untamed heart [death, o]

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  • BLIND - RIVERCLAN WARRIOR - PASSIVE - 1/4 speaks in cheyenne

    //</3... I will be back in Riverclan eventually, but I'm focused on my boi Caledon and helping with Bloodclan activity. <3

    ✵ He will never stop loving his best friend Nightgaze, in fact Stygian believed he could never stop anything. His heart however, would soon enough disagree. The riverclanner had been visiting the tribes again, as he did every moon. It takes him longer now that he is blind, but the tom kept a smile on his maw and kept his head high no matter what. Anyone who knew Stygian knew that he was very sweet, and deserved a longer life that his roleplayer just couldn't give.

    Crossing the River was easy, and he climbed the side of the bank with ease. His pace quickened, knowing he was going to get to be with Nightgaze again for it had been way too long. The sound of the camp was music in his ears, and as he passed through the entrance he checked the scent for Nightgaze. A lot of new smells, and new cats to meet as well. He loved meeting new cats, and his heart was fluttering in his chest so he stopped to catch his breath.

    The charcoal bengal padded further into camp, but a shooting pain erupted in his front legs. Soon, his neck and chest. Slowing to a stop, he stared blankly at the ground trying to figure out where this pain was coming from. He was healthy, wasn't he? He hadn't hurt himself? As he took two more steps it was unbearable. It felt as if someone had kicked him in the chest, so he buckled over in the middle of camp. Almost as soon as he hit the ground, he was dead. Unbeknownst to him, his heart was diseased and a heart-attack was inevitable. His very last thoughts were that he could never be able to tell her that he loved her. Nightgaze  


    all messed up and slightly twisted,

    am I sick or am I gifted?


    -- speaks cheyenne and Cherokee --

    played by, clandestine

  • *:・゚✦ sirenpaw

    ooc, i never met stygian </3 he'll be missed here in riverclan, cland!

    she'd been walking alone that day, just outside and traveling along the river where she could see the sprawling moors of windclan to the oak laden forestry of thunderclan. she made her way up to the border of skyclan where willows swung gently within the grappling breeze that tugged delicately upon her fur. the air was colder, she couldn't quite tell, it was crisp- it didn't seem like the height of green leaf anymore, but perhaps it was.

    her paws were quite sore as the made her loop all the way around the territory just to think, she wasn't quite sure what she was thinking of but perhaps it was a number of things, perhaps it was sirenpaw's past and her future, her present. she liked to think. the scent of a familiar entangled within her nose and she was soon to know it as stygianfire, sirenpaw never spoke to the man but she was there just as he was as she noted his return. she was quite happy, about it really- perhaps it was time to meet him as she watched him enter camp just as she trailed behind. but something was off as she slithered in a few minutes after he did as the feline had crumpled to his paws with pain. it was as if he died the moment he hit the ground and sirenpaw didn't know what to think as she stood frozen with fear, wide eyed with horror. she couldn't quite get herself to move. she just... stood there like a deer in headlights.

    in took several breaths for the medicine cat apprentice to regain herself as she already knew he was dead as his sides didn't rise or fall, his breath no longer unsettling the dirt where his maw now lay. "stygianfire," she breathed, coming to the warrior's side as she only made sure he was dead as she lowered her ear to his maw and her paw felt his sides where movement lacked. nobody deserved this, doe star couldn't handle anymore. nobody could. she looked up with watery eyes, "he's dead."

  • Ambersplash's eyes darted to the side, his amber gaze hardening. I know we fought most of the time, but you became a clanmate. I hope you'll be welconed by the tribe's ancestors. It was yet another clanmate gone, and suddenly the young tom felt much older than he actually was.

    Koisong, Owldapple, Rookpaw, Elkfur... and that's only a fourtg of the clanmates we've lost. Remembering how close Nightgaze was to Stygianfire, Ambersplash flattened his ears. We've lost so many clanmates. How is she going to react to this? And what about Doestar? She's always a broken mess after the death of any clanmate.

  • Thunderheart looked at her clan mates, her heart fell broken. She went over to Stygian. Her blue eyes began to tear up from looking at her clan mate. She layed down next to Stygain. Her head laying on her paws and being to cry over her clan mate.

    Friends are my power. They guide me through the darkness when my lights gone out.
  • He's dead.

    It wasn't real. It couldn't be real. She was dreaming, hallucinating, anything other than the false reality she was living in. Nightgaze staggered forward, paws uncontrollably shaking as she nearly shouldered her clanmates over, staring down at Styganfire. He would stand back up in a few seconds. He was still breathing, still conscious. She stood in complete shock, frozen to the spot, glazed eyes staring at the lifeless body of the charcoal bengal.

    He's dead.

    It was real. It was all real, and he wasn't coming back. She couldn't hear anything except for the roaring in her ears, the surging tidalwave that rushed over her at once, dragging her to the deepest depths of the river until she couldn't breathe. All at once she was staggering backwards, charging away from her clanmates and Stygianfire, bursting through the reeds and alone onto the riverbank, her breath shakey and choked.

    A strangled, agonzied cry escaped her maw as she roared at the sky, defeated. It was real. This wasn't a dream. She stumbled, legs buckling beneath her as she collapsed onto the earth, excruciating pain burning in her lungs. He was gone, gone forever. And he would never know how much she loved him.

    She had never told him, and he'd never know. He would never, ever know.

    // I'm so sad to see him go :(

  • Tigerscar

    RiverClan Warrior - Formerly Sheogorath

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    Tigerscar had watched the fellow tom go down, crashing to the soil like a dead fish. The other warrior took his last breath before he had even struck the ground. Tigerscar's chest drew in a breath as he rose to large paws, muscular figure snaking through the small crowd until his hellish gaze could scan the frame of Stygianfire, sparkling with an unknown emotion. There was no amusement to be had in his mind. The death had been sudden, entirely without purpose. There hadn't even been a chance to struggle. A cry of anguish cut through his thoughts and Tigerscar shifted his eyes towards Nightgaze, the cool headed, introverted deputy of RiverClan. She had never looked so distressed in his time since joining. The powerful tabby male realized the two must have been close. His tail curled as he approached the onyx she-cat, shadow falling across her form as he hovered nearby.

    "I don't understand." Tigerscar spoke with honesty, his tone was quiet and smooth as a stone rolled a thousand times upon ocean sands. "He's in StarClan, right? Why is that so sad? You'll see him again. Just think of it like a...vacation of sorts." In other words, the former leader wasn't quite grasping the concept of why Nightgaze would be grieving if she would just see her close friend again after her own death. As it happened, he also wasn't the best at comforting others in their suffering. His pupils flitted between the others that had gathered around the body, absorbing their solemn expressions.


    First and Former Leader of BloodClan

    And I think to myself, what a Wonderful World


    if i had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense

    nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't

    player of Tigerscar/Sheogorath and Scarecrow

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  • ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    This was too much. This was too much. Too much too fast too much too fast she could feel Elkfur and Koisong and Ivykit and Rookpaw and Owldapple and Fawncloud around her, taunting her? Their bitter, starry claws striking through Stygianfire like a bolt of heavenly lightning and striking him down. His body was in the sand. How many bodies had she seen in the sand? StarClan, she would see so many more. Were these nine lives a curse, to see her Clanmates suffer and writhe in their death throes on a loop, a broken record repeating until she was so far into old age that her grandchildren had long sunken into the dirt? She wanted to hurl herself upon the body, shriek, but Nightgaze was already there. This was the deputy's cross to bear, and Doestar would not take the little consolation of being close to Stygianfire in his dying breaths away from her. StarClan! StarClan! StarClan!

    The tears were pouring. Hot rain. She was like a broken record. The vigils were spent with blurry eyes and a burning face and needles stabbing at her throat. It was no different now. She couldn't help it. She sank into the sand, pressing her paws to her face, wheezing her despair into the ground. StarClan! There was a reason for every cat's death, but StarClan! StarClan! This was Nightgaze's dearest love, the tom that put a smile on her face and talked about anything and everything with her and shared in her sorrows. He wasn't here anymore, couldn't share in this sorrow. Sand grains were slipping into the leader's mouth as it gaped, open and closed, like a fish. The body before her didn't disappear, this wasn't a dream. It stayed in the sand.

  • Seeing his clanmate suffer and weap for Stygianfirr made Ambersplash feel helpless. Nightgaze yowled in pain, sinking to the ground as she broke in sobs for the tom she cared for so much. Doestar, who was always too gentle of a soul to handle heartbreak such as this, evidence as she sanked into the sandy bay , at a loss for what to do.

    With so many deaths, Ambersplash wondered when he wouldn't care. Surely he would grow used to the pain at some point, and stop having his heart torn by the deaths of his clanmates. But no, each death only hurt more, and even when it felt as if he could not feel anymore pain another clanmate would perish, and tear open a new wound on his broken heart.

    Yet still the bicolored tom got up, padding over to Doestar and sitting next to her. I am so tired of seeing my clanmates in so much despair. Even though he towered over the fawn colored leader with his natural height, Ambersplash was huntch over, his face blank and the look in his eyes distant. "We can't allow this to break the clan," he meowed to Doestar, his voice filled with tiredness and sorrow. "If not for ourselves, then for those who aren't here anymore."

  • " - Spring is here again ! - "

    ( Loveable Asshole )

    Minnow watched from a distance, confused and both sad at the same time, the smart girl putting the pieces together. She sort of smiled now, knowing he would probably be sad for a little while, but she knew that time was irrelevant in starclan. She wondered if they would ever meet again. Did loners go there too? He had saved her from drowning in quiksand, and had never properly said thankyou. She felt a little scared though as well, but the silver pelted molly sort of poked her head out, and stuck to the edges of the ring of cats, hoping no one would notice her so she could pay her respects.




    And if you save yourself
    You will make him happy
    He'll keep you in a jar
    And you'll think you're happy
    He'll give you breathing holes
    And you'll think you're happy


  • Fierce pain shattered her heart, and all she could do was lay against the floor, shaking, unable to breathe, speak, anything. She was in a hurricane, swirling winds and deadly currents sweeping her paws out from under her. There was nothing she could do except lat there, unmoving except for the visible twitching of her paws. There were no thoughts. Just an empty void of blankness stretching out before her, the vast nothing left by the wake of the storm. It wasn't real. It wasn't real.

    Voices. Someone was talking to her. It sounded like the screeching of a faraway animal, the senseless chatter of a bird in the trees. Uncontrollable rage surged through her body, fire consuming her in a matter of seconds. She didn't even look behind her to see who it was. She didn't care. Nothing mattered. Nobody mattered. Nightgaze tore away from the riverbank, blood roaring in her ears as she stumbled over shaky paws, carrying her far far away from those who tried to comfort her.

    She stopped once she reached a clearing, alone this time. Would she wake up from this nightmare? The ground began to spin, threatening to knock her off her paws again as she let the voice of a lion roar at the sky, a voice filled with pain and misery. "COME BACK," came her plea, to the stars, anything. What was she pleading for? Nothing made sense. Nothing she did made any difference. She steadied her breathing once again, eyes staring into the darkness ahead of her, focused on no point in particular.