shadowfam hunger games

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  • heyy guys!

    so, i said screw it, and did a quick hunger games simulator with shadowfam!!

    time to kill some characters


    genders really don't matter for this one, and i used a few /not super active/ characters to fill up slots as well lol

    1 - nightstar & rose

    2 - blueblossom & riddle

    3 - octavia & mustangheart

    4 - linchen & jadefeather

    5 - featherpaw & sorrelpaw

    6 - winterpaw & amberpaw

    7 - calmkit & jaggedkit

    8 - lionsighted & brokenkit

    9 - falconbreeze & dreamcloud

    10 - spiderpaw & sandpaw

    11 - dove & zelda

    12 - mudfall & newtpaw

    taking it slow, but it's not typical

    he already knows that my love is fire

  • taking it slow, but it's not typical

    he already knows that my love is fire

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  • Lichen died the first night. That seems about right. He talks big, but he isn't all that great at fighting or defending himself.




    lichen | trad. shadowclan | senior warrior | played by risendeath

  • BLOODBATH lol, first move, knife in Jagged's heart XD the only kit to survive was calm lol.

    Day/night one Dang, Calm is SAVAGE! And Lion, you huddled with Jagged's murderer! :O

    Day/Night two Jade is so sneky

    Day/Night four GOSH DARN IT RIDDLE XD

    The last Hunger games thing I did, Jade made it to nearly the end lol. Oh well, far enough XD

    Night 6 Ah calmkit XD

    WINNER I have to admit, she's a pretty likely candidate to actuslly win, were this to happen XD

    I love these sooo much!

    Jaggedpaw| Daughter of JengaxLionsighted| 8 moons| Sister to Calmpaw and Brokenpaw| Inherited her mother's curiosity, and loves to explore| Wants her dad to be happy| Was infrequently visited by her mother's spirit, until Jenga was reincarnated| Ages on the 5th of each month| Plagued by vivid night mares| Jaggedkit's Family Tree

    Played by Jadefeather12