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    - marcelene

    - female

    - 16 months (ages at roleplayer's discretion)

    - pansexual/panromantic

    - single

    - npc x npc

    - created 8/18/17

    - bloodclan member

    - faceclaim is scarlett leithold

    - played by sheep


    - [MAIN + BIRTH ] marcelene's birth body is a chinook dog. her coat is mostly tan, though she has white on her chest, paws and belly. her ears are dark brown and fade to black at the tips. her frame is tall and scrawny, not much muscle but not fragile. her muzzle fades to black toward her nose, so most of her appearance if standard for her breed. her eyes, however, are unusual. her right eye is blood red and flecked with both deeper and lighter shades of the same color. her left eye is a light, muted seafoam color mixed with hints of grey.


    - marcelene is a cunning and sly individual. she will stop at nothing to get what she wants and often uses deceitful tactics to achieve her goals. she knows how to make others do what she wants and uses this to her advantage. marcelene is an exceptional liar and she is dishonest by nature. she greatly values likability and tries to befriend as many people as she can as she thinks it will be rewarding in the long run. she usually finds herself using flattery to get what she wants. she is ambitious and somewhat greedy, always longing to gain more power in anything and everything she does. despite the trickery which she often uses, marcelene is a generally friendly and humorous girl. she is very observant and is very good at picking up feelings, auras and emotions. she is also skilled at finding the positive things in situations and calming others down when they are worked up. she is sarcastic and dry and often makes unnecessary comments. she has little to respect for authority others than leaders and bosses and doesn't care when she angers those who hold higher positions than she does. she often plays pranks or tricks on people and loves a good joke, even though sometimes they can be slightly cruel. marcelene is fiercely protective of those she cares for, seeing as there are not many people close to her and she wants to keep those that are around.

    - friendly, humorous, observant, intelligent, witty, charming

    - ambitious, acerbic, determined, facetious, extroverted, reckless, protective

    - dishonest, deceitful, recalcitrant, arrogant, sly


    - no relationships, no crushes, no maybe crushes

    - 1/2 of nothing

    - 1/4 of nothing


    - medium physically, medium mentally

    - tag if attacking

    - no maim or kill

    - will start and finish fights

    - easy to befriend, difficult to get close to

    i'm in the top of the hills

    i ain't looking down now!

    tags - played by sheep

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