It Felt Like Forever (I'm back - a fellow roleplayer returning) But Now I'm Here ;)

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  • Hi FeralFront! :D

    How are you all?

    So, like the subject title said, I'm back - I last played back in January this year (2017), which almost feels like a lifetime ago, even though I was only gone for nearly a year! ^-^

    I don't know if anyone here remembers me from the one short time I played in the main game, although some players might still remember me from when I roleplayed in a Clan named StellarClan under my sub-account MagicalMelody, who was the Clan's only unicorn character at the time.

    I remember when this site used to be called WCRPG, (when I first joined back in 2014) and now I find that this new site is slightly confusing since the last time I was online - I was like, where's all the gorgeous virtual pets and the Clan I roleplayed in?! - but I'm sure i'll get used to it. ;D

    I'm always happy to make new friends and if anyone would like to talk (or even just roleplay) with me, I'm always open!

    (Small note: I'm currently in my HSC year of school, so I probably won't be active all the time haha.)

    May your imagination be forever wild and free,

    Grëypelt17 :D

    Please click these Dragon eggs! Otherwise they might die


    Thank you!


    You're welcome to come join or check out my Roleplays!

    (W.I.P list, links will be added once threads are made)

    • Dragonriders of Pern - Sign-up Thread here :)

    [roleplay link will be added when enough players join & thread made]

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  • welcome back, for I am back as well... started back in 2013 (I was a ninth grader then) and im back in 2016 (end of my junior year), left then came back (2017, now a college student)

    im not really sure what i am doing back honestly..

    thinking about deleting this account for good...