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  • so rose here was born into a small loner family, consisting of her parents, her siblings, and her older siblings. they'd been traveling since before any of the children were born, nomads of sorts. when rose and her littermates were four months old, there was sort of a unanimous decision that they all wanted different things and they all split up. over the next seven months, they'd all go different places, doing different things. they were fine with it, on good terms, but this was the best decision for all of them.

    now, rose has decided to join shadowclan, and will be learning that her family members have all joined separate groups. they've never been very close, but with the drama brewing in all the clans, this might cause some tension as they're forced to go against family.

    to top this off, their parents, gray and queenie, have recently died from the famine. no one but the children from the third litter who still reside in thunderclan; i ask that one has a thread with rose eventually to tell her about it.

    all children from the first and second litters will have been born with loner names, and i ask that the names are still loner names, or are incorporated in their clan names (leaf become dappledleaf, storm becomes stormywinds, gray becomes graymask, etc.).

    these characters may be in any group except shadowclan, bloodclan, or thunderclan, except for kits of the third litter, who may still reside in thunderclan. no one knows of the whereabouts of rose, and i'd like it if they could interact ic. these are all very important to rose's development, so i ask that you do not drop or kill them unless you've spoken to me. if, for whatever reason, you no longer wish to play them or are taking a leave of absence, let me know and i'll readopt them. please do not adopt them out yourself. they're first come first serve. please post with them on subaccounts, so i can keep track of what they're up to better. i'd love to know if anything happens with them, such as kits / mates / promotions. otherwise, go crazy with them!!

    litter one

    - their parents first litter

    - ages monthly on the second

    - eighteen months old

    - warriors

    - named after predator animals

    - three slots (open, open, open)

    litter two

    - the second litter, rose's

    - ages monthly on the third

    - ten months old

    - warriors

    - named after flowers

    - five slots (rose, open, open, open, open)

    litter three

    - know of, but don't remember, their older siblings

    - all were raised in thunderclan, some may have moved to other clans if they wish

    - they're the only ones who currently know their parents have died from the famine

    - age monthly on the first

    - seven months old

    - named after animals of prey

    - all have clan names

    - four slots (open, open, open)

    taking it slow, but it's not typical

    he already knows that my love is fire

  • accepted, though litter two should be entering clans in the rank of warriors ^^ they were four months old when their 'training' of living on their own started, and are therefore skilled enough to be warriors.

    taking it slow, but it's not typical

    he already knows that my love is fire