trapped me a moorland rat [slight torture, o]

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  • 'Vent to Jasperstar'? Yeah, like that would happen. He was more likely to vent to one of his friends. Heck, he'd probably go to Daisykit. She seemed like she'd be sort of sympathetic, if she didn't hate him yet, that was.

    When the NPC approached them, Cedarpaw winced away from the smell of his breath. Disgusting, it was. He needed to some leaves, or something. Something that tasted and smelled sharp, so it'd get rid of that smell. The male seemed very dangerous and bloodthirsty, the stereotype of BloodClan, pretty much. Cedarpaw pricked his ears in surprise when Caledon stepped in front of him, shielding him from the NPC, swinging a paw at the NPC and knocking him to the ground.

    Cedarpaw watched in horror as Caledon's paw slammed down on the NPC's throat, making the male splutter and cough for air. Was that going to be him if Caledon found out that Leafheart wasn't even a real cat? "Y-Yeah.." He got out, hurrying after Caledon and uneasily looking back to where the NPC had laid as Caledon nearly killed him



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