Hazy figures of a shattered worldview | Open, injured child+joining

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  • TAGS ✦ ✧ ✦ — It was late evening, the last shades of blue in the sky rapidly fading to black after the sun had long since set - the area s quiet and still, soft shadows cast along the ground, only disturbed by a blemish in the otherwise picturesque scenery.

    The blemish itself looked to be a dark black lump that from a distance might just look like some misshapen rock - until it moved slightly and a quiet keen broke the quiet air - the lump folding further in on itself as it shivered slightly before slowly uncurling.

    Coming too was painful and disorientating - more so when one does not know where one is or even who one is, not fully at least. The creature rose to sit placidly, breath a little shallow and strained - the earth from where it had lain looked scorched slightly and the creature itself was covered in small injuries and one rather large on across his shoulder that bled liquid ichor slowly.

    Where? Where was he?

    Who was he?

    Brows furrowed - no he knew he was somebody, somebody important, but something had happened?

    He'd died hadn't he?

    There was something horribly wrong with your last clear memory being your death - but other than that it as only hazy imagery so far, there were faces he could somewhat remember, names that sounded familiar - and memories of sensation, of cold and darkness and being trapped - please, please let me out, - cold bars and broken wings battered against unyielding walls, broken body too tired to struggle anymore-

    His tail lashed against the ground, The dragon child curled his multiple wings closer to himself, hunching slightly - and wincing when it pulled at his larger wound - no, there were no cages here, he was free, free.

    He had to repeat that to himself a few times before it became somewhat believable.

    He did not know where he was, he barely knew who he was - hopefully, for he could only hope, that more of himself would be remembered - and he knew not what his name had been.

    The dragon child shifted his claws, a name was your identity and if he could not remember his old one, then perhaps a new one would be pertinent - one he could choose for himself, one for this new life.


    Khabeleth, that would be his name - it sounded right to him, it sounded strong and sure and this is what he would be, if nothing else he knew he had once been someone important, someone powerful and someone feared or despised it seemed - if the memories of his death were anything to go by - and that someone needed a strong name both as an acknowledgement and a way forward.

    He nodded to himself seemingly sure in his course, Khabeleth shifted to lie down gently - his shoulder smarting but the bleeding seemed to slow - and waited for time to pass, what he as waiting for he couldn't say, maybe he just wanted to rest before moving on, though something kept him from leaving here.

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  • Something dangerous was here.

    Obscuro could sense things better than she could hear, or see, and as she neared the small dragonling something dark - rolled off this dragon. Dragons normally felt like a storm, not a single emotion but a torrent, a storm that couldn't be controlled. It was the very reason why the beast never had their own dragon form. They were strong things, dragons and Obscuro could admit defeat against one neutrally.

    If not clearly shown by the three deep scars that slashed diagonal across her chest. The first time she had ever tried to posses a dragon form, it reached and clawed into itself- killing both her and it. What a hassle it was entirely, how humbling an experience it turned to be, when she woke up in her birth form with the same three gashes weeping red.

    She was weary of the kid, because she read auras before she read the body language, and even as her expression folded into sympathy that wasn't at all false but maybe a little sympathized- Obscuro stepped closer towards the reptile, her own wings folding as she rumbled out in tone to drag the other from what seemed to be some unpleasant memories. "Heya, you okay there kiddo?" Her voice was a low growl, though her tone was friendly, Obscuro's abused voice would always be the low gravel tone it was now.

    The smell of blood made the wolf's fur prickle with a uneasy hunger, and it showed after a moment of since, her eyes moving from the dragon entire and away- looking off to see if anyone else was there, if someone else would come. The gaping black hole just under her throat cut a view to the sky behind her, and she raised a talon claw to scratch at it lightly.


    -- "It's weird how easy it is to to turn yourself into a m o n s t e r by accident. And even if you r e a l i z e what you've done, it's too late by then. Your just past h e l p i n g ."

    Obscuro Zackov Mortem - Resident Shinigami/Hollow hybrid - Imoral

  • ★ ★ ★ To be honest, Guillotine ignored danger anyways. So, when she spotted Obby and a child, she made for the duo. Stopping inches from the child and looking down. "Hmm.." She would glance at Obby and blink.





  • Val was only just developing a sense of danger. Even after being stuck in a tree and assaulted by the talons of a hawk, he had retained his innocent attitude that no one ever meant him harm. It wasn't until being attacked by what his clanmates called 'End Game' that he realized what some poeple wished to do to him. But, why? He still didn't understand that.

    Speaking of End Game, this creature looked a lot like the beast that had injured him and his sister. As the cub approached, his eyes widening when they focused on the baby's talons, reminiscent of the ones that had torn through his skin that fateful day. With a small whimper, he moved to stand behind Guil and Obby, only looking at the dragon from that safe distance. He was still curious, after all, and mildly confused at how the large creature who had attacked him not long ago, could also be this one, which appeared so small and feeble.

  • TAGS ✦ ✧ ✦ — Fiery eyes flickered upwards and over to catch sight of the one who approached him, multiple wings circling closer to himself - an effort to hide his injury, as something whispered it was a weakness and they must not know for they would exploit it, the small dragon shifted to hunch further inwards, eyes narrowed and suspicious.

    Although there was curiosity there for the wounds he could see on this creature - perhaps you might be curious that he didn't display any horrified or seemingly uneasey reaction to such wounds but the dragon child was more curious than anything - even if instincts told him to be wary of these people.

    Still the dark dragonling found his voice "I am-" there was a pause "where am I?" the child queried - something about the scent of this land was familiar but the memories slipped away from his taloned hands when he tried to grasp them.

    The child was unaware of his aura - the dark malevolence and promise of danger always seemed to coat him, perhaps a remnant of before or an intrinsic cape he'd woven for himself that continued to cover him even now, after all not many would foolishly attack something that made them uneasy - or perhaps it was the tattered remnants of what he was still clinging to what he is now, ready to reform or assimilate into whatever this new identity afforded him.

    The child twitched slightly as another stranger came closer to him - half shuffling back a step, though he winced when it pulled at the wound on his shoulder - the seemingly assessing noise the other made did not help either, he half wished that he was much older - for then he would be far far larger and he wouldn't have to so carefully avoid larger creatures now, with the possibility that they may injure him.

    Still the dragon child was comparable to the size of a medium dog right now and disorientated as he was would hardly be anything in a fight - even if certain abilities were still usable but vastly uncontrollable in this current state.

    Crimson eyes flickered to the third to join them - and then seemingly hide from him? Khabeleth inclined his head, why would this one fear him? He was hardly a threat in his state - the dragon shuffled his wings a little self consciously, eying the three strangers.

    "my name is Khabeleth" was the wavering voice of the born again devil, even if he didn't know it - wobbly though the tone might have been, there was a shaky confidence there with an effort to be polite, manners helped more than hindered and it was only polite to give your name.



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  • It could be said that some were gifted with a sixth sense; one that could detect the auras around creatures. Or perhaps everyone possessed this ability, yet only a few had the potential to make use of it or even notice. Shining had discovered his aura-sensing capabilities long ago as a child. At first, it had frightened the young tom, as he had no knowledge of what he had even been looking at.

    But over time, he had grown used to the strange feelings, eventually becoming second-nature to him. Such an ability proved useful time and time again. Body language and speech were both capable of lying, but masking or even changing an aura? Easier said than done. Few were capable of such a feat. That's why Shining relied on his Sight, whenever he felt something that seemed just a bit off. It warned him of danger.

    Shining, despite spending most of his life as a medic, still hadn't grown quite comfortable with the scent of blood. It didn't make him nauseous or sick to the stomach, but it did immediately make him worry. Because that blood could be coming from a clanmate. So when the tom caught it on the wind, he took to following its trail, to the point of origin. It took him to three of his clanmates, but not one of them were injured. It was the stranger, the one with a dark aura.

    The Captain situated himself next to Valemon. He could see that the cub was a bit uncomfortable in the situation, and Shining had taken to look over him while Anakin had been missing. The small dragon had identified itself as Khabeleth. "You are in Riverclan," the winged feline would say, answering Kha's inquiry. Why the dragon was here... Well, Shining knew about as much as he did. "It looks like you have some wounds that need taken care of."

    Hospitality came first, before the questions and formalities.

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  • ★ ★ ★ "Let me tend to your wounds." She offered as she moved closer to the kid. Not caring how anyone felt about him. "Be still, okay?" She advised as she leaned in to look him over.

    //list of injuries?





  • Like moths to a lamp, or bright screen, Milkyway hovered wherever there was blood. It was just a skill he had, ability to determine someone's location if he could smell blood. Was it just because he was a skilled medical practitioner- or was there something sinister underneath his skill?

    A child. He had those, or once had them. He didn't kill them- no, they died slowly, one by one, since they were mortal and had lifespans unlike him. He inspected the child quickly, then turned to Guillotine. "Since it's an open wound, you'll want to clean and disinfect it first. Patching someone up and then watching them die of infection is a waste of bandages." Not of life; bandages. "I have some pain relief, but it's by fat infection, so if you're okay with that please present a fatty region of your body- an upper thigh, perhaps." He spoke to the child, monotone as he prepared a syringe.


    tags - played by madster

  • TAGS ✦ ✧ ✦ — Another approached then - clearly someone with authority if the way they held themselves and moved to shield the cub were any indication.

    Riverclan, Riverclan? That name was familiar - his gaze seemed far away for a moment, but the memories slipped away again, there was a familiarity here but only faintly - if there had been interaction it had been minimal or so long ago as to be so faint even amongst the shadowy ghosts of memories in his mind.

    He looked up with a nod "yes" but before he could elaborate on them, two other strangers - one entirely new to the scene - had already offered help, so the dragon shuffled slightly to show the wound, extending a leg for the latter to use the medical pain relief.

    Khabeleth barely blinked at the mention of a loss of bandages rather than a life - perhaps because there was an intrinsic knowing to the fact that dying was nothing new or perhaps the hazy figures in his slippery memories had had personalities much the same - there was a vague familiarity with the more callously inclined.

    Still the dragon acquiesced, there wasn't much for it but to do so.

    There were so many of them here - they all seemed nice enough, they hadn't attacked him so that was a plus, maybe they might let him stay here - it wasn't like he had anywhere to go or anybody to go to.

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  • Obscuro didn't meet many dragons, and those that she did- she didn't really play nice with either way anymore. There was ululare, there was Yami, and there were few others. Specifically the NPC who scored a mark onto her, but that was either here no there at the moment. She couldn't help feeling something was off though, and instead she pulled out of the conversation as quickly as it started, letting others fuss and greet the newcommer with practiced ease. No hidden intent, just critters looking to help one another. She frowned more, kindness would always unsettle her, even on the other side of it- watching it, It wasn't something that Obscuro was used to.

    She was more interested to watch guil heal than she would admit, even if she could- rather quickly heal the other, she refrained from making any sudden moves to do so. He granted guil the ability to help- and not her. That was fine, she was too weary anyway. Didn't want to startle something that clearly rolled in something menacing... fury. Was that a good explanation? She glanced towards shining at the moment, wondering if he felt it too. He knew what she was, did he have any idea what this was?

    It was familiar, it was unnerving.

    She shifted where she sat down. Her wings unconsciously fluffing up. Making her look bigger and she felt herself stiffen in embarrassment at the action. It was uncontrollable. It wasn't something she could really help, but she felt the need to cover it, and she opened her own wings again, closing them a bit afterwards to hopefully tame the before she decided t draw attention to herself again. Information- his name was given, and he looked a little lost, a dragon was powerful- it best be nice when seeing one.

    "You lookin' a little lost Khabeleth, you got place to stay at?" Obscuro's voice was clear of any expectations of an answer, but her eyes watched. Watched-watched watched- Obscuro always watched, looking for any sort of que from the other. "If you don't have anyone looking for you right now, or vice versa- you're more than welcome to stay here."

    Suddenly, she realized she was being a little strange, not introducing herself. As she came to this conclusion however, a lighter smile- more genuine bloomed from her expression. Her voice a low rumble as she let out a familiar introduction. "Name's Obscuro."


    -- "It's weird how easy it is to to turn yourself into a m o n s t e r by accident. And even if you r e a l i z e what you've done, it's too late by then. Your just past h e l p i n g ."

    Obscuro Zackov Mortem - Resident Shinigami/Hollow hybrid - Imoral

  • ★ ★ ★ "I know. My mother was a healer." She mused with a twitch of her ears. Sure, she looked rough and tumble, but she had to learn to heal to stay alive on her own. Using her water manipulation, Guil would let water rinse the wound. Conjuring a bag, she would open it. Finding an antibiotic cream of hers. She would take a bit out and rub the wounds tenderly with it. "It may sting young one."

    After letting it settle a bit, she grabbed her bandages and tenderly wrapped the wounds. Looking him over before offering a soft smile. "You can stay with me until your wounds are healed and we can get you your own home, okay?" She offered with a soft smile. "I can even build you one to your liking."





  • TAGS ✦ ✧ ✦ — The dark one spoke to him next, asking if he had a place to stay, if he had anyone - and he was not sure, he remembered people, people he had held dear but would they know him to be alive? To be who he was? He wouldn't find them, their faces were too hazy to remember - but that feeling of content and fierce love was there, but would it matter?

    It might have been so long that they were dead now - the thought s disheartening.

    The dragon shook his head "no" was the seemingly dejected admittance "I have no one" he finished trying not to let the sorrow colour his words - but the offer of a place to stay made him look up again with some astonishment

    "but you do not know me? You have no obligation to me" it almost seemed like the young dragon didn't understand the concept of random acts of benevolence or kindness towards himself - likely whatever lurked in his hazy memories coloured his point of view towards thinking people more selfish uncaring creatures.

    It was kind of baffling to be around so many seemingly kind and helpful strangers.

    He nodded when the dark one gave her name before his eyes slid to the young cub - seemingly braver than before but seemed to hold something against him - as he gave him his name, he nodded to both in politeness "I-it's nice to meet you" was more directed towards the two.

    His attention returned to the maned wolf as she warned him of the sting, the young dragon braced himself and stayed silent though wincing as she cleaned the wound.

    When she'd bandaged it, he almost fell over in surprise again at such a bold offer? These people were oddly kind indeed - still Kha nodded a slight smile along his maw this time "that would be nice" the child rumbled.

    It would be nice to have a home.



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