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  • All she could see was that leg. Caera's leg. And then, following the image of that severed leg, was red. Blood red. Crimson red. They're dead.Littlestar was breathing abnormally softly despite the rage in her heart. She was close to losing it, to blowing up. She hadn't done it in ages, she realized. Blown up. Let herself go. It wasn't exactly something she could control but she knew what it meant; Littlestar hadn't felt significantly mad. Not until now. And it was very odd considering the fact someone blew up her clans thorn wall two weeks ago. She had felt angry, of course she had, but for once her worry and concern for her clanmates had overpowered the rage and the tabby had been able to remain calm. It had been good. And now she was back to the fire, back to the flames. The Monarch was absolutely livid. She was ready to tear into the Exiles skin and bone with her own damn claws. She had said in the meeting that a raid on the Exiles would be held and she was keeping her word. The tabby stood in the center of the camp, visible to all. She allowed her rage to be seen. It blazed in her dark golden eyes. Wisps of smoke left her curled muzzle and she lifted her chin, face shadowed. "HAWKCLAN! Today's the day we attack the Exiles camp. Arm yourselves and bring the fight to them. No mercy. No mercy for the ones who kill and rape as if they're happy to do it.. br.. brought pleasure by it, those disgusting motherfuckers," her snarl was heard by all in the general vicinity. She held her little black dagger in one paw and seemed prepared to wield it. Littlestar had trained since she'd been a little kitten under experienced paws such as Darkknight, former Warcheif of Hawkclan and Faustus, former King of Hell. Now she was here. She was a fighter. She could fight as well as any other creature even with only three legs. Maybe even better. And besides, it had been a while since the tabby had been able to flex her battle skills. And she was more then eager to do it to the flea bitten rumps of the Exiles.

    "We're going to them now. Stay quiet when you arrive and as soon as they realize they're being attacked; give it your all." No real tactics here. Littlestar was taking a free-folk approach to this, to sneak in stealthy and then stab them in the back as soon as they began to notice the actual raid. And she was fine with that. The tabby felt more rage, thinking of the leg, the leg, and oh god. She felt flames, hot and fast, creeping up her throat and her insides were shriveling and she knew this feeling. "BACK AWAY!" The little cat ordered viciously to those who approached her out of mere concern. She didn't want them to be burnt. She wanted to direct the heat at Exilers only. And Hawkclanners moved away, quickly, once they saw the tell tale glow in her eyes, the smoke now pouring forth from her mouth, eyes, nose and ears. Tail lashing, the flames crept up from her throat and combusted very suddenly. It was a roar and a rush of flames, a blink and you miss it type deal, and Littlestar was no longer a physical feline. She was all made up of flames. Her two golden optics were the only detail visible amongst the feline shaped flame. The rest was fire. "Move out." She commanded, voice huskier and tight. And with that, Hawkclan began to head towards the Exiles.

    whispers that I missed firelittlestar so I did this & the link to the Exiles will be posted once enough people are on this thread!



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    Oh how exciting things was finally happening around here!. Dimitri had felt a bit bored so had excused himself as Inu to get himself around other clans to do something more cooperative, the end game being one of this things. But now he was thrilled to do Lii-chan on fire again, she he loved her more this way after all he was king of despair so got drawn to all negative emotions that could make them fall down that path eventually. It was filling his empty being with some sort of life he otherwise never would get. So he was pleased after all this was the Lii-chan he wanted, had protected and ignored to follow the orders to attack her back when he had followed Jackdaw's clan and orders. She was powerful this way with a such strong glow around her.

    Inside he smirked widely but outside he took the face of a concerned nervouse wreck how not was special happy to see Lii-chan this way, it scared the mutated canine never before seeing her like this and the thought of getting burned by her flames was... not a pleasing thought. Swollowing Inu sitll understood why Lii-chan behaved this way right now, the exiles had done a such horrible thing towards a child, it was horrible to anyone really to cut of thier leg. The exiles seemed like such horrible beings so perhaps this would justify thier crimes. He tried to think that way for his friend sake but in truth he really didn't liked violence only going so far when it was no other way out but even then he know when to show mercy never being more violent then it was necessery.

    But...he would follow. What else could he do? stay back like a coward?. If it had been anyone else who had called out after this raid he wouldn't have followed. Turning back and simple walked of somewhere else. His decision to avoid battles was not the sole reason for not liking violence but also because...he was a coward how rather took flight to save his own skin then to help anyone else out. Would this be the same as well?. Inu couldn't promises anything his loyalty to Lii-chan was stronger then to anyone else but if it come down to a death or survive situation he was not sure if he could keep by her side to face death with her.

    " I-I'm coming... " he whispered quietly, head down and simple followed after the feline on fire. He just hoped he wouldn't experience again what had taken place by that mother and her pups. That night had been horrible he didn't wanted that to happen to Lii-chan.

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  • seeing littlestar on fire? that was hot. pun completely intended. the she-cats entire... explosion of fury had valor heated up as well; also intended. though she wasn't part of his pack, her anger had been contagious to say the least. whereas malkyn or sola could have valor snap at a moments notice from there own, the hawkclan leaders was a buildup. he could feel the rage, the bitterness in her and it had the hybrids pelt beginning to smolder. it was all boiling underneath valor's pelt, and flashes of feral moments had him growing hotter and more furious. the current issue wasn't enough for him to completely break into combustion as she would, but the stripe of flames down his back to his tail, and the smoke pouring from his mouth just might be enough to tell he was serious.

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    valor praelium — played by: venom-mutt


    The demon was totally in. Moving swiftly, she would fall in line with the others. Eyes on the land ahead as she followed the leader. Ignoring the fact she was on fire. The child was excited, for once.

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    hestia leonidas-cipher — reference — roleplayed by shinotobi



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