Emotions like Twisting Vines [bxg, female needed, pafp]

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  • (Perhaps eventually going after him and trying to convince him to come back? Otherwise I have nothing. Their relationship is nowhere close enough where I would put the attack on the empire yet)

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  • Yuzuki hadn’t talked to Haru in at least two weeks. Though, she thought he didn’t want to see her. Which, she knew was probably true. However, she actually missed him. She didn’t understand why, but she wanted to make things right. She ordered her servants to make a few desserts for him. Cupcakes and some cookies. She didn’t think that would just be enough, but she had them made anyway

    The ride to his temple was agonizing. Yuzuki was extremely nervous for this. She hadn’t warned Haru she was coming, which now that she thought about it, she should’ve. However, he probably knew she was coming. She couldn’t sit still, constantly shifting or recrossing her legs. She didn’t know what to think, but she feared the worst. She knew Haru was angry with her, for many things. However, she wanted to at least apologize to him. Again.

    The carriage came to a slow stop. She took a deep breath, not waiting for her butler to help her step down. She turned back to the carriage, grabbing the two nicely made boxes that held the desserts. Her butler tried to grab them for her, but she simply growled. “I want to do this on my own, leave me be.” She hissed. She sighed, walking towards the door. She put simply knocked on the door, not wanting to enter without Harus permission.

  • Haru, shameful to admit it, had returned to the palace during the two weeks that Yuzuki hadn't spoken a single word to him. It was mostly out of the fact that he couldn't just run off, if he were to even disappear from the country there would be an uproar about it and he couldn't simply leave the country that Mai-Jing cared for dearly. However, harboring anger within him was quite an easy task for him to do, he had been angry, frustrated and very displeased with the current empress, although he knew she didn't intend to offend him, she still managed to do so anyways.

    However, two weeks with only silence from the empress and Haru not leaving the temple when he had finally returned from his brief "running away" had left him in quite a lonely mood. It was unusual at least for the empress to ignore his presence, especially for a long period of time and even at first if it gave him some reason to keep his annoyance and anger against Yuzuki, it didn't last for too long. Instead, he found himself merely sitting in the silence of his temple, alone with only his thoughts and his brief visions that plagued him. It felt extremely depressing, and gradually he had rarely bothered to even sit in the main hall of the temple and instead went to his quiet room and slept the rest of the day.

    However, hearing a knock of the temple door his eyes had slowly opened as he suppressed a yawn from leaving him. Slowly, he had straightened himself out to look at least somewhat presentable, making his way to the main hall and sitting down as he usually would do. "Come in." There seemed to be a lot less energy in his tone of voice, quite odd since Haru seemed to always be alert and energetic, however his response seemed subdued and almost quiet. He refused to acknowledge that he felt lonely though, with how prideful he was that would be no surprise, yet his actions alone seemed to show it.

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    Re-posting really old threads from old accounts. I will be very active from now on... or at least I'm trying to be. :3

  • Yuzuki noticed the lack of energy in his town. She was taken a bit back, but shook it off. She was hesitant, before opening the door. She presented the desserts first. “I brought a gift..” She spoke, her own tone filled with nervousness rather than her usual, stubborn and somewhat confident tone. She slowly entered, looking to Haru.

    “Before you tell me to leave,” She began. “I had my best cooks make you these treats. I wanted to apologize.” She sighed. “Haru, I was completely in the wrong that day we went to the capital. I was just trying to make things easier for you. All I wanted to do was get that walking stick for you. Speaking of which, has it come in yet?” She tilted her head, though shook her head. “Besides the point. Haru, I shouldn’t have left you. I shouldn’t have gotten so angry with you.” She sighed. “I’m sorry for being such an annoyance in your life.” She looked at him with sad eyes.

    After a moment, she moved to approach him. She sat the two boxes in front of him hesitantly. Her hands were shaking a bit. She quickly folded them in front of herself. “I..” She started. “I’ll leave you be now, Haru. Once again, I’m sorry. I was very childish.” She bit her lip, turning to leave. She made her way to the door, hoping he’d say something.

  • Ah.. Haru looked up towards the doors, taking notice of Yuzuki though he didn't know how to react. How could he in this situation? Two weeks without speaking to her, and now here she was before him though before he could even speak, she had spoken before him in which he fell silent, allowing her to break through the overbearing silence of the temple. Her apologies were nervous, not at all what he had anticipated and his gaze turned to look at the boxes that she had placed before him, his silence remaining as her apologies continued. This woman..

    His silence stretched on as she had turned away from him and went towards the door, finally he had spoken up, "Wait." His voice didn't have the usual snip to it, perhaps because he was a bit startled that she had apologized so sincerely, or maybe it was just he was thinking over her words, but there wasn't any hostility towards her, simply it seemed that Haru was composed, a bit too calm which was different from his usual attitude. "..You really are frustrating sometimes, but I don't necessarily find you completely unpleasant."

    "...I forgive you... for everything." He said those words softly, quietly. Not just for the incident within the capital but for Mai-Jing's death as well. He grieved long enough, the two weeks to himself had shown him that much. Besides, he tired himself out on his useless fights with Yuzuki. For the sake of his sanity, and perhaps hers as well, he wanted at least some sort of peace of mind. And even if he was too stubborn to admit it, perhaps her presence did make him feel a lot less lonely even if she did manage to flare up his temper more often than not.

    "It would be best if we stop fighting like this, at least for the country." Haru let out a sigh, "..Even if you are an incompetent Empress, I guess you're not too terrible to serve." Haru gaze focused instead upon the boxes, now avoiding looking at her entirely. It seemed in his own way, he was pledging his loyalty to her, a least a little bit. It simply wouldn't do if Haru remained rebellious against her forever, and even it seemed like the young man had grown tired of their constant fighting. It wasn't much, but at least it seemed like some progress had been made unintentionally with making Haru at least a bit less hostile towards Yuzuki for a little while.

    Currently obsessed with Katanagatari ~<3

    Re-posting really old threads from old accounts. I will be very active from now on... or at least I'm trying to be. :3

  • Yuzuki stopped as he told her to wait. She smiled slightly, but frowned as she turned around. “Hmm..?” She tensed as he began forgiving her. “Haru.. really..?” She was shocked. She didn’t expect this. She expected his yelling and anger. She gulped. She nodded. She moved her way over to him, confused with his words. Though, she nodded.

    She waited for him to finish speaking. “I.. agree. I’ll try not to be so incompetent anymore.” She smiled gently. “Haru, I am ecstatic that you’ve forgiven me, and I’m even more ecstatic that we can begin to work together properly. Hopefully with less bickering.” She smiled. “Though, you never answered my question. Did you receive that walking stick? Or do I need to have a meeting with the shop owner?”