it's been over two years and the new layout is making me tres confused

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  • Wow, I never thought I'd be back here ehhh,,,

    This website is literally what got be writing all the time when I was younger, and although all of that writing was admittedly really really bad, I still learned a lot from it and I kinda' grew to miss it.

    But this layout... how in the world do I navigate it. Where am I? Who am I? What happened to 2015? When did it all go wrong? Was it truly just because of the election, or is it because of something... deeper.

    But anyways, I was just wondering if there were any crazy new rules given to us by the moderator Gods.

  • One about this site being for people over 16 now(shhhh), one about Moderation by Community(basically reporting, i think) and I can't think of any more.


    Layout explanation: Forum is pretty much the same. The little bell up there is unread replies. Click on your profile pic(also up there) to get a cool Control Panel. It does stuff.

    Yeahhh and mobile is kinda weird lookin now. Manageable, but weird.

    Also most code is kinda confusing and dead, but if you just type out simple code you should be fine.

    Also, hi. I'm Valley, here since 2015, insert obligatory stuff about private messages being open here. As you can tell, I don't welcome people here a lot

    don't panic!
    don't blink.
    ==>install sburb.

    Internet gone- back Tuesday

  • yo yo yo!

    yeah, the website format is a little hard to get used to, like valley said- i returned pretty recently and it took me a good two days to figure out what i was doing.

    if you want to make a subaccount (which are called 'linked accounts' now), i can link a guide here for you! it's a bit harder than it used to be, but the guide makes it very easy. the coding also changed a bit, but if you're looking for templates there are some good ones in the coding center.

    also, i'm not sure when exactly the traditional clans came into play (2016??) but if you aren't familiar with those, they are clans that follow the rules of the Warriors series, so you can only play domestic felines and you have to stick to a certain vocab, etc.

    if you need any help or if you'd like to plot once you get settled, feel free to hmu! welcome back :)

  • Welcome back to the site (: A lot of the major changes have been covered by the people who previously posted. The Announcements board is a great place to find information on the new stuff that has gone down and explanations for why they happened. I'm guessing you played in the Non-Traditional game, which is like the extended game. There aren't really any rules, the shop is gone and you can roleplay whoever you want with whatever powers you want, it's kind of a free for all right now. We are working on rebuilding the main game though so that's a fun exciting thing to look forward to (: The layout isn't so bad to get used to, I actually prefer it because it's faster than the old, and i can use some Word formatting (ctrl+b for bold, ctrl+i for italics, etc) for posting. And it saves drafts! So if your computer dies it'll save your post for a short amount of time.

    Anyway! Welcome back to the site, I hope you enjoy it!

  • I literally just came back here too, this is what I find. Immediately I catch onto it, "Wait, this isn't how I remember it."

    Pretty sure I've been here since like 2014, can't believe it's been, what, like 3 years ago since I've joined this site.

    Literally forget everything I've done in the past.

  • † - deep blue, 1996.

    thanks for the help, everyone! i've been lurking a bit, and i'm starting to get used to it, haha. i initially joined in... 2012, i think? i was really young back then, but it's really what got me into writing, so i hold a lot of sentiment towards this site ^^;;

    and that's interesting, with the traditional clans. i'll be sure to check them out sometime!

    ah, well, i went ahead and made myself a character, looks like i'm back in obligatory post hell now ;v;

    EDIT: oh, and if you don't mind me asking, what are accolades??