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    *:・゚✦ Frightfur Seraphim stood in the midst of the glowing Colouredclan square at 1:00am in the frickin’ morning. The whole area was lit with what looked like rainbow Christmas lights—a common decoration in the clan of colour. A few piles of weapons lay near as well as a few spare medical supplies he’d taken from his meager storage (just in case there were any injuries on site that would need immediate help before calling their dear Whitecoat, Lucien). Now was time, in the middle of the night, to start a combat training.

    ”Colouredclannes, rise and shine! Fall in line in the main square—we have a mandatory combat training! Some friends of the Skulls, Darkclan, and Westeros may be joining us if they are happy enough to make the journey at this hour, ” the western voice of Fright amplified in the darkness and through the town. He was excited to hold this and it would be focused on defensive tactics rather than attacking. It was best to get down how to defend yourself in a fight before making a leap as bold as an all-out attack.

    The draconic servaline then patiently waited for his friends to gather before he’d continue.

  • light a candle for the kids, jesus christ don't keep it hid !

    "Why do we have to do this so early...?" Arcade asked with a quiet drawl, her tired eyes blinking. This would be... a complete struggle, to say the least. It was dark, and the lack of light blanketed her and made it so easy to simply... fall of her paws and take a nap then and there. With that realization, she did a nervous jog around the clearing before falling in.

    She was young... but she needed practice, and she was certain that this would be good for her. And despite all of this, this was mandatory... at her rank, she probably needed to show... despite how frivolous it would look to the other clans attending.

    ( I went to a afjrotc camp a couple years back and this reminded me of it haha ;v; )


    I went out into the night, I went out to pick a fight with anyone.

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    Hearing Fright's call outside his home, Twist was half-tempted to cover his ears and try and get back to sleep. After all, he was not a morning person. Oftentimes, he slept well into the morning. But, he had assigned Frightfur this task. Also, he needed battle practice as much as anyone.

    With a great amount of effort, Twisted managed to pad over to the two, standing beside Aracade as he struggled to keep his head up. "Yeah, 'at this hour'? Definitely not what I had in mind," the munchkin mumbled, his expression one of clear distaste. He should be asleep right now. Wasn't training half-awake dangerous? Like, what if he feel asleep while he was sparring with someone and got pummeled?

  • ★ ★ ★ The pregnant female would slip over slowly. Silently eyeing the three before speaking. "Early bird gets the worm, I suppose." She mused as her tail curled over her back.





  • You found love within the arms of another instead of this heart of mine

    And that’s fine because I would do the same and I would leave metags

    The male hadn't really slept well the night before, so it was no surprise that he was already awake and heading in the general direction of the bootcamp. Training held no real purpose for him nor did he care for it. Running and exercising just wasn't his cup of tea when people were looking and besides, he was quite active with all the aimless wandering he did. Sure, it screwed up his sleep shedule, but he wasn't sleeping much anyway. His ears would flicker momentarily backwards, mismatched orbs blinking slowly. Apparently he had miss heard the entire thing and assumed training to merely mean 'running'. They would be fighting each other then, he assumed. "I'll do it." The words slipped out of his mouth before he could really assess them. He, upon giving it another second thought, decided he actually really didn't care. The entire thing wasn't a good idea for him, but he'd play anyway.

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  • Curtaincall would've happily passed this training session up if Frightfur hadn't mentioned 'mandatory'. She apparently wasn't being given the option to pass it up. A tired Curt would pull up beside Lucien and plant her ass on the ground, eyes heavy-lidded, too tired to make her displeasure evident.

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  • !♥! Sleep was a fickle thing for Noelle; having several minds yelling and arguing in the late hours of the night made it rather difficult to get a good amount of it, especially when her companion was never awake to help quiet down the bickering of her collection of souls. She had gotten fairly used to getting little rest - did she really require sleep to survive? she wasn't quite sure about that -, but she was still thankful when she was able to slip into a state of slumber. Both fortunately and unfortunately, it was not one of those times she was thankful of, leading the feline who had previously been taking a small walk to head over to the group. Might as well join in since it was classified as mandatory and since she was awake. As the hybrid took a seat, she gave a light smile towards those who were present, wrapping her glowing scarf around her crimson paws as she awaited further instructions.




  • The colorful lights distracted the ferret from having a look around at first, the colors catching her eye and tempting her to find colored lights of her own for the Skulls if she could later on. It didn't look like any of her crewmates were here yet, but there were other faces she recognized. Taking a seat close by the weapons but not grabbing one since she'd brought her own dagger with her, she waved a forepaw to those already present before waiting for the session to begin. It was early, far earlier than she would prefer, but it didn't bother her terribly to attend at such a hour, not when she could use the practice.

  • Greymatter yawned as she strolled in, trying to blink away the remnants of sleepiness that clung to her fur. She'd stayed up late last night, completely forgetting about the combat session that awaited her before dusk. She had been tempted to just roll over and continue sleeping. Except...her combat skills were very rusty. It'd been a while since she actively engaged herself in combat of any kind. She'd been able to get away with this as a medic, but she couldn't justify it any longer as a leader.

    "I'm here," She murmured as she took a seat near her adopted daughter.


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  • Miu arrived, half asleep and blinking his tired eyes. He was sure this didn’t apply to him. He hadn’t began his training according to Colouredclan tradition. He didn’t know how to fight or defend himself very well. He didn’t really want to hurt anyone, ever, not even a fly. Yet…

    The kid still attended the training. He needed to look as much like his older clanmates as possible if he wanted to be anything more than deadweight, so he was here. At first it shocked him to see a lady from the Skulls among them and the crowd at this hour was big enough for him to bet that nobody was planning on sleeping anymore. ”So this is what it looks like after midnight? Oh…” the child mewed with a tiny chuckle as if he’d amused himself with his own statement. He never stayed up late. He was a good kid and he went to bed when his parents told him too. Finally, he focused as best he could in his tired state of mind. His mother had to have something important to show them all if she’d called them together so suddenly…

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  • ★ ★ ★ Leo would stroll in and take a seat. Ears perked and eyes calm. He needed to learn this, after all.





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  • *:・゚✦ Caspian Mallister

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    Caspian was next to come, movements more stiff and himself obviously guarded in front of all the strangers. At least Leopald was here, but he wasn't sure how much of a comfort the little pup was. Nevertheless, he always felt he could use the training, as he always wanted to get better and better at it. After all, it was no secret he was only a feline in a world with wolves and dragons and lions, so small and weak compared to everyone else. No, he needed to get better if he wanted to defend his homeland and hold his own in a fight. So, he traveled to the other group, joining the others.


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