rather we continue in relative peace: something we sorely need. We'll face her in Alola if she's that confident she can beat us; no need to reveal ourselves now." He explained, already tugging on Chara's hand to just leave the scene while they could. Of course, they still had to nab Sceptile from Wayland, so this was a bit of a problem...

  • Chara nodded in agreement, "Yeah, i agree. We're gonna continue laying low until Alola. We'll face her at the World Tournament, but not here. I'll see you in Alola!" She hung up quickly before her manager could complain, and sighed.

    Looking around, she found Wayland still being interviewed, but it seemed Sceptile was glancing around the area, probably searching for them.

    "Good, that'll make it easier to flag him down." She mumbled, "Cobalt, stay here and keep an eye on things while I snag Sceptile. Either let me know or intervene if you see any kind of press heading my way."

    Blending in with the crowd, Chara made her way towards her previous group that still had he grass type Pokemon with them.

    She tried waving at him a couple of times while trying not to raise any attention to herself. It wasn't that easy with all of the people everywhere and the flashing lights.

  • Cobalt acted like a sort of impromptu navigator for Chara, occasionally warning her if someone was looking her way. It went well for the most part, but she was reaching the limits of how far Cobalt could reach with his telepathy. The moment she was close enough to Sceltile, Cobalt's telepathy was distant and faint. He was still trying to help though, even if he knew half of what he was saying wasn't delivered.

    Unfortunately, that meant he couldn't properly warn Chara when the paparazzi was beginning to look bored and look for someone to interview.

  • Chara could tell she was getting out of Cobalt's range for his Telepathy when his voice began sounding distant and choppy. She tried to hurry her efforts in flagging Sceptile down. The dang Pokemon just couldn't seem to spot her.

    Heaving a frustrated sigh as she noticed the press around her moving to new people to interview, she stepped away from the street to instead hide in the shadows best she could.

    Unfortunately, she lost sight of Cobalt because of that move, and a crowd of people separated her from both Sceptile and Cobalt.

    She didn't want to add more of her Pokemon to the mix, but didn't see much of any other choice as she called out Espeon and Duskull for assistance.

    "Espeon, find Sceptile. Duskull, find Cobalt. Bring them both back to me here, but lay low. We don't want to draw attention."

    The two nodded in understanding. Chara pointed them in the directions they needed to go before they took off on their retrieval mission.

  • Great; Cobalt had no idea where Chara or Sceptile were, and the crowds were shifting at a speed that could disorient anyone. Part of him wanted to go out and find them himself, but he thought better of it after reminding himself of a similar incident they suffered way back. He chose to remain put in the shadows, constantly scanning the mess of Aura that was the public in hope that Chara would be close

  • While Espeon darted through the crowd, weaving her way between the legs of the people, Duskull hovered above the mass of humans and Pokemon as he went in the direction Chara had pointed him in, looking around for Cobalt.

    It took him a few minutes, but Duskull finally spotted the familiar Lucario wearing sunglasses, hiding in the shadows away form the crowd.

    Diving towards him, Duskull exclaimed happily, "DUSKULLLLLLL!"

  • Cobalt couldn't gelp the smirk on his muzzle when he saw Duskull. The Ghost Type always was a strong and reliable teammate that the Lucario had the pleasure of working with, and whenever the odd Double or Triple Battle happened, the Ghost Type never let anyone down.

    "It's good to see you too Duskull; I'll follow you back tp Chara." He barked, eager to reunite with his Trainer already.

  • Duskull nodded happily, floating above the crowd as Cobalt followed below. He had to look down often to make sure the Lucario hadn't gotten lost in the crowd. Every now and then he would lower himself to the people below and use Scary Face to get them out of their way faster.

    Chara waited, a little impatiently, for the two to return with the other two she'd lost. The first she saw was Espeon, followed by Sceptile. They made their way to her quickly, and that only left Duskull and Cobalt.

    It wasn't long after, she saw Duskull floating above the mass of people, seeming to keep pace with another.

    Chara smiled, knowing it was Cobalt finally making his way back to her.

  • Cobalt had to slip his way through the crowd in odd and creative ways just to keep pace with Duskull. It was suffocating just how many just how many people, and Cpbalt was made more eager to see Chara again.

    Finally, he felt that Aura he knew for all his life; he finally reunited with her. It took a lot more than Cobalt thought to restrain his tail from wagging like a Lilipup's, but he had it under control as he sped to her side. "Good to be back where I belong..."

  • Chara grinned widely and nodded in agreement, "It's really weird not having you by my side." She looked to the other three watching them and gave them proud smiles, "Espeon, Duskull, great job bringing Cobalt and Sceptile back to me. Once we camp for the night, I'll be sure to reward you two for a job well done. Now return for some rest."

    The two returned to their rightful PokeBalls and Chara turned to Sceptile, who was rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

    "You didn't do anything wrong, Sceptile. We bailed without grabbing you, that's my fault. I apologize for leaving you behind."

    Sceptile simply shrugged and waved it off as his reply.

    She gave a nod, understanding he had no hard feelings on the matter, and pulled out his PokeBall, "I think it would be best if you returned as well. It'll be easier for Cobalt and I to maneuver our way through the city with just the two of us."

    Sceptile, too, nodded in understanding before the Trainer returned him to his ball.

    She sighed, finally turning back to Cobalt, "Alright, that's that. Ready to try and escape this mess?"

  • "Ready as you are." Cobalt said, already looking for a possible escape from Lumiose so they could move on with their adventure. Sure, they were essentially ditching Wayland and his Pokémon behind, but Cobalt really wasn't feeling bad. The two of them weren't comfortable arlund them the entire short way through, and the only reason the duo even went along was to be polite...

    Sunset was slowly beginning to make itself apparent with a majestic golden sky. Some people took the hint and began leaving for home; while Lumiose was just about to begin its crazy Night Life.

  • Looking around, Chara noticed that as the sun set, people began to start leaving and decided to use the opportunity to do so as well, "We should be able to blend in with the people leaving enough to escape into another less populated area. From there we can find a way out of Lumiose and back on our path to Alola."

    Taking Cobalt's paw in her hand, she pulled him in to a particularly large crowd that was heading down the street-away from all of the cameras-and blended in until they passed what appeared to be a vacant alleyway that seemed to lead to another street.

    Keeping her grip on Cobalt's paw, she pulled him into the alleyway and successfully out of the crowd.

    She heaved a sigh, "Alright. Escape accomplished. Now to just get back on our path out of the city."

  • Cobalt looked around the small alley for some sort of hint about where in Lumiose they were. There had to be some sort of distinctive landmarks that marked places. Something like...

    "The plazas!" He said in a Eurieka-Moment. Lumiose had five different plazas around the City; each plaza had an obelisk of a different color. All they needed to do was go to whicheverwas the closest and then they could reorient themselves!

    Without even communicating his plan, he suddenly tugged on Chara's hand and began pulling her along through the alleys and sidestreets until he came to a circular clearing/plaza, marked with a blue obelisk...

  • Chara followed along behind Cobalt as he led the way, keeping pace as they got closer to the plaza.

    Looking around to make sure there wasn't anyone else in the area, Chara also examined the buildings on the street before glancing at the plaza.

    "Ok... So there are five plazas, right? Each marked with different colors... So this one is blue. Any idea what that means? My brain isn't really working at the moment..."

  • Cobalt looked around for any sort of help before he noticed the very helpful information boards that most cities had for tourists so they didn't get lost. This one had a very helpful map!


    "Well... if we're in the blue plaza, and we want to go to route 13, then we can just head north to the canal that cuts through the city." He mused, pointing to the strip of blue that went across the city. It wasn't a terrible plan overall, just that they would have to inevitably get back on the main boulevard.

  • Chara nodded as she examined the map as well, looking for the best path and agreeing with Cobalt, "Ok, sounds like a plan! Alola, here we come!"

    The Trainer was pumped for the World Tournament, and ready to get back to their travels. However, they still needed to stock up on a few things and take care of some stuff...

    Looking at the map again, she noted that there were mostly Cafes on this part of the city, with a Pokemon Center. She could get the items she needed from there, most likely.

    Remembering Cobalt hadn't ate in a while, she started looking at the Cafes and Restaurants, "Are you hungry? How about we grab something to eat, restock some supplies from the Pokemon Center, and be on our way, huh? Does any particular place on here sound good to you?"