I Reclaim The Use of My Imagination, For Better or for Worse I've Yet to Know//Open, re-introduction

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  • Cloudspots made her way from the warriors den, feeling tentative. Off, but in a good way. To feel the rays of the sun, still a bit strong before leaf-fall, to hear the sounds of the Clan clearly. Cloudspots was afraid, but felt rejuvenated.

    The warrior had found herself separated from SkyClan the past two moons. Completely of her own fruition, of course. A string of panic attacks and night terrors had left Cloudspots exhausted, on edge. As secretive and hiding as when she came back to the Clans shortly before her warrior ceremony. Except, this time there was no set reason for it. No loners draining her of her optimism in the wild, no BloodClan cats on the border. At least from what she knew. No, nothing was haunting her in the literal sense. It was just the thought of something happening. That was enough to set her off.

    So she had stayed somewhere between the warriors den and medicine den lately, depending on the severity. But between Addercloud's expertise and Ryewhisker's kind words, today she felt okay. Not better, but okay. Her paws weren't shaking from a nightmare, and her not recognizing a new warrior didn't make her afraid of her past. Cloudspots moves to the center of camp, taking it all in. She'd have to apologize for how she was. Or at least tell them all she's ready to move on and actually be helpful before the chilling winds of leafbare set in.

  • Joking with another tom, Jayflight laughs and almost doesn't see Cloudspots as she stands dead in the center of camp. Dodging sideways quickly with the skills of a Skyclan cat, he swerves just in time not to hit her. "Woah!" He breathes out, the squirrel in his jaw falling out. "Sorry bout that." He squints, not really recognising who the femme was. He feels like she's a regular patient in Adderclouds' den, maybe the femme who had constant panic attacks.

  • [ pick petals looking for answers ]

    Sil would watch disinterestedly as an almost collision happened between her clanmates. Dull eyes turned to sparkling for a brief moment in amusement, and she'd quietly call out her greeting to the two. "Hello," she'd meow, shuffling one soft white paw against the ground.






    [ skyclan; 5 months; anorexic; deaf in left ear]

    [ bio. - plot. - heartchart. - played by Kitty-Kat.]

  • The tabby digs her claws into the ground as Jayflight nearly plows into her. When she's sure she's steady, not going to smack heads with the warrior, Cloudspots sighs. Her anxiety sorta sparked, but not as much as always. Cool.

    "Oh-uh-it's fine, no worries," Cloudspots replies awkwardly. She sure has gotten bad at talking the past moon, great StarClan. She assumes it's because she doesn't think she knows Jayflight that well. One of those vague names and faces around camp. That must be it.

    She realizes that the entire moment was witnessed by Silentkit and she can't help but think to herself Hope you liked the show kid, even if nothing happened. "Hello," she instead replies, swallowing her sarcastic remark.

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    As Badgerfang came into camp with a dove, he saw Jayflight bump into Cloudspots, and green eyes bore into them. Judgingly, the fluffy warrior turned to the fresh kill pile to deposit his prey. As he lowered it to the ground, he turned to his younger sister. "Cloudspots, at least watch where you are going," he said, padding over to the group.

    It was no secret how Badgerfang felt about his family. The proud warrior venomally disliked Whitescar, his own mother, because of her antics, and he looked down on Cloudspots for abandoning Skyclan when she was an apprentice. Still, she came back to her home. Even if her choice of a mate is... questionable, she is my kin. And a warrior of Skyclan. And my little sister.

  • aspenheart normally tried to avoid jayflight, but when he almost bowled over the fem, she approached with a worried glance.

    "are you alright cloudspots?" she inquired, seeing no physical damage, but still worried for the fem.

    she saw cloudspots around every now and then; she was a tender soul. weak, her mother would mutter under her breath. but, lavenderfur spat the same thing at her more than once, and she felt a natural degree of attackment to those who her mother called weak. after all, what would she be, but a pot calling the kettle black.

    "you should slow down, jay." she added to the tom, void of emotion when regarding the tom.

  • Cloudspots finds herself immediately overwhelmed by the attention. Specifically from her brother. She forgot how attentive SkyClan was. If a leaf fell in the forest, there'd be someone talking about it.

    "Oh, I'm fine. Just have to watch where I'm going-as Badgerfang so kindly pointed out. But, really, it's not Jay's fault," Cloudspots says to Aspenheart, "I guess I can't walk and think at the same time, hm?"

    The tabby felt awkward. Usually she blended into the shadows. Turns out she should collide with her Clanmates more often to get more used to the vague attention. "Anyway. All is well. Hunting was well for all of you?"

  • As Cloudspots was immediently overwhelmed by all the attention she was given, yet again Badgerfang wished she had more of a backbone. Though, as his sister sarcastically thanked him (at least, as close as she could get? Sometimes her gentle tone confused him on the rare time she wasn't genuine), the proud warrior huffed. Hey, you should be thankful for the criticism! It'll make you a better warrior.

    Badgerfang was always one to think that he was never wrong, and as the conversation turned to talk about hunting, he found his mood lightening. "I was on a border patrol this morning, and I decided to stay out for a little longer so I could catch a dove. I'm sure someone will appreciate it's fluffy feathers in their nest tonight."

    Taking a good look at the cats around, he noticed that for once both Jayflight and Aspenheart were around. Two of my least favorite cats. His dislike for Jayflight was obvious- he still never forgave him for breaking his daughter's heart. Yet Badgerfang's relationship with Aspenheart was more... complicated. He didn't hate her (she was still his daughter, and the proud warrior cared for his kin) nor was he as ashamed of her, but her choices early in life made it difficult not to pity her. It's a shame you didn't turn out like the rest of your siblings.

    The proud warrior always wondered where he went wrong in terms of raising her. Was he not there for her when she needed him? Maybe he spoiled her too much, like he tended to do to his other children? Should I have been more strict, and kept a better eyes on her? I swore to be a better parent than mine were, but I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Whatever the reason it made it awkward to talk to her now, and so he did what he usually did when around ignore Aspenheart.

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