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  • It was indeed meeting time. And for this week, Littlestar was not actually a day late. It was probably better that way because last meeting she had been late and the Hawkclanners had seemed very confused and off put by the sudden time change. She hadn't meant for it to be like that. It had likely just been the stress of the week with the explosion and everything. She was already seated at the top of the staircase, lifting one paw and flexing it, claws protruding from their sheathes. "HAWKFAM! MEETING TIME!" Littlestar called and before long, the echo of her words had caught the attention of all and they were filing in the doorway one by one. Together they grouped in front of her and it was just now that the tabby realized there were little clusters of people sitting with one another amongst the crowd. The close friendships, she supposed. "Our territory is looking so much better this week thanks to everyone's work. You might still find some shrapnel sitting somewhere and if so, just put it in a bag and throw it away. But the devastation has gone and we're looking more like a normal clan right now. Some of us are still under care though so I want you to all be cautious this week and hunt as much prey as you can for those that are currently injured will need it to get strength back. Um, but we're doing well! Pretty proud of you guys." A half grin appears on her crooked muzzle and she looks side to side before continuing. "Activity in Hawkclan this week has been so much better then it was last week! We're definitely, definitely picking up and that's really amazing considering the state we were in two weeks ago. If you don't already know, here's your daily reminder that I fucking love you guys. Keep it up and always improve it if you can." The activity of Hawkclan had been pretty slow the past weeks but it was finally, finally picking up just as she predicted it would. She wondered if Ichigo would be proud of her. She hoped he would be. She wondered if he'd ever return and see the work she'd done on Hawkclan. All that she'd done to make it okay. Not nearly as good as he'd done when he had been Leader but still good.

    "A small reminder that we've also got a lot of new members coming in because of our recent mass adoptions which you guys should all check out and give your own litters too to help out with our member count. Also be welcoming and open to all the new members that will come through because of this." She taps her paws against the ground. Littlestar had thought over alliance litters and then presently shuddered because of it. She couldn't stand the idea of doing it with someone she barely knew only to have kids to help alliance and shit. It was stupid. Besides, if Littlestar had never kissed anyone then surely she'd never do it with anyone. Also, what did you do during.. it? How did it happen? Hell if she knew. Exhaling softly, the Monarch moved on. "Ally events this week. Windclan has invited us to a murder mystery dinner party but don't worry, there's no legit murder. Meanwhile Skyclan has invited us to a cool as camp out so you should all head on over to those two events to have some fun and interact with allies." Littlestar breathed out, her stub tail twitching. Next, she was going to address something that had been brought up this week about the Exiles holding a friend. "Recently, we found out the Exiles has captured the Cartel Leader, a friend of mine, Caera. Now because we're friends with the Cartel and because we're enemies with the Exiles, we will be going to raid them of which I will be leading. It has been two and a bit weeks since the explosion so a good majority of you are healthy enough to come along. I will be putting up that thread soon enough. Remember; no mercy." No one who hurt a friend deserved mercy.

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    Poe — HawkClan — Sentinel

    Another meeting! Poe had been wondering when the next one would pop up. A lot had happened recently, and the pilot was glad to see his leader in a good mood. There was a good bit of information to take in during this meeting, so Poe took a seat and listened well. The territory was definitely looking better, partially thanks to his own help, which Poe was proud of. Activity was great, and he had signed up for the mass adoptions already. The ally events sounded awesome, so he made a note to go to both of them. And finally, the raid on the Exiles. That would certainly be very exciting! A nice adrenaline rush that didn't come from an enemy bombing. The canine continued to sit, awaiting whatever came next.

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  • Littlestar rolled her shoulders as the Hawkclan mass calmed down a little after her announcement of the raid that was up and coming. She lightly frowned as she attempted to think of what she had next on the agenda. Ah! The joiners for this week. "Joiners this week. We've had a cool lil' doggy guy come up to our borders, his name is Henrik and I fully expect ya to be welcoming. Second is Skylines, a pretty guy who wears himself a bow tie. Neat, eh? Also introducing Honeypaw, a cool lookin' girl that's been living in Hawkclan." Littlestar was okay with this amount of joiners and members because it was much better then one a week. That member ratio had damn near been the death of poor Hawkclan. However, she was very determined to bring the numbers and activity and just Hawkclan in general back up. She had to. For Ichigo's memory, Darknights memory, O'Fraiser's memory.. and she would say Shininglight too but she knew the white tabby to be alive. Alive. And thank god. "Shoutouts. Yarithria, Inu, Valor, Obscuro, Poe and Honeypaw. Thank you guys for keeping it up this week. Yarithria and Honeypaw especially; keep it up and a promotion is looking your way." That was a long list of names. She felt proud of the little Hawkclan. Those old hopes were being rekindled by it. But still, she continued to talk. "No warnings, no demotions. I have two promotions; I would love for Valor to become a Guard. It's a stepping stone rank but I think you'll do fan-fucking-tastic. I'd also love for Inu to become a Guard alongside Valor." Two promotions in one meeting, it was a motherfuckin' christmas miracle.

    Littlestar inclined her head to the side and realized the meeting had come to a conclusion. And on a high note, too. "With that bein' said, meeting's over. Unless Vani has anything to add."


  • valor had approached the meeting rather tiredly, trying to shake himself to stay awake for the time being. you can take a nap after. he reminded himself, giving him the hope of being able to rest. the only thing really stopping him from passing out here was the fact his friend, pretty much his only friend if he thought about it, was calling for his attention. the drama going on between the cartel and the exiles wasn't anything new, and valor had begrudgingly agreed to himself that he would help along with it. there were some things he had to push passed, eve with feliks, if it meant being a good friend.

    the promotion though, that was a bit unexpected. even if it was a stepping stone he actually never got far past those positions. a semi-high position had occurred in the elite under the medic rank, but of course things happened that caused for a failure in that. maybe now was a good start to actually try and settle with something. "thanks lil', won't let ya down." he grinned, a bit more cheerful at the news.

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  • There were many things that Vani had been expecting this meeting, things that she didn't know seeing as she hadn't been around as much as she would have liked for the past seven days, though some things did surprise her - her not being called out for activity was one of them. Ears pricked as she heard the call for the meeting, and the female was glad for the thing to be held at the proper day this time so as not to confuse others, and she listened. Vani listened to the words that had been spoken, listening with care as she heard the names of those that had been called out, either for good activity, a promotion, or being a new joiner - they were all good things to be called out for. None got called out for demotion or for a warning, which meant that this meeting held nothing but good news.

    Or, she thought that until the call to arms came, the words that left Lit's maw speaking of war with the Exiles, of a raid that was going to happen. They had taken a friend? That was something that certainly could not stand. Of course, Vani wasn't apposed to war - she would have joined a different clan had that been the case - but she wasn't the biggest fan of it either. "I have nothing to add." The War Chief would speak when Lit stopped her own speaking, head dipping slightly as the meeting came to an end. This week would be interesting to say the least.

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    The cipher spawn was next to arrive. Taking a seat near the others and tilting her head down to look at her paws. Though it looked as though she was not listening, she was. She just refused to congratulate anyone for something they didn't earn in her eyes. And seeing as she hated everyone here, she didn't feel any need to say a word.

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  • Yarithria gathered by the group of HawkClanners, her dark, triangular ears swiveling forward expectantly. She had also noticed how much better this place appeared this week. The Clan had been so good at cleaning the forests up quick; when she'd come here first, she thought it may take weeks for the scraps to be picked up. However, the injuries, emotional devastation, and the wrecked thorn wall would take much longer to repair. Yari had also observed the impressive rise of activity, possibly due to joiners or a new inspiration that had swept over the HawkClan members. The little fox gave an appreciative nod at the shout out, and mumbled a small 'congratulations' towards those who were promoted. Valor and Inu had definitely deserved it; Yari had seen how hard Valor had worked to free HawkClan of the shrapnel and scraps, as well as Inu's recent activity in the camp.