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  • Sidra was a quiet child for the most part. She let out the tiniest of whimpers, conveying her annoyance with the cold and her hunger. She squirmed, pushing past Enya and cuddling up to their mother.



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    And the one who scared her was there. The blade-wielding abomination would forward, a small smirk crossing his features as he moved forward and towards Hope. "Beatiful cubs, eh?" He purred sadistically.

    You are the one who has made your heart a prison.

    ...Even if you are not the prisoner.

  • cold. so cold. the cub shivered at the change in temperature, his newborn mind hardly comprehending what was going on. the sounds he heard were warped and he paid them no mind, instead snuggling up to the warm bodies surrounding him.



    riverclan - 5 months - cub- click


    Anakin is a cyborg barbary lion. An artificial lion-gorilla hybrid, robotic legs and arms allow him to walk upright and use his hands. At his full height, he is fourteen feet tall. A former Dark Lord of the Sith, former Supreme Leader of the First Order, former Windclan Advisor. He wears the axe of Rick Grimes, a knife from Judith, the eye patch of Bill Cipher on his belt. Sometimes followed by Ivan (a polar bear.)

    Lightning. Thunder. Crash, boom, rain- right out nowhere when the sky had been clear of clouds earlier, like an angry god had come to ravage the land.

    Anakin, the Chosen One, would not take them today. No, he wasn't a fool. If he took them as infants, he could not feed them and they would starve. All the same, Anakin had warned Vanitas what he would do, because he would not let Vanitas have the satisfaction of children, he would not let Vanitas have the experience of being a father, and he would not let Vanitas raise children like himself. Hate grew hatred, and Anakin felt his hatred for Vanitas was in the right.

    The storm covered up the sound of his breathing and his heavy footsteps. Lightning struck, not more than a few yards from the leopards and resulted in a blinding flash and an explosion-worthy boom! The tree did not offer enough protection from the pouring rain and it would do them no good.

    The angry god, Anakin Ekkreth, appeared behind the male leopard, "Vanitas." He called in his rumbling base, standing on his hind legs, the sky lighting up and a boom of thunder accompanying his appearance, causing his shadow to be cast upon them in the flash and his silhouette to be outlined by the sky. The perspective made Anakin seem like a large, rumbling beast- an angry god in search of his Odysseus.

    "Run, or you shall die by my hand." he said, looking down at the demon and watching his blade.

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    Anakin was Poisedon, and he was Odysseus. Unlike Odysseus, Vanitas was no hero. No. He was a being of darkness, an abomination that would never see the light. Even as the explosive boom, as the lightning surrounded him, he would never feel true light.

    He set his gaze upon the lion, unfazed by the rumbling, by how tall Vader suddenly was. Even if Vanitas' ship just got wrecked, and now he was condemned to be with the Cyclops, it didn't matter.

    And Vanitas, even though less cowardly now, knew when he wouldn't win a fight. However, he left nonchalantly. "Hah. Whatever. Enjoy your little burdens, Darth Vader." He sneered, running off almost proudly.

    You are the one who has made your heart a prison.

    ...Even if you are not the prisoner.