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    GENDER: Male

    ALLIANCE: The Shadowed Veil / member of End Game + it's resistance group

    CURRENT RANK: Shadowkeeper


    - Black jaguar/panther.



    It was easy to say that Fragilepast was a strange creature. He was aggressive, sarcastic, witty, though very obviously cared for his family in a way that contradicted some of his more negative attributes; and there was not even a point in addressing his psychical appearance- that was its own category of odd in itself.

    did you fall from heaven because you're out of this world


    - probably likes kids but tries not to show it

    - bluffs and lies through his teeth

    - tries to avoid awkward situations but always gets caught in them

    "actually," it was drawn out obnoxiously, act-chew-lee, " you gotta max out his approval to unlock the dumb name backstory. so pay attention to dialogue options and give him the gifts you find in-game - eventually you'll get the cutscene that triggers his companion quest." valo-kas stated immediately, and though they knew it was a joke they weren't really sure what they were referring to. it was just something they had to make a joke about. valo-kas sat down to eyeball the joiner long and hard to ponder what the hell a cutscene was.

    "uh. welcome aboard, anyway."

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    "Fragilepast was one to know abusive fathers. His name did not refer to his multiple takeovers of the Thunderlands, nor his past condolences with his lovers being killed by his own paws. Instead it was a referral to his abusive past. He did not enjoy the name, though it was a well known one, but it kept it's true meaning to himself. Before the name, he had been 'Flaw.' A horrid name by his own father's wicked demise. Minus that, there were the horrid beatings. All the claw marks that were left in his old wolf body ranged from deep gashes to the smallest of paper cuts. Each one told the day's story. Deep down, he chose to forget those memories. Juno should not have the pleasure of knowing his abuse had an impact on his son. The lion would like to think it didn't. Sadly, it did have an impact on him and he was practically the spitting image of his father's own harsh tendencies. The nightwatcher did not want the same to come of anyone else who happened to live with the troubles of abuse."


    Fragilepast had went insane around three years ago. His parents had abused him when he was apart of the wolf pack for being a runt, but thankfully he escaped and found Thunderclan. It seemed like a blessing. He was quickly deemed as Fragiledust the scout. Months later, he met the love of his life. This woman was the only one he admired for plenty of time, Bloomingflower, but just like Alexander Hamilton, he was seduced by an enchantress named Morningcloud. Tempted to choose, he broke off from Bloomingflower and seized Morningcloud.

    Certainly, things took a turn. A man, of course, is not born evil. There is always a breaking point. A hate for Thunderclan arose from deep within, but a contradicting thought of love for the clan was also there. It drove him mad. Was he supposed to love the hate... or keep it within? Everything was bottled up inside him. Talking about any past or bad stigma caused him to break before the Thunderclanner's eyes. Eventually due to this, the lovers broke it off as his anger issues arose and his sanity crumbled to pieces. Soon he traveled off to Darkclan.

    Darkclan had took over Thunderclan and he hopped on the takeover train, becoming takeover deputy. These were the people he despised. In front of his children and his former lovers, he shouted like a fool or sliced and diced the nearest Thunderclanner who pissed him off. It felt fantastic. This was an awakening of who he really was. Morningcloud had pissed him off during the takeover and he slaughtered her, along with faking three suicides of other clanners. Plenty more torturing was to come and murders.

    Unfortunately he came crawling back. Fragilepast had lied his way back into Thunderclan. Morningcloud had reincarnated and was still present, which would be another disadvantage to him. She spread hate for him. Fragilepast understood her intentions though, as he was disloyal. Otherwise, the vicious tiger had the intention of getting through the ranks again. Soon his soul merged with the King of Hell's and took the position of sentry. Shortly after he attempted to murder Witchingstar, wiping her memories before he escaped.

    Afterwards he found Will Graham and Hannibal have Lecter. They formed the 'thirsty threesome' and joined together in a three way marriage. It wasn't the healthiest relationship because, like Fragilepast, they had the tendency to manipulate and slaughter everyone in their way. To mention that William Graham became leader after he died and used the name 'Fragilestar' to represent his sadness after his passing.

    Quickly he rose through the ranks. He became a vice-leader alongside Morningcloud and Wildlife. In an attempt to get rid of them so he could overthrow them and Witchingstar, he attempted to burn them alive. His attempt failed and there was no way to erase their memories. They quickly reported to Witchingstar. Soon after he was exiled.

    After the exile, he went off to Thunderclan's biggest enemy at the time: Bloodclan. They were cruel creatures and he'd been abused, beaten, and killed by them many times. Sadly, it was his only choice. As he was there he grew a worse hate to Bloodclan than Thunderclan. A plan was hastily devised. He whipped up the idea of a Thunderclan takeover, but the Bloodclanners didn't know he would turn on them and have Thunderclan attack them instead. It was the perfect bamboozle.

    Unfortunately it didn't go as planned. During the takeover he was taken by strangers and was killed. Now he was here.

    JUNE 2017-LATE NOVEMBER 2017.

    Two years.

    Two damn years in hell.

    That meant two years of paperwork and dealing with his demons bullshit. Over time, he grew bored. Yet, he was called upon to come back to Earth back in July and soon his boredom was solved. The King of Hell was at his finest again, under the name of Jason Sterling. Why, he was loved! He did not act like himself and treated all with the greatest respect, but only found himself dreading his return on the inside. He practically cracked under the pressure. 'They didn't know. They don't know what I've done,' he complained, knowing he did not deserve the kindness. This was his second to make things better though. So, he indulged into showing his true form to Zjarr. No denial from him. There were bigger problems though. Although, he believed all was well and soon went to the leaders to discuss the topic. Deutschland and Feliciano(then known as Veneziano and Germanicus), thankfully, accepted him for who he was and explained that Deutschland too had a past of his own. No matter what, second chances were allowed. Technically his third chance, but it would do. Third time's a charm.

    So, he rose through the ranks. The proud deputy of Thunderclan, now known as The Thunderlands, made an impact within his clan. He took action against Sasha, held events, and created bonds with his clanmates that made him feel better about himself. The former alcoholic had no cigarettes he wanted to smoke or anyone to screw over. All was well within the word. It was if the reign of Moxiestar had blessed him and given him his old past back. Fragilepast had his truest shot on the world, but soon the problems had arisen and the past caught up to him when he should of been focusing on his future. Fragilepast slowly began to drink and indulge himself as a reward for his actions, only for it to slap him across the face. He should've stayed dead. Clanmates rallied around him, only for him to fall back into a pit once again. Soon they started to notice him slipping and drifted away before offering any help to his condition. Surely, Deutschland suggested change, but he did not listen. He did not care. Stubborn. The only man that could change Fragilepast was himself. Unfortunately, even he did not see hope in his future in the midst of his greed.

    Perhaps there was a change of fate though. All starting with one person.

    Sekhmet. The poor girl. Fragilepast had fallen for her fast. It was a true head over heels situation. How bad Hefound the woman he truly loved after trying so hard all these year? For once he did not want a trophy wife, but rather a family that he could love and support, even if it put him at risk. What was the point of trying though? Deutschland did not care. He did not support their relationship and wanted nothing to do with Shadowclan, hence Fragilepast's anger shooting through the roof and his intentions to get her growing strong. For once, he found someone. The key to his rehabilitation into a good man. No, a better man. Yet, there was no support from his clanmates either. Why couldn't they support him for once? Didn't they see that he found someone that he truly loved, even if it was with a former enemy? The Thunderlands wanted him to get better, but there was no hope if they weren't willing to expand their options. After all, they couldn't just give up their relationship. It went deeper than most though. Sekhmet had delivered a fatal vampire bite to him that corrupted him and formed a bond between the two. Every move, thought, and pain she experienced was shared with him, along with the other way around. With combined efforts, they were making sure one another were not hurt or feeling down. His clanmates did still not see the point and eventually wanted the relationship dissolved before their eyes. Certainly, there was no hope. Sekhmet was on the mind and soon he would slip deeply to do her bidding, slaving around her at every given moment within their bond.

    Shadowclan and The Thunderlands had drafted a neutrality, one that would allow them to form a true relationship. Fragilepast was thrilled. Even with Deutschland breathing into his neck, he had a shot at life, but not until Deutschland broke that treaty and attempted to dissolve Shadowclan's takeover in Windclan. Further complications came into play. Sekhmet was pregnant. The female had told him already and it was growing urgent for them to find a solution to their problems. A family had to be together. Sekhmet pushed for neutrality again, but was soon captured to the Blackheart Rouges. They tortured his pregnant mate and abused her in every way possibly, leaving the two bonded mates in throbbing pain. Eventually, he rushed to go get her. Everything seemed alright with Sekhmet and Fragilepast sensed no complications with her afterwards. Sadly, the damage had already been done.

    Four panther children were born in front of their eyes. One, though, was not breathing. A stillborn laid before them. The panther shook in furiosity after arriving back to The Thunderlands, screaming for revenge. His eyes went crimson. A demon, he was. Most knew, but others were stunned and appalled at his introductions for brutality, along with the state he was currently in. This was the side that no one wanted to see of Fragilepast. Greedy, demonic, and unapproachable Fragilepast who wanted justice for those who had done wrong and wouldn’t stop before his path was cleared.

    Now was the final straw.

    A meme video of his history.


    Unfinished family tree.



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    Work in Progress

    - "Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past." is a quote by George Orwell about the meaning of Testify.


    FACE CLAIMS: (from theme weeks)

    - Sandor Clegan from Game of Thrones
    - Negan from The Walking Dead

    - Mr. Gold / Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon A Time

    - Mr. Hyde from Once Upon A Time

    - Lucifer from Fox's Lucifer

    - Crowley from Supernatural

    - Crowley from Good Omens

    - The Riddler from Gotham

    - Oswald Cobblepot from Gotham

    - Oswald Cobblepot from Arkham City

    - Raymond 'Red' Reddington from The Blacklist

    - The Vulture / Tommes from Spider-Man: Homecoming

    - James Moriarty from Sherlock

    - Loki from Thor: The Dark World(and so on)

    - Scar from The Lion King

    - Hopper from Stranger Things

    - Dr Brenner from Stranger Things


    "I'm not the bad guy. Deutschland kills people with his decisions."


    "No. I did not want to be this way..."

    Fragilepast: Does the stuff no one else wants to do for the sake of good.

    "I care for these people and my clan!"

    Fragilepast shocking someone and causing mental damage, even PTSD, to prove his point.

    Using people's weaknesses and exploiting them for good and bad.

    Impulsive hate for Deutschland.

    Forgiveness is bullshit.

    Treat the kids right or they turn out like garbage.

    Who's wanted to kill me before?

    Laziness level.

    What I'm actually getting.

    What I need.

    mood tbh

    The talk.

    "I made a list! A list of all the sluts I missed!" - Bo Burnham

    Toleration and hate.


    Undecided until human AUs pop up.

    - Eric Rutherford x x x