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    NAME rinto osiris-xerses

    - nicknames rin, rinny, toe

    GENDER trans male [afab]

    AGE 12 months

    - mental age 2 years

    PARENTS snickersstar xerses x aspen osiris [G4]

    - relations snickersstar was a former leader of shadowclan, and is the son of hostesscupcakes, another leader of shadowclan. hostesscupcake's mother is candyfangs, a former deputy of shadowclan. aspen was a deputy of boneclan.

    ALLIANCE extended shadowclan

    - rank duskguard [high position] & spiritcaller [medic]

    - former ranks shadowclan deputy, shadowclan medic apprentice


    PERSONALITY rinto, on the surface, is an optimistic, bubbly boy with lots of love in his heart. on the outside, he appears to be a good-natured kid who can be shy sometimes and stutters. he puts up a facade of sweet innocence, trying to dazzle his way through life. in reality, he is a jealous, manipulative person with malice inside, and would not hesitate to kill anyone who got in the way of his love life. he is violent and sadomasochistic, and is constantly plotting ways to kill those who he sees as a threat. however, there is still some compassion in his heart; those he cares about will be deeply protected... to a horrifying extent.

    - myer briggs type ISFJ [the defender]

    - hogwarts house slytherin

    RELATIONSHIP dating luca kagamine

    - former lovers wildpaw, shiftingthoughts

    - best friends luca

    - cares about luca, sango, radioactiveplague, setekh, ayano


    APPEARANCE rinto is a shorthair tabby cat with regular tabby markings. he is a light chocolate brown with deeper brown stripes running over his body, with hints of white on his chest, paws, and his tail, alongside little dots on his face that resemble freckles. he is on the chubby side, with some extra fat from his sugar-filled diet. he has small, dainty paws with large ears. he has lovely pastel-pink eyes. he is sometimes seen wearing an orange scarf to hide his neck injury.

    - species domestic feline [shorthair tabby]

    - references

    HEALTH 90% [vampire bite on neck - from luca]

    - mental health 70%

    - illnesses / disorders borderline personality disorder, depression, low self esteem


    DIFFICULTY medium

    - mental difficulty easy

    RULES can powerplay nonviolent actions / tag RINTO O.X. when attacking



    tags // plot

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    Rinto was born to Snickersbar Xerses, the deputy of Shadowclan, and Aspen Osiris, a deputy of now what was known as The Rift, years ago, in a time nearly forgotten. Rinto, if you asked him, couldn't even remember the leader that led when he was a small child. Rinto grew up a generally supportive environment in both The Rift and Shadowclan, though finally decided to live in the Shadowclan with his father. As he got older, he got curious in the medical field; seeing his knowledge, Awolnation, the head medicine cat, began mentoring him.

    Rinto, alongside Konoha and then later Commonpaw, worked as a medic apprentice for Shadowclan. He was not particularly skilled, he had no natural gift; to offset this, he stayed up late studying, desperately wanting the approval of his father.

    His mother died of an unknown illness, and Rinto, heartbroken and five months old, went into a depressive episode and became less active in his medical studies. Awol tried consoling him, though it was no use; Rinto blamed himself for his mother's death, for he had medical knowledge and could have saved there if he had been leader.

    Soon after, the leader of Shadowclan perished, leaving his father Snickersbar to step up and become Snickersstar. Rinto was so happy to be the child of a leader that his depression nearly faded over night; he gained respect and the envy of the others just for his relations now. However, as his father became obsessed with his job, he grew apart from Rinto.

    Over time, Snickersstar became less and less active, with clanmates starting to worry about him and his claim to leadership. Rinto tried not to concern himself with it; his dad had worked so hard, why would he just vanish? He was sure they'd find him.

    They never did. An entity came down from the sky, calling themselves the Star Council, and promoted the deputy Angelbeats to lead the clan. Rinto was devastated. Everyone had accepted his father as dead, but he couldn't, and stayed up late, wondering where his father was.

    Rinto met a male named Wildpaw, and fell in love with him. They dated for a short time, but Wildpaw was soon found dead and Rinto forced himself to move on.

    One fateful day, they found an injured Snickersstar outside the clan. Rinto was so happy he started crying, but those tears turned to ones of sadness as Snickersstar died in the young medic apprentice's paws from injuries.

    Angelbeats' reign was short and uneventful; soon, he was replaced by Redvelvet. Redvelvet, though sympathetic to Rinto's issues, generally didn't care for him or the medic team, for she didn't believe the clan needed medics anymore. In one swift strike, she demoted all of those on the medic team.

    Rinto, from both the death of his father and his demotion, was so depressed he ran away from the clan, desperate to just stop existing.

    Time passed, and Rinto returned to the clan he knew as home. Radioactiveplague was leader, and Rinto quickly befriended many with his wit and charm, despite still hurting on the inside from his past in the clan. He rose in the ranks faster than most, and many were left wondering how the young male did it so quickly.

    His life changed when he met a femme named Shiftingthoughts. She fell madly in love with him, and out of sympathy, Rinto began dating her, but soon developed feelings for her too. However, her caring and nurturing nature soon turned out to be a facade, and she begun openly abusing Rinto physically and mentally. Rinto, having never been in a relationship besides a short fling with Wildpaw, accepted it, much to the objection of his friends such as Sango and Setekh.

    When he stood as deputy of Shadowclan, Shiftingthoughts manipulated Rinto to abandon the clan, promising her love if he did, telling him that Radio, Setekh, and Sango all secretly hated him. He agreed blindly and the two fled, living as joiners. Soon after, though, Shifting told him it was a lie; the next morning, she had hung herself.

    Rinto then traveled as a loner for a short time, and met up with his past lover, Wildpaw, who had changed his name to Sciencefiction. Rinto fell in love with him and even promised to marry him; but before this could happen, Sciencefiction died unnaturally and quickly.

    Rinto, distraught, returned to Shadowclan, torn and turning to alcohol and sleeping around as a coping method. He cried tears of joy, glad to see that Sango was still around. He met Sango's son, a handsome hellhound named Luca, and fell madly in love with him. Rinto began obsessing over the male, and then when Luca went to dual-join with The Sanctuary, Rinto followed. Soon, with Rinto's stalking of Luca, Rinto discovered Luca was dating Willow, and immediately Rinto began to hate the other femme, sending her threatening letters.

    In The Sanctuary, Rinto was promoted to Acolyte, but his loyalty to the clan was wavering as he stopped caring too much about them. Rinto was promoted to Duskguard in Shadowclan, and knowing he'd rather serve Shadowclan than The Sanctuary, he left The Sanctuary.

    Then, soon after his return to Shadowclan, he was made a Spiritcaller; a healer. He would then proceed to travel to other clans to gain more medical knowledge.



    tags // plot

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