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  • Pink tongue skims over her incisors as olive optics surveys her surroundings, quietly deciding if she wanted to quench her thirst, or succumb to slumber yet again. Truly a dividing subject and as Cherrypaw mulled over her options (You won't be thirsty was a good choice, although You need your rest sounded very inviting) she felt the tempting pull of ignoring her parched throat: it could be a problem for later, she figured. Alas, she rose and skirted out of the apprentice den, out of camp, and into the familiar plains in the quest of cooling off before getting dehydrated (although she was a long ways from it). Once she returned to her nest however, she would reward herself with a nap. That much she deserved.

    No, not deserved, she hardly did anything besides tasks and train: desired was the best word for it. Cherrypaw was an idle feline whose highlight of her day was a nap — her mother, Morningcloud, figured that she never got enough sleep as a kit, which led to her sluggishness as an apprentice. Whenever she did bring it up, Cherry would respond that she wouldn't be like this as a warrior, which her mother seriously doubted. It was odd as to how much energy Cherry contained (a bubbly thing untainted by reality just yet) and yet she chose to spend her days sleeping. There wasn't a problem — Cherry knew when to wake up, was always cheery and could focus her bundled energy on other things — but it was a deadly vice of hers, as it also became part of her personality.

    "Maybe I'll see something interesting out here," she muttered to herself through a half-yawn. "Like a frog! Those are cool!" The plump tortoiseshell and white she-cat finally came across a short stream where silver minnows swam and the waters were clear; maybe she could splash around and make her thoughts coherent afterwards. She then crouched and lapped up the water, a cool rush down her throat, satisfied in her choice instead of sleeping for once.


    - i've kissed death a thousand times before - 

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    It seemed the heat hadn't yet reached this particular stream. Its water remained cold and clear, steadily flowing through the grasses and reeds. Perhaps it originated underground. And, oh, yes. Minnows. Their silver shapes wriggling about the shallow water, glinting in the dappled sunlight as they dipped and bobbed. Mere mouthfuls of food, but sustenance nonetheless. Every bone that was brought back to camp counted. For Doestar, poised to strike, her dark tabby form coiled just behind the shifting wild grasses, foreleg raised to lash out and scoop up any fish that came near, it was a gold mine.

    Just as the school of fish drifted closer, she could almost see the grateful faces of the queens and kits at home as they bit down on them, a voice floated toward her, sleepy and light. Gentle footsteps, still clumsy from exhaustion. Cherrypaw's tortoiseshell form breaking through the grass, a yawn parting her maw. Her shadow, edging closer and closer to the water, where the prey would be able to see it... Doestar, in a desperate attempt to catch a few of the minnows before they fled, snatched at the water, leaning out of her hiding place, amber eyes bugging from her head as she turned up her paw and was greeted with a single morsel. Her form withered.

    "Oh, Cherrypaw!" Doestar looked up to the apprentice as she bent down to drink, anger flaring within the leader, ears flattening, fighting to stay calm but visibly losing the battle. "Watch where you're going next time!" the young cat hadn't known, but still... all that potential food, wasted! Cherrypaw didn't deserve her wrath, but oh, how she ached to shout even more.

  • [ ooc ] welcome to riverclan! don't mind larkpaw ignoring her, he's just a resident asshole ;w;

    When Larkpaw felt proud of himself, it was usually for the wrong things. One time he had asked a feline to bring him some water while he was treating an injured feline. Funnily enough, the cat had frantically rushed to find moss to dip into the river and delivered it to him faster than he expected. It amused him to see their most confused and anguished expression as they panted from their fatigue, realising their misunderstanding of Larkpaw's vague orders when the medicine cat would lower his head and drink the water himself. He'd look at them and go: "What? I was thirsty." He'd return to his job, paying little attention to the now enraged feline behind him. Well, Larkpaw thought, if he wanted to heal someone he would have to ensure he himself was in check. If Larkpaw was ill, it was better he healed himself and saved five cats rather than die saving one. Maybe it was just Larkpaw's self-centred knowledge, or maybe it was just Larkpaw being reasonable. He could never really tell.

    His ears flattened against his cranium, Larkpaw wincing at Doestar's shrill. As he recovered, a low rumble escaped his dry throat. "Watch tha' voice o' yours nex' time," he hissed to the leader, passing the reeds to get a drink of water from the trickling stream. The amplified noises had caught him so suddenly that the heart in his chest was thudding rapidly, angrily, uncomfortably. Although it was a good thing that the leader had begun to be more confident with her voice, he wasn't fond of her sudden outburst (which was quite hypocritical of Larkpaw to think of). His eyes dashed to Cherrypaw, flicking his tail in disinterest. She seemed like another nobody to him as he glanced back at Doestar. "Maybe you could try hun'in' near the gorge."



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  • [ wanna hurt just a little more ]

    Birdpaw herself had been settled farther down the stream, laying in the cool water, when she to notice the minnows rushing by. However, it seemed the silent feline was lucky enough to catch two in her jaws.

    Heating the sound of voices, she would pad over to the others, setting her tiny catch down as she sat, waving a small paw in greeting towards her clanmates. Her chocolate hued calico fur was still dripping, but thanks to the heat she was quickly becoming dry. She really did miss the days before the famine, when sunlight was enjoyable not pestering.



    [ darkclan; 12 months; former kittypet ]

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