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  • it had tasted fucking disgusting. this was the least delicious craving that leviathan could take, his pale salmon pink tongue now tainted a dark crimson red as he stared down with horrified wide silver eyes at the limp figure of a hawkclanner. he had not meant to kill them, just take some of their blood. he didn't even desire it yet the hunger for it was a curse that had been laid down upon him by his damned adoptive sister. and just because he had killed a few of her damn weeds! the muscular obsidian black figure was slightly trembling, his troubled expression stitched all of his sharp features as the lithe male forced himself to take a few trembling steps away, his small paws now splattered with blood. it had seemed so quickly. all he remembered was his fangs having a burning sensation. his tar black pupils beginning to have a small reddish glow around them. his stomach feeling like it was ready to implode. his usual strength suddenly faltering. then he had seen a figure shift through the undergrowth. no, he smelled them. he could practically inhale the scent of the blood that pumped through the stranger's veins. his mouth had begun to salivate and his claws instinctively slid out. the next thing, levi knew...his jaws were on another feline's throat.

    like a fruit, levi tore at the exterior skin and the thick juice slowly began to trickle in steady streams into his jaws and down his dry throat. the enriching flavor quenched his sudden thirst and leviathan was blinded with the lust for blood that he forced the writhing feline still, his dark paws pinning the hawkclanner. even though, leviathan was vertically challenged and lacked measurements to be considered the regular feline height for his age, the male held a heavy muscle mass and with his super strength, it was hopeless for the dying body. for a brief moment, levi realized was he was doing and his teeth loosened around the wound, his metallic titanium eyes widening as they locked onto the pale jade green ones of the maine coon. what had he done? before he could try and attempt to stop the bleeding, the yearning returned and he snapped his jaws even harder to tear open the walls of the wound and get more blood. this was a curse. how could levi, someone that appreciated preserving life do this to another feline that didn't deserve it? it was wrong timing, he guessed. had it been a bloodclanner, leviathan wouldn't have felt the swelling guilt that now formed inside his heavy heart.

    once leviathan had finished, he had stepped away from the body, watching it crumple and slump to the floor with a quiet thud. it hardly made a noise. the body that once held a living soul that could have been a talkative and extroverted personality was now gone and a suffocating silence filled the environment around levi. he forgot he was at the border of hawkclan. he forgot about how hot the sun felt on his velvety fur. he forgot about the pool of blood that was beginning to form on the ground before him. all that he remembered was the agonized expression of the now deceased hawkclanner. this had been his first feeding. his first desire to dampen the hypnotic daze of wanting blood. he felt like a fucking monster. azazel was truly twisted for creating him into this. she had been oblivious how awful it weighed down on him that he had created an unnecessary death, one that could have been avoided if it had not been him strolling by. a piercing stab hit the side of his head and levi winced, realizing it was the beginning of a headache. leaning back onto his haunches, the exhausted dazed japanese bobtail felt too empty to try and run away from his crime. this sin was his and only him to blame. he could have tried to suppress it, contain it. but the need for blood was more than emotion that levi could tuck under his mask of apathy.

    not only was a headache coming in but a sudden wave of nausea struck him when he remembered his entire frontside was covered in blood, including his precious cravat. he knew he could clean it off with ease since he was quite infamous for being a cleanfreak in his clan yet the warden hated that this was not his blood but someone else's. and that it was his fault it was stuck to him. he raised a slightly shaking paw to his muzzle, attempting to wipe off the sticky liquid yet levi only managed to smear it more across his face and he blinked, still perplexed if this was reality and not just a twisted fucked up nightmare. it was real. he remembered coming by hawkclan, intending to return to sunclan after his visit to riverclan. that obviously was not the case. the young male shifted uncomfortably, his tired drained stormy gray eyes flickering around the area, wondering he was going to get caught soon. guilt riddled him and he knew he deserved punishment for what he had done. the worry that hawkclan might perceive this as some political attack from sunclan only caused him to remorse even more on what he had done. letting out a heated exasperated sigh, the male closed his hardened gaze and hung his head as he tried thinking of what he should do.




    leviathan arcanium | information | solar commander | salty grain™ | penned by cheeters


      —— if only i could live in that kind of world i dreamed | tags &reference *:・゚✦

    For Inu, this had just been a other day for him with nothing special in mind other then to deciding to take a little bit of a stroll to check on thier borders. He felt like it was more necessery then ever now after the attack the end game of had on the territory and since he not had been there when it had all crashed down felt a tiny bit guilty over it so the last thing he could do was to pick up the leftovers from the destruction, to help out in some other way to make up for when he hadn't been there for Lii-chan. What an amusing suprise to step into something entierly though, the fresh scent of blood and death. Ah, Dimitri loved this scent on the morning of a just commited crime. Heh. Unfortunate though Inu was not supposed to see it like that to share the same views as the king of despair so would instead copy the expresison of fright and shook to suit in better with Inu's character rather then smirking like a fool.

    The blood that filled the nostrils though made the red eye glow Inu's own vampirism able to get out of control at times. It was more fun to let the leash loose and then have a guilt trip about it so people could feel sorry for him. Today was it more of a fortunate day though since Inu was not that much hungry, his senses stronger to who he was and not let it take him down to madness of the desire for blood. But what he faced just had to make the shook turn into suprise because this male, this murder on their border wasn't it? the sunclanner he had meet a while ago?. Wait a moment, so he was a vampire now too?. N-Not had he done that right?!. Panic briefly strike the canine but was forced to push it away since pancing now wouldn't help out at all.

    " T-this is bad... " he spoke out quietly, taking some few daring steps forward as the gaze was locked down on the dead body if someone by pass this bad things could happen. The worst possible thing would be that he would get the blame for it, that Lii-chan would found out what a filthy vampire he was. Oh wasn't that exciting?! Dimitri loved this, and his gaze was drawn to this male how suited in well with this blood on him. The image of the angel took it's present behind Levi, giving that unerving smirk to him again which made something sting back into his heart. What was this?? what was she trying to do?!. A slight blush spread itself across the canine cheeks birefly but it didn't seem to come from Inu this time around or did it?.

    Dimitri tried to not think about it...

    Now where was he? or right!. Focusing himself on the role to play shooked and horrified of what he had descovered." T-This is not g-good at all. " he spoke out his worries again and took one last step forward with ears starting to slight swift themself backwards towards his head. Inu just looked at him from one vampire to the other. He was not even caring special much about what Levi had done more of what would happend if someone found out about this. Lii-chan would chase him away for sure...to-to hate him!. Well that wouldn't be a such suprise now would it?. Out of all times she just needed to pester him now out of all times. That was just perfect.


    -- pureblood vampire | emotional unstable | kitsune | the thunderlands | tags --

  • leviathan held strong golden laced morals of situations that was involved violence was that he would take the responsibility to remove a life from the face of the earth if it was necessary or they were a threat to his loved ones or himself. he had killed before. the motion had become a basic muscle reflex when he had lived in a disgusting landfill as a child, his jaws ready to grip onto the throat of his opponent and just snap the neck of a squirming being. it was rather awful at first, his mind did not really process that he had killed someone when the first body slumped to the floor and his paws dripped with the blood of a stranger. things usually got really dicey when you lived in the slums, you had to survive and endure. he knew they all had desperate measure but leviathan had never really harassed people unless it was for food rations that he could share with his mother. the difficulty of said life had made his expression become dull from wear, his wide childish eyes now dark and holding a thuggish look to it. yet, this time a shocked look washed over his neutral looking face as he knew this was not just self defense or seeking out someone out of vengeance, it had been downright murder. he had actually killed for his own desired intention and not to destroy a threat in his way. how was he going to live with himself after this? would the face of terror from the hawkclanner haunt him during the night? would it flash through his eyes like the hallucination of his mother when he had the summer heat had baked his skull? would he go up to littlestar and admit he had killed one of their comrades?

    his mind was spinning with all the strings of thoughts, combining each of them to create a web of options and ideas. his dark ears twitched as he managed to catch the footsteps of someone coming near him and the murder scene, his powered senses including the vampire addition caused leviathan to basically hear and smell and see things from a very long distance. luckily, he had managed to quickly learn how to control the overpowered senses and toned it down to where he could only smell and hear for about a mile since the distance didn't give him such a painful stabbing headache. not that it mattered, he already had one now. slowly opening his dull graphite gray eyes and raising his bowed head, the obsidian black male was prepared to face his punishment for killing. it would be cowardly if he ran away from it, it would only make him like a bloodclanner. however, just as his apathetic glare landed onto the appearing figure, his eyes widened when he realized who it was. his upper lip slightly curled up, exposing his small blood-stained fangs as he didn't want inu to get close since the last time they had met, it had not been so friendly. however, leviathan would have much preferred that the mutated shepherd over his disgusting bothersome sister who had created him into a bloodsucker. "no shit, sherlock...." he muttered, his voice groggy and dry as the thick blood was a bit of a difficulty for him to swallow. yet he had an apologetic frown lacing his blood stained muzzle as the japanese bobtail slowly rose to his slightly shaking paws, trying to ignore how the fresh crimson liquid dribbled down from his lips to his ivory white cravat. letting a low sigh escape his jaws, he briefly glanced down at the corpse before back onto inu.

    the sunguard had managed to catch the small heated blush that tickled the hawkclanner and levi's fictional brows furrowed with confusion but tried to push the idea that he had seen it for it didn't really matter due to the more serious predicament he was in. when inu repeated the statement of this not being okay, leviathan's triangular velvety ears slightly drew back and pinned themselves to his skull, clearly not pleased. "i'm sorry for this...i don't know what happened. fucking azazel...she turned me into one..." he trailed off, his voice slightly shaking with anger and frustration at being a vampire now. how could someone manage this? the temptation had nearly blinded him from his morality and his dislike for blood and how disgusting it was. the sunclanner bobtail ripped his cravat off and conjured it back to his room for he didn't want it to get anymore dirty than it was. and if inu was to take him towards the camp and he was going to fight it out with the other members then he might as well get ready for it.

    ( ahh omg sorry this is late !! </3 )



    leviathan arcanium | information | solar commander | salty grain™ | penned by cheeters