StormClan HP tryouts!

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  • Hello and welcome to stormclan's hp tryouts! We're a backboard clan looking for some active hps, and we hope you give us a shot c: As long as you are active, everyone who tried out will get some sort of rank. This will close I now the 1st of October. Good luck!


    - stay active! I can't stress this enough!

    - Don't apply if you don't think you can stay active

    - As always, all ff rules apply and be kind to one another c:


    Just state your username, character name, rank wanted/backup rank, previous experience, and any other information you think I need to know c:



    A sort of second-in-command; the leader's right hand. They can accept invites from allies, organize events, accept event ideas, hold high position meetings, and hold clan-wide meetings with the leader's permission. They become leader when the current leader passes away or falls inactive.

    1 slot


    Like the deputy is the leader's right hand, assistant deputies are the deputy's right hand. They are prominent figureheads in the clan, and are responsible for the law and order in the clan. They can enact large decisions that aren't explicitly against the leader's or the deputy's wish, such as accepting ally raid requests or accepting ally invites.

    2 slots

    The Medicine Cat is Moonbeam (KittyKanDoIt)

    They are responsible for the health and well-being of the group as a whole, as well as speaking to StarClan and deciphering prophecies. They are expected to have some degree of warrior training, so as to know self defense if needed on the battlefield of an honourless enemy. Older, wiser medicine cats have equal power with the deputy.

    1 slot


    These are being worked out some and changed, so keep an eye out for these

    ? Slots


    A semi high position and a stepping stone rank. They are promoted for being active. They act as kind of a police force and can handle minor punishments, and are also expected to befriend joiners and make them feel welcome. They are responsible members and trusted to answer questions people may have, as well as pass ideas to higher ups.


    Have a good day!


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  • main account: Star

    character name: Fernando

    rank wanted: Deputy

    back up: Assistant Deputy

    previous experience: Fernando has been a Windclan advisor and a Bloodclan HP(can't remember which one) about two years ago. As for myself, I ran Tidalclan as a leader for bit and am currently the deputy of Thunderclan, along with being an HP/House Leaded in Westeros right now.

    Thanks amigo~

    /lil track

  • Name: Nora Rae Grimm

    Username: Coffee~

    Rank wanted: Assist. Deputy

    Back-up rank: Scribe

    Previous Experience: While Nora herself has no prior experience in terms of leading, being a former assassin, I hold a few assistant deputy level positions. Currently I have Esmerelda in the Exiles and Eliza in the Sanctum. They function as the Head of Espionage and a member of The Court respectively.

    Other information: I run on Mountian Time and I'm still working things out with school so Nora might be a little spotty until I get that figured out but it should only take me until Wednesday of this coming week hopefully.


  • main account: Ara

    character name: Sephiroth

    rank wanted: Deputy

    back up: Assistant Deputy

    previous experience: I currently have hps all over. Jello, being a healer in three clans. Ara was a deputy, but I had her step down for plot reasons lol

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  • ♛♕♛ — Main Account: I will make one soon, promise ~

    Character Name: Rosethorn

    Rank Wanted: Deputy

    Backup Rank: Assistant Deputy (or anything else - a promotion would be lovely in general and challenge me as a writer, so I don't mind too much what it is)

    Previous Experience: Rosethorn herself has no previous experience; however, as a writer, I have played a medicine cat apprentice, two head/medicine cats, a paragon (in the Exiles), and a deputy. I tend to only play one or two characters at a time so I can pay greater attention to their development and whatnot, so she is currently my only character.

  • Username: Felibri

    Character Name: Roman

    Rank Wanted: Medicine cat/apprentice

    Back-up Rank: i don't really mind lmao

    Previous Experience: Roman has a satisfactory knowledge of medicine and he's not really much of a fighter unless provoked. Plus, he doesn't know much about Clan politics so he might be only useful as a medic heh. I have played a RiverClan and a WindClan medic before, and I currently play a ThunderClan leader that's basically it lmao

    you cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth!

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  • ★ — - dances in -

    Character Name: Rose Quartz

    Rank Wanted: Assistant Deputy? Really any rank that you see fitting; I'm open! ^^

    Back-up Rank: Scribe would be awesome, too.

    Previous Experience: Rose has no experience being in a high position, but I have played a medicine cat, a deputy, and numerous semi-HPs in the past.