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  • Inactivity Notices!

    If you are going to be inactive for a period of time please post an inactivity notice in this thread! If you can, please try to give a date when your notice will expire. You do not have to be a high position to post an inactivity notice.

    Requesting a HP or Medic!

    To request a high position or medic in a thread simply tag the name of the character/user you desire by using '@thecharacter/user's username'. Example: COLOUREDCLAN__  

    You can find the list of current high positions on the ColouredClan guide which is here: COLOUREDCLAN GUIDE ♛ // updated 9/13.

    Requesting a Ceremony!

    If you request a ceremony in this thread then a hp of the clan will hold a special ceremony for your character. IF you don’t want your character to have a ceremony hosted by a hp, you may always have your character make a personal announcement themselves. You can request a ceremony in recognition for a rank change (ex. child to trainee, trainee to soldier, soldier to veteran), name change, a mentor or apprentice ceremony, your character’s first successful battle/fight or other accomplishment, or any important miscellaneous announcement involving your character. Basically, you may request a ceremony for almost anything. After filling out the form below, a hp will create the thread for your character’s ceremony and either @yourcharacter’sname or post a link to it in this thread. The ceremony threads will be open threads posted within the Colouredclan board for all members to join in unless you request a private ceremony thread.



    2. [b]Character Name:[/b]
    3. [b]Type of Ceremony:[/b] (what is being celebrated?)
    4. [b]Details:[/b] (if needed)

    So glad we almost made it !

  • I am going to be much less active for a while and I am not completely sure when I will be back to previous activity. (If i had to say give about 2 weeks then maybe) I won't be dead but I won't be mad active. I'm sorry for this!! I have to focus on school work and a few other things too.

    It's like the tip of a new wave !

  • just fyi If my posts are a little sporadic I'm juggling leading westeros and WC along with my 5 other characters so I am posting still and I won't disappear but I might be a lil more slower than usual.

    14e.gif c2f.gif 



    HannibalxWillxFragilepast | Tags | part cybernetic Tiger | ShadowClan | @Luciferr

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  • might as well post this in advance- i won't be posting on november 9 and 11 (possibly 10, too) since I'll be taking care of the sound cues for the ms musical at my school. i might also be a bit busy until and a bit after then so my activity might slow down a bit, idk

  • more inactivity notices in advance, woo

    i will be gone from November 20 to nov. 22/23 for a school trip. for plot reasons, noelle will seem to be missing for those days.

    i'll also probably grow a bit more inactive around December 4 to dec. 15 due to exams; i won't be completely gone, but i probably wont post as much. sorry for all the inactivity!

  • I’ll be inactive due to a head injury, which should be until next Wednesday.