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  • Obscuro was walking back to camp, after the events in riverclan- after the successful ritual was completed. There was a hop in her step as she slipped into her clan's border. A brightness that was a little too excited. Honestly, who could judge her? She had finally the last piece of the puzzle. She only had to think about what it was she was going to do with it. Wait for Luca to strike again? Or go face him at the border? Obscuro's distaste for luca was almost to the point of bloodthirsty, but that didn't discredit the fact that she lived in two very pro-ethic clans. Even if littlestar would approve of revenge, that didn't mean anything about seeing her covered in blood from hurting him so harshly afterwards if she did that. If she decided to. In the end it was her decision. But the leaders of each respective clan still held a part of that decision. Point being- how thrilled they would be to see Obscuro Quote: Acting out.

    Honestly, the beast should have been clued in when she realised that kakuja's welcoming call was absent as she slipped into the clan. The birds in the sky collectively looking restless- only seemed to get more agitated as Obscuro stepped closer in the camp. She was greeting an NPC when she heard a hawk screech in the sky, and looking up to see two or three of the large birds dive down. Taking to plucking at her wing wings that sat folded on her back. She yelped loudly. "What the hell?"

    She flared her wings out, fluffing them up and trying to move when more of the birds that had circled camp started to dive for her. "What the hell is going on?" She growled to herself, moving up to her own den- hidesign away from the birds to get away- when she saw it.

    Kakuja. She was injured- it looked like the other birds had plucked at her too. What the hell was going on? "I need a medic over here!" Obscuro called out, turning her attention towards the entrance of her den, looking to grasp her companion carefully while looking out for more hawks who could come through the door. If any of them dared to at least. Her bat hawk trembled in her hold, at it was a while before she realised why.

    The scar on her arm, the brand.

    Did it set them off?


    -- "It's weird how easy it is to to turn yourself into a m o n s t e r by accident. And even if you r e a l i z e what you've done, it's too late by then. Your just past h e l p i n g ."

    Obscuro Zackov Mortem - Resident Shinigami/Hollow hybrid - Imoral

  • "I need a medic over here!" If the very sudden and off putting cacophony of hawk screeches didn't alert her at first, then this call certainly did. It was pretty normal to hear hawk screeches considering hawks were in the sky 24/7 but the sound of them all had grown as if they were all suddenly aggravated by something. Littlestar just assumed the hawks were fighting over prey or something stupid but then she heard Obscuro talking. The tabby knew something was wrong. The affect on her heart was almost immediate as she stood up and limped as fast as she could from her little den. "LESSA!" Littlestar called despite not knowing what was going on or who was hurt. She hoped the pine marten would arrive soon because whoever was hurt.. well, she didn't know who it was but she just knew they'd need help. The tabby looked side to side and couldn't see anyone but then she saw Obscuro crouching in the doorway of her den and she realized with horror in her gaze that many hawks were attempting to divebomb Obscuro. Was it Obby who was hurt? The little apprentice hoped not.. she really liked Obscuro as she looked up to her.

    Littlestar hurried towards them and grunted as birds parted to let her get closer to Obscuro. It wasn't her they wanted. It was Obscuro.. and it was her own pet bird that was hurt. She guessed that the other hawks had been the ones to place the injury on Obscuro's own hawk. Littlestar's teeth clenched. "Get away!" She hissed at a random hawk that hopped down from the bridges railing. She couldn't hurt the hawks at all but she could indeed reprimand them. "What the hell are they doing?" She asked to no one in particular then realized maybe her own hawk could help. "MYLA!" The small hawk was there in an instance and was perched on Littlestar's torn shoulder, looking wary at Obscuro and all the other hawks. "What the fuck is going on? Why are they attacking her?!"



    you're a good little girl always picking a fight with me

    you know that i'm bad but you're spending the night with me


  • I TOOK MY LOVE AND I TOOK IT DOWN — lessa ren solo — many clans — she/her — info

    Lessa frowned as voices cried out, her rounded ears flicking back. The petite shaman opened her door, and set Calum loose. The sharp-shinned hawk perched atop a nearby branch above the house and screeched warningly to any birds who got too close, wings flaring out in a show of defiance. The safety of Lessa pritorized, he wouldn't let any other birds pass. The marten herself started manipulating the Force, creating a harsher wind around her workplace to act as a barrier against the aggressive hawks without affecting her clanmates.

    With chocolate hues narrowed, she'd aim to usher Obscuro and her hawk inside. "Are you... Both hurt?" She inquired softly, confusion and anxiety buzzing off her in waves. Why would the hawks attack a clanmate? That wasn't right.



    ——— you'll be back when it's over, no need to say goodbye

    ( tags + info -- roleplayed by mistmoon )

  • Obscuro was caught off guard to see the leader step inside her den, and instantly her body hunched further away at the sight of the monarch's hawk. Her small companion letting out a frightened coo more so as lessa was summoned. Obscuro's mind was running, and the scent of blood was doing little to help the beast think straight. "I'm more worried about kakuja. She did nothing wrong" Obscuro growled bitterly, stepping back to allow lessa a better look at her own companion. Her wing looked crooked and it was hanging limply from the birds side, small patches of downy feathers plucked out near her chest, as well as a seeming scratch on her eye.

    As she stepped away, her paw unconsciously went to the bandage that covered her shoulder. She had set it there herself after the events she had last come here for. Obscuro would always try to downplay her own injuries, but this wasn't much about the injury, was it? "So much for under the radar" Obscuro muttered lowly, almost mouthing the words as she spoke them to herself. "They're mad at me, i think." Obscuro grumbled her voice low as she stared down towards the floor, not looking up to meet anyone's eyes, instead turning her gaze to her companion.


    -- "It's weird how easy it is to to turn yourself into a m o n s t e r by accident. And even if you r e a l i z e what you've done, it's too late by then. Your just past h e l p i n g ."

    Obscuro Zackov Mortem - Resident Shinigami/Hollow hybrid - Imoral