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  • After the traumatic event that was trying to save Fragilepast, Century had realized something important. Had she not been able to cauterize her father’s wounds with her flame, she was not sure he would have lived much longer, head injury or no. She couldn’t stand for it; in the future, her clanmates needed to be able to make fire of their own.

    And so she had grabbed two plain sticks from the forest, the kind which would be available anywhere in case of an emergency. She sat in the center of camp and thought back to a small village she had visited moons ago; they had all used some technique of rubbing sticks together to create fire. It was difficult to remember the details, but surely she could replicate it well enough.

    The snow leopard raised her head, shouting to the clan “I’m going to teach you all an important skill! How to create fire without any powers.” Turning back to her sticks, she placed one perpendicular to the other and began rubbing it between her paws, driving it against the other. “It’s really easy, you just rub these sticks like this, and then. . . there should be a fire! Eventually.” Along her commentary she began twisting the stick faster and faster, frustration evident in her movements.


    No spark.


    No spark.



    A growl erupted in Century’s throat just second before angry fire left her mouth and crashed into the sticks, creating a rather sizeable flame at her feet. She paused for a moment, staring at her mistake, then gave a sheepish grin as she pinned her ears back. “Um. So, would anyone else like to try?”


    Penned by axion

    Snow leopard / ThunderClan / Sagittarius

  • If you weren't anything without your powers, you didn't deserve them at all. That was the biggest lesson he learned when he praised his flames for their power to destruct but also provide warmth and a way to stop the wounds from leaking blood. Fragilepast hoped his children didn't follow in his footsteps. He delved too far into the power and it destroyed his whole personality. It overloaded his systems. Thankfully he returned to a nice balance between power and being himself without being the angered greedy bastard he was.

    His single eye focused upon Century's attempt to make a flame. Should he help? Fragilepast bit his tongue in frustration. Thankfully he remembered her name and how she was the first thing he saw as he awoke. "Don't burn yourself," he spoke up to make his presence known. "I'm sure you could do it, but it takes awhile." Truly he had never tried making a fire like this, instead he always had a lighter or fire starter near him... or just his powers.

    With one paw he picked up a stick then another in the other. He held them out towards his daughter, expecting her to try again instead of during into a fire-breathing dragon.

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  • SUNNY ?

    "Be careful with those!" Sunny exclaimed at the sight of a youngster with two sticks. It was the right idea, for the most part, but when the ground was made out of highly flammable grass it made her a little nervous. Even if they did have elemental powers, it wasn't her preferred plan A if things went wrong.

    She disappeared for a moment, then came back with a small stack of leaves, twigs, and fur. The warrior arranged her tinder around the sticks, along with a small circle of rocks to prevent more than a few stray embers from spreading.

    But that was about the extent of her knowledge. Sunny was used to relying on her powers, too; there was nothing like a flash-roasted corn on the cob! She had watched tribemates and clanmates do it countless times, and it seemed like the same thing Century was trying to do, except with a proper fire pit. Kindling, fuel, and such.

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  • ★ ★ ★ Nyx only had one power, really. So, she would linger nearby. Watching with a tilted head as the others gathered. She had no useful powers, or so she thought.






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  • Cen jumped a bit at her father's presence, feeling mildly embarrassed to have made such a silly mistake in front of him. She was nearly about to make some retort about how she never burned herself (not since one incident as a cub, anyway), until she heard his next words. He was. . . encouraging her. It was sweet.

    With a small smile and a grateful look up towards Fragilepast, the snow leopard grabbed the sticks he had handed her. "Thanks Dad, I'll try again. Without, um, blowing it up again." She glanced toward the pile that Sunfur had made: dried brush to catch sparks, and a nice barrier to prevent it from spreading. Of course she had forgotten about any safety precautions in her excitement. "Thank you Sunny, that. . . will work a lot better." It was a bit ridiculous that she had expected a flame to magically appear with only two sticks.

    With a determined look in her eyes, Cen repeated the tactic she had used before with a bit more care. She focused intently on forcing precise friction between the two sticks, watching for any sign of smoke or flame. Being honest, it still took some time; it may have begun to seem somewhat hopeless to a random onlooker, but Cen had no concept of time when she was fully engaged in a task. She continued twisting the sticks, watching, when finally the smallest flash of light appeared where the two branches met, so small she may have missed it had anything distracted her. She hurriedly allowed a small puff of air to escape from her mouth and onto the flame, giving it more oxygen to grow and catch the kindling beneath.

    Finally, she had managed to create a flame without her powers. She looked up from the pitiful pint-sized fire sitting at her feet, barely enough to burn through the leaf it had managed to catch, and looked toward her father with a look of such pride it seemed that her heart might burst. "I did it! Look look! Fire!" Her father being there to help her achieve difficult tasks; That seemed like something she had only dreamed of as a cub. Even if his memories didn't work quite right for the moment, he was still her dad through and through, at least in her eyes.

    Suddenly remembering the entire point of this task, she glanced about again to anyone who had joined the small crowd. "Oh! Um, so that's how you do it! Anyone else can try, if they'd like to." The snow leopard peered back down at her flame, still so tiny and growing so slowly no one may have even noticed its size changing, but still moving along at its own pace. Refusing to stop.


    Penned by axion

    Snow leopard / ThunderClan / Sagittarius

  • Picture perfect, mutilation. Bright to black, with no hesitation


    The creature would cough lightly into her paw, trying to not grin like mad. It was cute that her sister was trying to do something on her own, and yes, Hya was extremely proud as well. But it was so adorable, and she was afraid that if she immediately approached, she'd hug the shit out of her little sister. As it was, she merely sat off to the side, nose wrinkled slightly at their father's presence. She had yet to call him 'dad' and only really referred to him as his name or by 'father'. A part of her refused to get close to him, though she wondered if she'd have the same thought about her mother. Thoughts slightly bitter, she'd come to just in time to witness Century do something absolutely amazing. "Good job sis!" she'd coo, clapping furiously in celebration.

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