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  • Whelp she definitely fell off the ball and needed to get back on it. Odd, because balls were spherical and not the best thing to stand on, and not something you should be standing on. The English language is weird. The female went into the clearing of camp, jumping up to her usual spot to address the clan. "StormClan, gather for a meeting!"


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  • Fernando hadn't thought of a meeting in awhile. Traveling for two years took a toll, but thankfully this was a good change. The lion prowled over towards the podium where Blazestar stood and offered a small nod towards Blazestar as he arrived. Then he slowed his roll and took a seat. This would be fun.

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  • Nora padded up beside the lion, making herself comfortable. The last meeting she'd been at had been a takeover, which had been fun but the leader immediately went a little MIA which was what had led her to meet Fernando in the first place. She really wasn't expecting a long meeting, from what she'd been told Stormclan was a small community so nothing exciting should happen daily like in other clans. At least thats what she assumed, less people meant less interaction and less interaction meant lazing around.




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    The English language was weird, Roman knew that for a fact. The canine raised his head from his resting place to stare curiously at the cat who called for a ... ah, a meeting. Roman watched with curiosity on how the bol'shoy kot and the snowshoe cat moved toward the golden-orange cat. The Eurasian wolf's amber eyes widened with interest at the way they seemed inferior to her in rank, given the way they came at her call and obediently sat down. The snowshoe feline he could understand, she and the leader both were domestic felines, but the bol'shoy kot? Fernando looked very powerful. Why wasn't he fighting to be alpha? He could beat all the small cats and banish them from the pack so effortlessly with his sheer size.

    Roman did not understand how Clans worked and thus listened with piqued curiosity as he crossed his front paws over each other and tuned in from his resting place, eager to hear what the orange feline was going to say.

  • ♛♕♛ — Rosethorn purred as she approached the meeting, her fur well-groomed and her gray eyes glistening with anticipation. She settled towards the back of a group, angling her gaze towards the leader with a smile, her rper typing a rushed track post.

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    He would appear next, stumbling slightly as he'd not felt himself. Still unbonded, his powers growing weaker. Risk of using them could be fatal.

    His gaze landed on the form of one of the first forms he'd ever laid eyes on, as she called StormClan together.

    He slumped downward, gaze never leaving her form, and hoping beyond all hope he'd survive long enough to hear what she would say.

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  • Ah good, she could start now. "First off, we've had a lot of joiners recently. Please give Roman, Fernando, Maddock, Colette, Kokito, Atyaanada, and Nora a warm welcome. If any of you have questions, please feel free to ask them. I hope you all stick around and enjoy it here at StormClan." she liked to start of meetings with welcoming joiners, it was always a good note to balance out any bad news she may have. "Now some of you may remember the sectors, and I want to bring those back with some changes. Fernando came up with this idea, thank you for that. Basically, instead of set subjects, when you get promoted to scribe you focus on any subject you like. Algebra, art, biology, chemistry, gardening, photography, anything you know enough about to talk about. Then every week you'll have a discussion about anything in that subject. So if you chose photography, one week you may talk about lighting, the next angles, and after that lenses. Don't pick anything too narrow, because then you'll run out of things to talk about. The sectors will now be called Majors. If you're confused, ask for clarification." she would take a small pause, looking around. Hopefully no one was too confused? "Next I have some promotions and demotions. Rainstrike, Etherealpaw, you both are demoted to a regular member. Featherkit, you are promoted to medicine cat apprentice and you may take the name Featherpaw now. Moonbeam will mentor you. Fernando, Rosethorn, I want you two step up to scribe. Fernando, I also want you to help with clearing up confusion about the Majors. You guys don't have to choose what you major in right away, but I'd like a discussion up next week. Nora, you can step up to historian. Everyone has been doing great and I hope we can keep this up." Blazestar said, giving a smile. She didn't like demoting people in the slightest, but she couldn't let her hesitance potentially harm the clan. Maybe it'd help to tone down any stress people were feeling. "Next off, SkyClan, ThunderClan, WindClan, and the Sanctuary have invited us to events- go check them out. But the Sanctuary is an adult only thing so only members over 12 moons of age may go. I want a volunteer for weekly tasks, as well as people to send gifts to allies. Once we have that done you can go back to what you were doing."


    - welcome to all our wonderful joiners!

    - sectors have changed to Majors and in function

    - Rainstrike and etherealpaw demoted

    - Fernando and Rosethorn to Scribe, Nora to Historian

    - I need a volunteer for weekly tasks and people to hand out gifts to allies!


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  • / I'll do ally gifts.

    Oh boy! That should be fun. His idea got approved and he was smiling with glee. Fernando offered a dip of his head towards the leader and waited for her to finish speaking before giving an explanation. What came next surprised him. A promotion? Truly that was fairly quick, but does it look like he's complaining? The lion's grin grew wider, almost like he was smiling like the Cheshire Cat. "Thank you, Blazestar," he purred towards the leader.

    "Alrighty, let's get this show on the road. Here's how majors will work. Scribes, you will all get to choose one topic to focus on. You will create a little meet up(thread) every week based on something about your broad topic," he spoke up. Fernando was most likely going to study psychology or possibly astronomy, but he wasn't too sure yet.

    "Rosey, would you like to meet with me to talk about it? Maybe we can come up with some ideas for majors." His gaze switched towards the other scribe.

  • Nanny listened to the announcements, nodding once they were finished. He cracked a grin at the mispronunciation of his name. There was a reason he had suggested that they call him Nanny; Atyaananda was hard to say. "Congratulations," he said, referring to those promoted. Majors? They sounded hard. He didn't envy Fernando or Rosethorn at all.

  • ♛♕♛ — Rosethorn's eyes shimmered with pride as her name was spoken, and she swept her gaze across the crowd until she found Fernando. They would make a good team, her and him; they were different but hardworking, and the angel had grown to like the lion quite a bit during the few days that he was present.

    "Sounds good, Ferny," the angel responded, a mischievous glint sparking in the corner of her eyes. "We can meet in the library after the meeting, where it's quiet. Thanks, Blazestar, so much." She finished with a kind dip of her head before silencing, allowing any further announcements to be made.

    // Rose can do weekly tasks! ^^


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    That was a lot for him to take in. Eventually Roman tuned out with a frustrated sigh, laying his head on his paws. He heard his name be called, but he figured it wasn't for anything important, he had just got here! Were they expecting him to help? Many words that the ginger cat said made no sense to him. Algebra, chemistry? Didn't they do fighting and hunting here like a normal pack? Was that weekly tasks? Didn't they fight for ranks instead of being simply given it? Even the big scary lion-cat was playing along with this.

    The Eurasian wolf pulled himself up into a sitting position. So strange. He mused to himself, not quite sure what to think about this meeting. He decided he had better things to do. With a polite dip of his head, which would awkwardly serve as saying congratulations to the newly appointed high positions, he trotted off, assuming it was over.

  • Rainstrike quietly nodded and accepted the demotion. He was much too busy now with his three little ones to properly perform his duties. Besides, it would be good to get some new blood in the role. Featherpaw vibrated with excitement and had a huge grin but stayed quiet as she snuggled against her mother's side. Moonbeam bowed her head before curling her tail around her daughter.

  • ★ ★ ★ He was late, but that was thanks to all these storms trying to flood RPer out. Bounding forward, the male would take a seat and offer a soft nod to the gathered. He was not going to stress over it. He was back and they were going to know it.





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