S(p)arks & Fire

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  • "I swear, I didn't think he would hurt her!" The Athena boy promises, looking horrified. "I thought he was just going to knock her out, take out your best player- but then he- I had to get help, I couldn't just leave her-"

  • Cho's eyes fall on the single unbuckled latch on Milly's armor and she suddenly becomes sick to the stomach. "Rose- find an adult. The Doctor or a counsellor or- someone."

    It is physically impossible for Milly to curl up tighter, but she tries it anyway. At this point, she wouldn't say no to hugs.

  • Rory can give her hugs. Tenative, shaky hugs because they were barely friends before she was attacked and now she was almost raped and he doesn't know if she wants hugs. But he's willing to try, gently, and see how she responds.

  • She leans into his embrace, taking comfort from the fact that she's not alone. He didn't get her but he could've and he was so close and- she doesn't want to think about it.

  • Time passes. The Aphrodite girl returns with a counsellor. The story is repeated, from everyone's point of view. In the distance, Apollo wins the laurels- but nobody here cares about that right now. Grayle's body is taken away and Milly is led back to the Big House.

  • All of the counsellors meet. They unanimously decide that Grayle was at fault, and Milly will not be punished for killing him. In the official announcement, no names are named apart from Grayle's himself. He was "involved in an attack on another camper" and "was fatally injured during the attack." It has "been dealt with and all involved have been punished appropriately." Nobody has to know what he tried to do, or who he tried to do it to. All everyone knows is that he attacked someone, and was killed for it.

  • Milly tenses when she feels warm arms enveloping her body, but immediately relaxes as she recognizes their owner.

    "It'll be okay, Amelia. He'll never hurt you again." The Doctor tells her, rubbing circles on her back as she collapses into his hug.

  • Rory watches this exchange with interest. He is ready to protect Milly at a moment's notice- although, he might be very bad at protecting- but she seems to know this newcomer.

  • Milly hugs him for several more seconds before breaking away, looking up at him with a watery smile. "You're back."

    The Doctor is smiling too, but there is something else hidden behind his gaze. Guilt, anger, sadness... he wants to find Grayle and kill him all over again, but doesn't want to leave Milly's side.

  • "I came back as soon as I heard- they had to Iris-message me about the incident, and I was on the first bus back."

    Milly finally remembers that Rory is present. She steps away from the Doctor awkwardly. "Rory, this is the Doctor- he's in charge of the whole camp. And Doctor, this is Rory. He's the newest camper, unclaimed."

  • "Lovely to meet you, Rory!" The Doctor exclaims, hopping over several sleeping bags to give him a hug. "And friend of Amelia's is a friend of mine."

    Milly rolls her eyes, hiding a smile. "Milly." She reminds him, although she knows he knows.

    "You'll always be Amelia to me." He smiles, releasing Rory.

  • Rory didn't know her name was Amelia. He files this away under information that isn't useful right now, gratefully extracting himself from the hug when the Doctor lets him go. "It's, er, it's nice to meet you too."

  • Well then, he does not mind being embarrassed. If that's what it takes for his Dream Girl to laugh.

    "Isn't the campfire supposed to start soon?"

  • It is! The Doctor excuses himself- he has a special seat at the campfire, which unfortunately enough is not near the campers' benches. Milly leads Rory out to the campfire, which is just starting up.