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    Hi, and welcome to my art shop.

    I'm a digital + traditional artist who goes by Harvest (currently) on FeralFront, and archeroni on deviantArt. I've been producing art related to the FF community for three years. I live in the U.K where I study a-level art (specifically the anatomy of humans and animals), biology and chemistry with the aim of becoming a veterinary surgeon.

    This here is my shop, where you can commission me to draw for you. Please note the following;

    What I can draw for you:


    How much do you charge?

    - It may vary depending on complexity and the time in takes, but the following is a solid estimate:
    - headshots; $12 (+/- $1)

    - fullbodies; $20 (+/- $1)

    - reference sheets; $25

    - original designs; $23

    - I will ask for the money halfway through completion of your commission. Please do not pay until I ask you to, but make sure you have enough to pay in full when I do ask.

    I'd like to order from you!

    Best thing I will have heard all day, I can promise you (;

    1. Fullbody/headshot/originaldesign/referencesheet:
    2. References/art/description:
    3. Species/specification: eg. is your character a kitsune but looks very feline?
    4. Expression/attitude:
    5. Pose:
    6. Other: eg. do you want flowers, constellations or sparkles around your character?

    I have a question!

    q. how long will you take to draw it once I place an order?

    a. it depends a lot - I'm in school obviously, and I like to study for at least three hours a night. My weekends are usually full as I go to a large animal vet practice and milk cows, so I tend to fit in hours whenever I can for commissions. This is why I don't request money until I'm about 1 hour from finishing, and I request you ensure you have enough money to pay me when I ask because I will have put a lot of effort into scraping together the time to draw for you.

    q. discounts?

    a. maybe, if you've ordered a lot from me before i'll probably give you a bit of a discount, especially if it's around halloween or christmas or something ~

    q. art trade with me?

    a. again, maybe, PM me with examples - I will have to say no if you're not at a skill level near mine (i'm so sorry for sounding so bitchy rip) but it may also just be because i'm way too busy


    1. yetinsane (fullbody) / not started

    2. thelittledipster (headshot) / not started

    3. rakue (no. 1)


    1. rakue (no. 2)




    ich spreche deutsch, 日本語を話します, tá gaeilge agam

    instagram @brrrigid

    character gallery

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    I guess I'm buying a headshot then

    I'm really busy today so I'll post the actual form when I have more time to actually look at this thread for stuff but what's a rough estimate for how much you'd charge for a headshot for Eden? Basically just a plain white Turkish Angora with heterochromia & wings and very minor kitsune patterns on the bridge of the nose.

  • Sure thing! I'm getting some extra money tonight from babysitting so once I get paid tonight I'll contribute to your Vet supply fund <33

    I also have to figure out how to set up a paypal rip