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  • you're welcome!

    + if you'd like, Lucien could be the one to introduce her into medicine since he's highkey into cause he's a medic + he coud help her with her reading, spelling, talking, etc

    lucien - colour command | lavenderwish - the renegades

    morningfrost - darkclan | snowkit - riverclan


    litter. nine (npc x npc, adopted by lucien)

    name. tana varco alastair jones coulter

    date of birth. december fourteenth, 2016

    age. nine months

    zodiac sign. sagittarius

    gender. cisgender female

    sexuality. panromantic pansexual


    species. african leopard

    appearance. a creature of ethereal beauty. a cream colored coat drapes over tana's thin yet well-muscled frame, complete with warm-toned brown markings covering her form. she has a white spot on her chest and her feet are white up to her ankles. she is tall with long, slender legs and a thick tail with a jet black tip. tana's facial features blend easily into her facade, flowing together effortlessly. her left eye is turquoise blue, sparkling with flecks of silver and white. her right is bright yellow, the color of a ripe lemon, and it holds hints of sunflower yellow and metallic gold. her optics are lined with a deep, inky black, making them pop against her light pelt. tana's nose, sharp and angular unlike the soft ovals of her eyes, is also black. her ears are average for her species, relatively short and rounded. she has a few notches in both of her ears. her most noticeable scars include a thin one across the bridge of her nose, a bigger scar across her thigh and another on her shoulder, as well as a set of three jagged scars across her chest. perhaps the most beautiful aspect of tana's appearance, however, are her feathered, metallic copper wings. her wings are only visible when she is actively using them, though, and they will fade into invisibility over a period of about fifteen minutes when they are not in use. they are fully visible when she is flying or moving them excessively. most of the time, tana's wings are folded at her sides and invisible.

    accessories. tana has a metallic copper halo which she is fiercely protective of, mostly because it is a constant reminder of her angelic identity. it does not hover above her head and it has a few miniature yellow and turquoise hibiscus flowers secured to it. she also wears a large yellow hibiscus flower with single stripes of turquoise on each of the petals tucked behind her left ear. she has several thin copper bracelets which she wears around her front legs.


    summary. easygoing, charming, positive, insecure, attention-seeking, animated, insensitive, honest

    important aspects. with a constant craving for validation and acceptance, tana feels most at home in the spotlight. she likes to entertain and put on a show for her clanmates and peers and it not uncommon to see her telling crazy stories or jokes to others. she likes to be at the center of attention at all times and feels insecure when she is disregarded. fortunately, tana is a generally charismatic individual and she finds that others are often drawn to her easygoing personality. she radiates positivity and happiness, though she is not hyper or excitable. tana ultimately has a relaxed, go-with-the-flow aura. despite her laid back tendencies, she can be brutally honest and rude at times. after being mentally abused for most of her life, tana has become severely insensitive, though it does not come from a bad place. she says whatever comes to her mind, no matter what it may be. she doesn't quite understand that some things she shouldn't say, even if they are true, and this is often her argument. she is immune to others making fun of her and will often laugh in the faces of people if they try to offend her.

    quirks. hopeless romantic, cusses often, exaggerates everything

    OTHER -

    fun facts. smells like the ocean, loves flowers, voice sounds like wind chimes, generally clueless, loves all things shiny, never tells a lie



    alexus && neptune

  • ★ ★ ★ it would be so cute if lucien could teach her all that sort of stuff, she wants to impress him super bad so she'd see that as her chance





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