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  • No Body Exists On Purpose

    🐕 ― Morty had decided to descend the steps of Blizzardclan and investigate the world below, without Rick. Maybe that was a mistake, going out into a world he had no knowledge of without Rick, but Morty didn't want to be know as just the pup who followed Rick around. The wolf/lab pup shakily walked through the undergrowth. He was hoping to just have a look around, maybe see what the world below was like. He really should have asked someone to accompany him. This was way to fucking scary for him. The brown pup wasn't even sure was her was now, the islands of his 'home' no where within sight. What was he going to do?

    {sorry for the shitty starter


    Nobody Belongs Anywhere, Everybody Dies 

    Morty Smith | Wolf/Labrador Mix | 7 months | He/Him


    ♔ Roleplayed By The Teifling Wizard (Aevus) ♔