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  • ★ ★ ★ the day had come. it was finally time for the tribe to move closer to the clans. closer to a new way of life. one that hopefully would be free from the dangerous they currently faced. would everythig go smoothly? would the tribe be ready? she knew this was long overdue. however, she did know that it was time for a change. hopefully one for the better. "cats of the tribe, it is time for us to move! please gather here beneath the cave rock for a few announcements before we depart!." she called out as she leapt onto the cave rock.


  • crow

    He knew this day was coming and he hadnt expected to feel a pang of loss for leaving the mountains. Had they even scouted new territory yet? It seems as if Crow is utterly lost in the politics of the Tribe. Bounding to Autumn he stares up at her a little sadly awaiting her announcement.s

  • Sky nearly lets out a whine of sadness as she hears the announcement. The black she-cat wasn't sure if she was ready for this. So much preparation had come to this, and she knew the Tribe would thrive in the Clans. But Sky couldn't help but already miss the cave she was standing in. Nothing will be the same after this. Even if she had technically said goodbyes to the mountains, Sky felt nostalgic about the place that had adopted her as its own so many moons ago.

    Minnownose (Deputy of SkyClan, 20 moons)
    Cloudspots (Warrior of SkyClan, 18 moons)
    Sky with No Moon (Lead Preyhunter of ToRW, 21 moons)

    Mintpaw (Apprentice of Trad. ThunderClan, 8 moons)

    @ me to plot or for injuries/deaths/etc.

  • ★ ★ ★ after a small group had gathered, she figured that the meeting could begin. "first off i would like to say that several of our high positions have gobr missing. while we don't know the current cause to their disapearances, we have to currently believe that they are not coming on the journey with us. we cannot delay or move any longer. so i must say that we will be searching for a new emissiary, and two new shamans. we still have a few semi-high positions that i would like to fill as well, the two shaman to-bes, and the lead cave guard. so from this point on until a later date, i will be watching everyone. " she began as she paused, to allow for questions or anyone else to come to join the meeting.


  • crow

    He had noticed the dissappearances of several high positions but wasnt quite sure what had happened to them. Crow was eager to get the move on the go now that he had gotten over the fact they would be leaving the mountains. He frowns up at Sky. "Why be sad? This is a whole new adventure for us!"

  • stag eyed the male, unable to help but agree. why be sad? the mountains didn't want them anymore. this? this wasn't home, it was a monster that'd have them dead sooner or later.

    she spoke of the msising high positions, and naturally, stag chalked it up to cougars, or maybe they'd abandoned them for the clans. flicking an ear, stag sighed, waiting for autumn to give the o.k. to start heading out.

    [maybe reviving?]