Tribe of Rushing Water 2.0 | New Chat/Plot Thread

  • Sorry I haven't been on much. This account is kinda...inactive for me since pulling my lupurca out of the ruins due to losing muse for him/hard to keep him as a pet when his master wasn't around. My denning post is open to anyone who wishes to show up and Stoneteller . just let me know when you manage to come up with something for our private thread with River & your girl concerning helping river 'move on'. Sorry I am not much help there.

  • I’m considering doinking Lightning... my muse for him has been shot and I don’t know how to keep it up.

    I’m torn because I don’t wanna, but I don’t want to be beating a dead horse... ya know?


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  • Howdy everyone. I used to play a boy here a little while ago but I ended up vanishing due to irl stuff and muse issues. I'm more than likely bringing him back since he would be only about 16 moons old now and not that old. I'll have to look i to what all happened since I was gone, but that shouldn't take me too long.

    Anyways, I'm excited to jump back in. :eyes:

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  • hello and welcome back

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