But maybe they've a glimmer of potential (reintroduce to camp/hunting) if aligned to my vision and brain

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  • Tanglefoot's heart ached with guilt for her devastated kit- not so much of a kit anymore. "I never meant to leave you alone. Not for so long, anyway." She began explaining, although her story was far from innocent or heroic. "I shouldn't have even left you kits at all and I'm sorry for that... I just needed to get away, just for a moment- I was young, inexperienced and after your father left..." Her mew trailed off sadly here, and she paused to look at her small white paws. "I was only supposed to be gone a few days... I asked Skypelt (NPC queen) To watch you, I only needed a short break. But while I was gone, I became ill." She continued. It was true, somewhere on her travels outside of clan territory she had contracted some kind of isease that the forest clans were not familiar with, a disease that was commonly spread through the city strays. "I was unable to travel for almost a moon- I became so weak. Luckily I met some cats who knew how to easily treat my illness and I got better. I was so scared." She stared sadly into her son's betrayed amber gaze, feeling very poorly and a profound sense of loss that she had allowed another cat to raise her kits, having missed a large part of motherhood in her absence. "When I came back, the forest was in ruin... The fire had destroyed our home and the clan was no where to be found. The only thing I could think was..." She voice cracked and she choked up a bit, blinking her shining blueeyes. "I thought everything I had- my kits, my clan, my home- was gone. I stayed in Thunderclan territory, managing to scrape by on the few scraps of prey i could catch for myself. It's easy to feed only one mouth. I didn't know Thunderclan was only across the Riverclan scent border."

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