It Felt Like Forever (I'm back - a fellow roleplayer returning) But Now I'm Here ;)

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  • Hi FeralFront! :D

    How are you all?

    So, like the subject title said, I'm back - I last played back in January this year (2017), which almost feels like a lifetime ago, even though I was only gone for nearly a year! ^-^

    I don't know if anyone here remembers me from the one short time I played in the main game, although some players might still remember me from when I roleplayed in a Clan named StellarClan under my sub-account MagicalMelody, who was the Clan's only unicorn character at the time.

    I remember when this site used to be called WCRPG, (when I first joined back in 2014) and now I find that this new site is slightly confusing since the last time I was online - I was like, where's all the gorgeous virtual pets and the Clan I roleplayed in?! - but I'm sure i'll get used to it. ;D

    I'm always happy to make new friends and if anyone would like to talk (or even just roleplay) with me, I'm always open!

    (Small note: I'm currently in my HSC year of school, so I probably won't be active all the time haha.)

    May your imagination be forever wild and free,

    Grëypelt17 :D

  • welcome back, for I am back as well... started back in 2013 (I was a ninth grader then) and im back in 2016 (end of my junior year), left then came back (2017, now a college student)

    im not really sure what i am doing back honestly..

    thinking about deleting this account for good...